How To Stay Fit On Your Honeymoon

Here’s the thing about staying fit: it’s not just about working out and eating well as much as it’s about committing to new ways of doing things. Deciding that you’re going to make changes in your life and then seeing them through.

Oh, hey, you know what else that sounds like? Marriage! In fact, the pledge you make on your wedding day to that special someone is exactly the same kind of pledge you need to make with yourself when you want to stay healthy and in shape. For a lot of us, an impending wedding is enough to get us up off the couch and working out. I mean, you want to look good in your wedding photos, right?

Don’t let all that hard work go to waste! After the engagement ring has been accepted and the “I dos” have been said, why not keep up your fitness promise on your honeymoon? Of course, you won’t want to disrupt a romantic getaway with trips to the gym, but you can integrate some basic workouts into your downtime. Here are some ideas for simple workouts you can do from virtually anywhere.

Say “I Do” to Moderation!

Let’s talk about diet for a second. If your honeymoon involves a cruise or an all-inclusive resort, you’re going to be tempted to indulge. A lot. You know what? That’s okay, but remember to do it in moderation. Keep your meals balanced with healthy portions of veggies, salad, and lean meats, but let yourself have fun, too. Don’t say no to everything decadent; just make certain that you don’t forget about healthier options altogether.

Say “I Do” to Activities

Though it might be easy to spend your entire honeymoon lazing about on the beach in newlywed bliss, don’t. Not only will you not be getting in a good workout, you’ll also be missing out on getting a full, enriching experience out of your workout. Alternate your lazier days with days that are packed full of activities. Hike around the area, go scuba diving, rent bikes and take them out for the day, or walk places instead of taking a cab. You’ll get in some good exercise, but also come home with lasting memories.

(What You Can Find) Dumbbell Row

A great exercise for working your back, chest, and arms is the dumbell row. However, on vacation, you might not have access to a gym and/or dumbbells. Worry not, this exercise can be easily modified. A standard hotel bed is about the right height to use as a platform—and a lot gentler on your knees. Instead of a dumbbell, empty out a smaller carryon bag and fill it with some of your heavier travel items: a hairdryer, sneakers, bedside bible or phonebook, a laptop, etc. 3 sets of 15 reps/side should do the trick.


Burpees are an amazing all-around exercise that provide you with an intensive cardiovascular workout while building up strength in your core, legs, back, and arms. The best part? They can be done virtually anywhere and only take a few minutes to do. So find a spot on the beach, or an open area in your hotel room—remember, make certain you have enough open room to move around, you don’t want to run in to anything!—and do three sets of 10. Rest between sets or do a minute of jumping jacks.


If you can find a tree with branches that are thick enough to hold your weight, you’ve got yourself a makeshift pull-up bar. Try 3 sets of 5 reps, but on the last pullup, keep yourself in the bent arm posture and hold for as long as you can. If you’re not quite strong enough to hold up your body weight, instead, use the trunk of the tree—or a wall—and do some upright pushups instead.

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