Interview with Janet Jackson Nutrisystem’s Spokesperson - Part A

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Janet Jackson, recording artist, actress and now the new spokesperson for Nutrisystem, got interviewed on her recent Nutrisystem experience. Janet's message is: "Make Nutrisystem® Success™ your plan".

Janet, who has been on Nutrisystem® Success™ for a while and has already seen results, was enjoying her favorite Nutrisystem bar right before the interview started. This is why the first question of this interview is:

Where You Just Eating Nutrisystem?

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Janet: I had for the first time Milk Chocolatey Delight Bar. It was so good! I also had Caramel and Chocolate. I was enjoying it so much but I had to come down and start this interview so I didn’t have the chance to finish it. I can’t wait to get back to it.

Janet, How Did You Get Involved with Nutrisystem?

Janet: Joe Redling, the CEO of Nutrisystem, read my book “True You” and he told me that he found it to be very honest. Knowing that it was a struggle for me to lose weight since my childhood, Joe realized I am the person he was looking for. So, he contacted me over the summer and this is how all began. We sat down and talked and he had some of my recipes in the back of my book checked out through his chefs at Nutrisystem. We were on the same playing field . I had heard of Nutrisystem but had never tried it. To test Nutrisystem recipes, I contacted my chef consultant—Chef Andre—who had helped me with the recipes in my book “True You”. He went over a lot of Nutrisystem recipes and ingredients, the science behind Nutrisystem and realized that Nutrisystem’s approach is exactly our way of thinking, the way we want to design a food plan. The last thing I had to do was to test the food, to see if it was really good, and I was AMAZED. I was really SURPRISED. It’s wonderful, and it tastes so good! And it is affordable.

How Did You Test the Food?

Janet: In the beginning, they gave me these large amounts of Nutrisystem meals. I remember carrying a few suitcases, similar to these large Tumi luggage, filled with nothing but Nurtisystem food. I go to the show, get ready for the performance that evening, and while I am at the make up my assistance took a Nutrisystem meal and heated them up in the microwave. I cut it up in to enough portions so that I could give a piece to all of us to test. That included the security crew and my assistances (for my hair, make-up, wardrobe). If somebody came in, like the kids—the dancers—I would have them test it and we all really fell in love with it. I was truly surprised how good these meals are. Very good food. And healthy!

Tell Us About Your Experience so Far with Nutrisystem

Janet: I am new to the family. It hasn’t been very long since I started but it has been such a wonderful experience so far. I am truly enjoying myself. I adore Joe, I absolutely adore Joe. Evereone has been so kind, so sweet. Getting on the food plan has been absolutely wonderful. I am enjoying it. There is a new plan that they have. It’s the “Chef’s Table”. It is foods that are half-cooked and you put them in the microwave. Whether it’s fish or vegetables, they are even cleaner and healthier than what they already have, which is already healthy food. The microwave doesn’t nuke it. It’s sitting in its own juices, so it steams it; it is steamed cooked. And it comes out tasting so good. I am so excited about that plan!

Do You Have a Private Chef? How Can Nutrisystem Work for Anyone at Home?

Janet: At the moment, I don’t have a private chef. I ‘ve had private chefs for the most part since I was a kid. But Nutrisystem has a group of chefs who have created each one of these meals. I thing this is one of the reasons that the food tastes so good. What makes it so healthy is not somebody cooking something up but the science behind it. I mean they have not left any stone unturned at all. The science behind it is so amazing. They make sure you get the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, and sodium. It really works, it really-really works! It tastes good. You don’t have to deprive your self of all the things that you love eating.

How Does the Program Fit into Your Busy Lifestyle?

Janet: I love this program because I am an incredibly busy person and I don’t have the time to thing about what it is I want to eat. I don’t have time to go to the store and grab something or sit and think about cooking. It’s all done for you—the portions, the caloric intake, everything. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave so it fits perfectly into my lifestyle which gets pretty hectic. But like I said, they have a 130 choices. I get bored easily. But you are never bored with Nutrisystem because they have so much to offer.

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