Interview with Janet Jackson Nutrisystem’s Spokesperson - Part B

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Janet Jackson talks about her initiatives to join Nutrisystem® Success™. It was not only her desire to lose weight and keep it off but also her goal to give back to the community that got her on Nutrisystem. Janet created Nutribank, an organization that donates $1 for every pound lost on Nutrisystem. That’s million of dollars to be donated for feeding people who are hungry in 2012.

How Did Your Book “True You” Lead You to Work with Nutrisystem and Nutribank?

Janet: My book “True You” comes out December 15th on paperback. I am very excited about that. I felt it was important to talk about self-esteem, weight issues, and all of those things. People come to me and ask me how I lost weight, how I gained, how did take it off, how did I put it on. What I tell them is the nutrition aspect of it. So, I wanted to do something that would help people understand how the whole thing evolved and the way to do this was to start from the beginning, which was my childhood. So many people, not just women but men too, have come to me and tell me how the relate to the book and the anecdotes.

I put a few anecdotes in the book, not just about myself but from fans and friends that I had spoken to or who had written me and in the book they talk about how much they related and how they’ve lost weight.

I was just in Europe and someone came up to me and said he lost 20 pounds. He was so inspired by the book! He has 20 more to go and he was thinking of me. That’s what gets me so excited about the book “True You” and that’s why I do what I do. I want to help people. Being able to take that to a much broader scale with Nutrisystem® Success™ and to be able to help so many people, not just here in the States but abroad as well.

Nutrisystem and myself created a Nutribank. Last year the Nutrisystem customers lost 10 million pounds. We are taking these pounds and are turning them into a dollar amount. So, we give $10 million to buy food for those who are in need here in the US and raise funds for families abroad to help them. I am very committed to ending this craziness when it comes to hunger. We are in it. We are definitely in it and Nutrisystem and I are standing side by side on this.

How Did You Get Involved in the Fight Against Hunger?

Janet: I have always felt that my true calling was to help people. I have been thankful that God allowed me to do it through music and through writing my book “True You”. I am trying to take it to the next level. I always had a major love for kids, a concern for children. It started with me going to Africa a few years back for the very first time. During my stay there, I tried to visit orphanages, people that are in need. In fact, I just got back from Africa and I visited an orphanage, children suffering from HIV/AIDS since birth, and children who are having issues with hunger. That’s how it all started with me, wanting to do my part, wanting to give back. That’s really important to me. I have been blessed and I have been given so much. I just want to give back.

It actually started when I was younger. My brother and I, when we were kids, we used to go to this food chain called “Loves” and we used to buy a ton of dinners and we drove around the streets looking for homeless people to give the food to. That’s where the whole idea of giving back really started with me.

What’s Your Philosophy and Goal Regarding Weight Loss While You Are Working with Nutrisystem?

Janet: I am not going to put a pound on me. We are so quick to live by the scale, which is another thing that Tony taught me. The scale can be your worst enemy. My goal is when I feel my healthiest, when I can look in the mirror and say: “Yeah, I feel good about myself and I feel healthy”. Having a relationship with your jeans, which we all do. We all have a relationship with our favorite jeans. Knowing that I still have that relationship, that’s how I know I have reached my success. Nutrisystem is helping me to get there.

How is Your Trainer Tony Involved with Nutrisystem?

Janet: I brought my trainer Tony to Nutrisystem so he is part of the family now. Nutrisystem wanted to create a plan that got their customers up and moving and exercising. So, Tony created what he calls “the Daily Three”. Three times a day for 10 minutes each time get up and walk around the blog, walk your dog, vacuum your house. Do something to get up, to get yourself moving just 3 times a day. That’s 30 minutes. To keep your bones and your joints getting some form of exercise. I think it’s a wonderful plan.

What Some of Your Favorite Nutrisystem Foods?

Janet: Some of my favorite Nutrisystem foods are the Vegetarian Lasagna the Cheese Puffs, the Nacho Chips, the Barbeque Chips. They have so much, I cannot even think.

Some of my favorite bars are Almond and Coconut. The Milk Chocolatey Delight Bar I just tried is a good one, and it is the first time I tried. The cookies, the chocolates are so good. The muffins are good. The cakes are good, too!

What Do You Hope People Take Away from Your Relationship with Nutrisystem?

Janet: I hope people will try it. Just try it! Just get on it and know that can do it. Nutrisystem is there to help you. I hope you will make it a part of your life. Make it a way of lifestyle. You cannot just lose the weight but maintain it. You can keep it off in a healthy way. You can feel good about yourself. You don’t have to deprive yourself of what you love. That’s what I hope people take away from all this. They can do it in a way that is fun. They don’t have to suffer. They can get in shape in such an easy and affordable way with Nutrisystem® Success™.

How Easy is it to Get the Food?

Janet: It’s very easy to get the food. The minute you order it, you get it 48 hours later or less. That’s simple. Out of 130 choices you pick whatever you want. It’s $10 a day. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

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