iStockphoto Review and Coupon Code

What is iStockPhoto?

iStockPhoto (or iStock) is one of the web’s most comprehensive sources of royalty free images. You can find photos, illustrations, videos, audios, and flash. I have been using iStockPhoto for 3 years now and I am very satisfied with their service.

Complementing the huge selection of images is a compilation of articles that cover topics such as Design, Photoshop Tips, and Basic Tutorials on Vectors.

In the following interview by Australia's national Sky Business News, Kelly Thompson, COO of iStockphoto, talks about the opportunity for professional and even hobbyist photographers to make money by selling their art through iStockPhoto.

In North America, 55% of all stock images sold are sold by istockphoto.

How Does iStock Work?

iStock works in three simple steps.

Step 1. You first find the perfect image for your project.

To find the image you are looking for, you have to use the search box. You type in the word that best describes the photo you have in your mind, and you hit “Search”. iStock has tagged all their photos with a sophisticated system of descriptive words. This allows users to easily find the images they are looking for.

So, if you need an image of a bald man, you just type “bald man”. You can specify it even further by typing: “bald man smiling” or “overweight bald man smiling”. You need the photo of a celebrity? Jus type its name, whether this is Obama or the Pope.

Step 2. Buy your image with istock credits.

To facilitate the payment process, iStock has a pay-as-you-go credit system. Credit units are the currency of iStockphoto. Each photo is assigned a number of credits based on its size, complexity and the collection it belongs to. The smallest size is worth 1 credit while large photos can be worth 15 credits.

The monetary value of each credit depends on how many credits you purchase. It ranges between $1.1-$1.8. So, the more credits you buy, the less money each credit costs. If you buy 1000 credits, you will pay $1.4 per credit, but if you buy only 6 credits you will pay $1.8 per credit

This system meets the needs of every project, small or big, ongoing or one-off. If you have a small project or you just need to buy images only once, iStock offers a package of 6, 12, 26 or 50 credits.

Step 3. Use it Almost Anywhere

After you buy a photo you can use it practically anywhere on the web without worrying about royalty issues.

How You Can Participate

iStock allows you to become a contributor and sell your own stock. You can find hundreds of design and photography tips and tutorials that will help you become a successful contributor and make sure your photos and vectors will be approved.

Finally, you can participate in the discussions that are going on in the forum and talk with other community members, ask questions, and share your experiences.

iStockphoto Coupon Codes

We will provide you with the latest istockphoto coupon codes and special offers if and when they become available online. Click on the above links  to get current discount deals and promo codes for istockphoto.

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