Janet Jackson Endorses Nutrisystem® Success™ New Program

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Janet, sister of the famous Michael Jackson and the youngest child of the Jackson family, is about to share her diet tips with her fans following her sign up as the new spokesperson of the very popular Nutrisystem weight loss program.

Nutrisystem has just announced that the superstar got on the new program Nutrisystem® Success™, the most comprehensive program ever designed by Nutrisystem. The program is designed to not only help you lose unnecessary weight but also teach you how to keep it off. The core values of this plan are

  • portion-control
  • frequent meals of low Glycemic index, and
  • balanced nutrition

The plan is designed by dietitians and has a solid scientific approach.

Janet’s success on Nutrisystem speaks for itself. Born in 1966, she is now in her forties and looks fantastic!

Jackson confessed on Reuters that she has battled with weight issues her whole life. No diet worked for her. She tried to count calories and deprive herself of her favorite foods to no avail. “I needed a better plan, and I found it with Nutrisystem,” said Jackson in Thusday’s (Dec 15 11) statement.

It is not only the nutritional science and the tools of the program that have convinced Janet that Nutrisystem® Success™ works, but the fact she has already seen results! “There are millions of women like me who want to be successful but don't have the tools to do it on their own. I hope I can help inspire them."

In 2012, for every pound lost on Nutrisystem, the company will donate $1 worth of food to philanthropic organizations. This endeavor will be carried out through NutriBank, a hunger relief organization co-founded by Nutrisystem and Janet Jackson. Given the popularity of Nutrisystem, that means close to $10 million worth of food will be donated this year!

Watch Janet behind the scenes as the new spokesperson of Nutrisystem® Success™.

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