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Benefits of Exercise When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is not something that can be taken for granted. Without proper diagnosis and intervention, this disease can progress to disability, and ultimately, can lead to death.  The good news with diabetes is it can be managed.

Although there’s no treatment for diabetes, which means that once you have it there’s no way of reversing it, there is still life even if one has diabetes. Unlike terminal illnesses where the patient ultimately dies because of the disease, with diabetes there is hope. The key, according to medical and health experts, is staying on top of things, which means getting the disease under control. In a nutshell, it simply means gaining better control over you.

Why Is Exercise Important?

Moderate exercise is recommended to people with diabetes for two reasons: One is to control weight, and two is to control blood sugar levels.

Medical studies strongly suggest that obesity is one of the main reasons why a person becomes diabetic. When a person is obese, it simply means that the body is not able to burn the calories consumed, thus they are stored in the body. 

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