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Cheap Ways to Get Fit Outside of the Gym

Going to the gym is an expensive business. Membership fees can set you back a hefty sum every month which is needed elsewhere. However, there are alternatives (no matter what the gym says) that will help you get fit and healthy so that you can enjoy spending that money saved from the gym.

Fitness DVDs

Depending on your age some of you may remember the craze of fitness videos from the 80’s through to the 90’s. Thankfully some of the cheesiness has been removed from the modern day versions.

Zumba Fitness on DVD or Video Game

All joking aside fitness DVDs provide us with a great workout in the comfort of our own home for a one off price. Most will also feature whole training programmes including what to eat and drink etc so they will help you to track your progress for a couple of months.

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Behaving Like a Gentleman in the Gym

As you are probably aware, going to the gym is obviously a great way to trim some of that excess weight or to add some extra muscle mass; and so it is no surprise why it is a popular place with our fellow man. However, what you may not be aware of is the unspoken code of conduct that exists in every gym. So I’ve created my own little list that will serve as your guide to behaving like gentleman in the gym.

Wipe Down Equipment after Use

You wouldn’t be too pleased if you came to use a piece of equipment only to find a nice little puddle of someone’s sweat on it, would you? So do unto others as you would have done to yourself, and wipe down all equipment after use.

It will take a few seconds out of your work-out and you won’t be building a bad reputation for yourself at the gym where you are a regular. Most gyms will provide towels and a form of disinfectant for users; so once you’ve finished on piece of equipment give  a quick wipe down – even if you can’t see any sweat marks!

Don’t Sound Like a Hippo in a Labour

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Five Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy During the Work Day

For most of us who work 9-5 during the week, staying fit and healthy can not only be difficult but often downright inconvenient. I'm writing from personal experience here, I work in an office and sit in front of a computer screen for the majority of my time in the office (and out of it really). I started to notice that I wasn't being very healthy with what I was eating and doing during the working day. So I did some research and decided to share my results with other people so that they can work healthily as well.

Take a Break from Your Screen

Rest your eyes and your back by taking a short break from your computer screen every hour or so. We've all had those days when our eyes feel dry and we have a pounding headache; odds are that this is brought on b the constant strain being put on your eyes by the screen.

If you don't trust your own willpower you can download the free Eye Leo app for your computer, which basically freezes your screen for a few minutes after the selected time period has lapsed.

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