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8 Myths and Facts You Don't Know About Exercise

Exercise, is what every magazine, every blog and every doctor recommends. However, there is so much contradiction everywhere. For example some claim to trim you down in 14 days while others claim to shape you up in just six weeks; one expert says "4 minute exercise is just enough" while another one claims " 12 minutes is what you need".

Such an enormous confusion sometimes makes you hopeless when things are not going in your way.

To separate lies from truth, to overcome the "never answered confusion" read the below things you don't know about exercise.

1. Abdominal exercise is the best way to reduce mid-section of the body.

Absolutely false statement. Many people believe that when only specific muscles of body are exercised, say waistline, it looses fat. Years ago, doctors examined a number of active tennis players to find out the truth.  They found same fat content in their arms but in a more shaped and developed form than the rest of the body.

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