Lap Band Surgery Centers and Doctors in Los Angeles, CA

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Lap Band Surgery at Surgical Weight Control Center in Los Angeles, CA

The Surgical Weight Control Center of Los Angeles, CA, has been featured on such national media as Newsweek, ABC and NBC television, and Los Angeles channel 5. The center offers several different surgical weight loss options, from the SPIDER (an innovative method for reducing the need for invasive procedures) to traditional gastric bypass, lap-band, and Realize band methods.

Dr. Carson Liu, MD

Dr. Carson Liu is a bariatric surgery specialist who received his medical degree from the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago and completed his internship, residencies and research fellowship at UCLA Medical Center. In 1998, Dr. Liu was appointed Assistant Professor of Surgery at UCLA Medical School, where he continued his skills in clinical practice, teaching and research. As a nationally recognized expert in the field of bariatric surgery, Dr. Liu has conducted extensive research, published many of his findings, and is sought after as a lecturer for professional societies. He is a board-certified surgeon and has performed over 2600 bariatric surgeries.

Visit the Surgical Weight Control Center of Los Angeles online at or call them at 310-208-0474. The center is located at 1301 20th St., #440, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Lap Band Surgery at Los Angeles Lap Band Center in Los Angeles, CA

Boasting a “gold standard for outpatient gastric banding surgery,” the Los Angles Lap Band Center of Los Angeles, CA, offers a three-step program for weight-loss success. Utilizing the center’s program of medical management, surgery, and behavioral health care, the center promises patients the loss of a minimum of 50% of excess body weight. The center’s team of surgeons, nurses, medical psychologists, technicians, nurses, and dieticians helps patients make new lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy weight. The center focuses solely on the lap band procedure.

Dr. Jeremy Korman, MD

Medical Director Dr. Kormanis a nationally recognized general and bariatric surgeon. Since 2004, Dr. Korman has performed over 1,000 laparoscopic bariatric surgeries, including 300 lap band procedures. 

Dr. Korman is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and serves as a medical expert for the California Medical Board. His practice focuses on laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding and revisional surgery.


Dr. Korman discusses benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

The journey to weight loss begins at the Miracle Mile Outpatient Surgery Center, 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 6, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Call 323-964-0866 for a free consultation and to set up a free educational seminar. Visit Lap Band Los Angeles on line at


I am an obese of 340 pounds. I want to loose my weight before Christmas. I tried many techniques but the outcomes were not as expected. Finally I have decided to go for lap band surgery. I have queries on the right surgeon for me. Dr Jeremy Korman seems to be a good option for me. His experience of more than 1000 Bariatric procedures may help in my cause.

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