Lipo-6 Black Hers Review & Side Effects- Strongest, Most Extreme Fat Burner

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Lipo-6 is the leading playmate of Nutrex, an established brand name in the fat-burning formulas category. Lipo-6 Black Hers targets the female market specifically. Women who are already on a fitness or weight-loss regime, and have tried Lipo-6 or Lipo-6 Hers previously, can shift to Lipo-6 Black Hers (for an additional US$10), arguably a much stronger and more potent formula.

One of the latest versions is the Ultra Concentrate (see video below).

What Are The Ingredients?

The key ingredients in the Lipo-6 Black Hers are: Iron, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Calcium, Vitamin D, Caffeine Anhydrous, and 1-Methyl Caffeine, Phenylethylamine, Thyronines and Yohimbines.

How Are These Different From Other Lipo-6 Products?

Since Lipo-6 Black Hers is for women especially, it contains vitamins, folic acid and iron, which the regular Lipo-6 doesn’t contain. Its fat burning ingredients are more potent than Lipo-6 Hers.

What Does Research Suggest?

There has, as yet, been no conclusive research on Lipo-6 Black Hers, but according to Elissa, from Ultimate Fat Burner, the T-3 thyroid metabolites in thyronine can increase basal metabolic rates initially, but may eventually, disrupt natural thyroid production.

Another critique is that the Lipo-6 Black Hers does not contain the natural mood elevators like the monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI), which other potent fat-burning formulas in the market contain.

So Do Users of Lipo-6 Black Hers Feel Elevated Enough?

Users generally seem convinced about the energizing effects of Lipo-6 Black Hers. It shouldn’t matter whether that is a real effect or a placebo effect, because generally, if raised (or perceived) energy levels translate into good, regular workouts, you’re doing your bit of the hard-work already. One of the users has noticed that a single dose of Lipo-6 has helped her cut down 4 cups of coffee at office. That should speak for its energy boosting properties. We wonder what it would have been worth, had Nutrex introduced an MAOI into the formula.

S. Peters from Virginia notices that she sweats profusely now; she doesn’t mind that though, as long as that means her weighing-scale readings are smarter in the end.

Testimonials - Is Everybody Losing Weight Then?

Yes, most of them are! Hot Momma decided to take Lipo-6 Black Hers after gaining 20 pounds of unwanted weight. Not only has she lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks, her mood and concentration improved, too.

Elizabet in California lost about 20 pounds, and reached her goal weight in as little as 2 months. She doesn’t need to take the pills anymore. In all cases though, weight-loss can only be achieved when the pills are complemented with exercise and a healthy diet.

J. Allstrom swears in her life she lost 30 pounds in a month and went from size 14 to 6.

Any Side-Effects?

All is not well, of course. Nutrex warns against possible side-effects which include restlessness, dry-mouth, anxiousness, headache, mood swings, acne and bloating. Jessica was one person who didn’t take well to Lipo-6 Black Hers. She felt hyper-ventilated, felt her mouth drying pretty badly in addition to experiencing some severe headaches.

Another user, Bailey, who clarifies that she isn’t allergic to anything, or had any reaction to any other fat-burners, was attacked badly by Lipo-6 Black Hers’ shady side. Within 30 minutes of administration, she’d feel light-headed, nauseated and disoriented. Lola, another user, experienced exactly the same.

What have your side effects been with Lipo-6 Black Hers? Vote in the poll below

Is There a Way Out of the Nauseous and Dizzying Effects of the Lipo-6 Black Hers?

Some users, who experienced nausea and other side-effects initially recommended taking a much lower dosage than the recommended start-up dosage. That has solved the problem for several users. Others say that after 2 weeks of using the pills, their side-effects withered away.

Where Can I Read More Reviews or Buy Lipo-s Black Hers?

Lipo-6 Black Hers can be purchased at a discount on Amazon. It has received good ratings (4 out of 5 stars). Read more reviews here.

Participate in the Poll - Let Us Know of the Side Effects

What Side Effects Have You Experienced with Lipo-6 Black Hers? (you can choose one or more answers)

I'm torn between ordering

I'm torn between ordering lipo 6 hers or dexaprine xr. Anyone out there that has tried both can you let me know which one worked better with less harsh side effects. Thanks

Strange side effects

I can usually deal with most of the side effects, but there is one that this pill gives me that is very difficult. A super sensitive gag reflex. while holding a conversation I will start gagging and if i continue to talk I will vomit. Also different smells will also cause me to gag (even smells that i once found pleasant) and if I do not remove myself from the smell/ scent I will vomit. I also find it very difficult to eat heavy or rich foods as they are to hard on my stomach and they will come up. Because of these side effects i have found it difficult to say on the pills for longer then a week max, as the effects grow stronger the longer i take them. I just restarted today in order to try them with liquid Nutrition shakes etc. and very light solid foods. the effects hit about a half hour after taking the pill but so far with the liquids I have noticed a difference (lessening of nausea, little to none ) I will continue with this regiment and I will let you know how it works out.

did u feel anything.wats d

did u feel anything.wats d progress?

Must want to loose

Must want to loose weight.Thanks, for sharing. Hope this product will help me and makes me happy.

Just started taking it today

Am the last person to ever use any type of fat burn pills specially that since January i have completely changed my life style regarding food, my drinks are either water or coffee and i have juice only twice a month tops.
but i make up by having big launch meals (No Oil Involved or Fast food) and very light dinner.
not until i decide to try the Lip Six Black because i have been stuck in the same weight for 4/5 months now.
well post results in 7 days

New UPO 6 User

I started using the product, concentrated form, and I've been having restless nights all week. I noticed that I do sweat a little more when I work out. But I have not experienced any loss of appitite, in fact I'm even more hungry now than I was before I started taking this stuff. There are times I feel a little wizzy after taking a pill, or light headed. I'm going to start taking one pill and see how that goes. Getting 3-4 hours of sleep at night has got to end. I feel like my brain is turning into mush. The bottle says not to take the last pill prior to 6 hours of bedtime, but even if I take it within 8-9 hours before I go to bed I still can't sleep.


If you were sensitive to caffeine before taking this product then that could be part of the problem, but regardless, I have found that taking valerian root ( a natural way to relax and sleep more deeply) about 30 mins before bedtime has helped me to sleep better when I took my last pill no less then 7 hours before bedtime.

i just started takng the lipo

i just started takng the lipo 6 concentrated today. i felt this thingly sensation as if my body is shaking from the inside. i feel hungry still but my appetite is not the same as before, i only get to eat a little and i feel full already.. i havent weighed myself when i started, but i know how much i weighed though. i'll weight next week and will post updates

Lipo 6

I've perfect weight, though I can use Lipo 6 when I face over weight issues. Thanks.

Gas pain and constipation with Lipo 6 black hers

I started off with 1 pill in the morning and 1 in afternoon a couple days ago. Liked the energy increase and appetite decrease but am experiencing horrible gas pain and constipation, so i stopped taking it. Still have some symptoms..Has anyone else experienced this? And did u continue taking the pills? Thanks

I admit that I'm a sucker for

I admit that I'm a sucker for jumping on the weight loss pill band wago, so I got this pill thinking it wouldn't work. I lost 6lbs in my first week. I'm not going to lie and say it was perfect - if I didn't each a full meal with the pill I got really shaky and sick to my stomache. Once I learned how much I needed to eat to avoid that side effect I only felt really energized - almost like I could run a marathon. I was on the pill for one month and lost 21lbs. I get another bottle and lost another 12lbs. The only problem is that, now, it's stopped working. It's almost like my body has figured out my little secret and it's got its gaurd up now. As long as you eat a full meal with the pill and are responsible when taking it, you should be fine. I called it my miracle pill!

Nice website

Keep posting these quality content and of course I will continue to follow your site.

Best regards,
John - Make your dreams a reality.

really wants to loose weight

I am 30 years old having 3 kids.i am totally lost in my domestic weight is
220 lbs i feel too depressed watching myself in the mirror.can this help me

Yes it can. But be smart

Yes it can. But be smart about it. If you aren't smart when you take it, it can do more harm than good. It's really strong, so make sure you eat a large meal when you take it. I originally tried taking the pill with a protein shake and I was so sick to my stomach. Drink lots of water too. Make sure though that you do your research before buying it...don't take it if you are on blood pressure meds, have high blood pressure, heart disease, etc. Just be smart and be careful and this pill can work wonders for you!!

Yes. I can. Also consider 2-3

Yes. I can. Also consider 2-3 times per week of taking an Epsom salt bath b4 u go to bed. That'll help w ur depression. No more than 20 mins in bath though. Drink lots of water while taking these pills and doing the bath. U'll feel better about urself and have more than enuff energy for ur kids. Good luck on ur journey.


Msg me on facebook you can find me under Olson Alexis I would love to help you start your journey!

Hi my name is monica I need

Hi my name is monica I need real help on looseing weight i am a mother of 6  (and in that a set of twins i had at full trem) ever since then i can't loose weight, what am i doing wrong?  i weight 195 now. in the last 10 years i have never weight less the 183 and i am so fustrated .i been in gym for 4 yrs now and nothing. i am a size 14/15 can anyone help me i did lipo 6 black for her and it was great i kick a** in the gym and got got muscle and gain weight but less muscel which was good but i am stll stuck at 195. please help it would be greatly appreciated. you can email me at


this is my second day taking lipo 6 hers black i took one at 6am and 1 around 12pm the first day worked out about 30 min and did some yard work drank lots of water and this morning i took 1 pill around 9am when i started i weighted 165lb i am 5'2 and this morning when weighted my self it said i weighted 162lb that is 3lbs in one day is that just water weight my goal is 120 but they say is not good to loose weight to fast should i slow down.

2 weeks

Due to it being the festive season I did not exercise or eat as I should - I got on the scale first time in 2 weeks this morning and only gained 800gram
I take the Lipo 6 Hers 2 in the morning after waking have coffee and a snack bar an hour later and then 2 again in the afternoon
it says no coffee - so will my 1-2 to maybe 3 cups a day effect the working of the pill?
I do not sweat dont get heart pulpitations or any of the side effects that everyone else is talking about???

Lipo 6


The only thing as I mentioned before is that my armpit sweats, I am somewhat surprised that I am not sweating all over, like some people have mentioned. I have upped the dose to 4x's a day. I will be weighing myself again on Friday of this week -- I have decided that if I have not lost any weight, I will try the Lipo 6 black hers ultra 1 a day capsule.
Like you I have not experienced the heart palpitations --- 

Not lost any weight

It is not working guys well maybe it is --- I don't know, well you can guess by reading this that I am slightly confused about the product. It would appear that I am losing in inches but it is not showing up on the scales - the dreaded scales (oh how I hate the scales). I felt somewhat despondent after weighing my self this morning and nothing showed up apart from the same weight as last week. -- But then I put on a skirt which I struggled to put on some weeks ago. To my amazement I was able to take the skirt of without pulling the zip down. So I am going to keep on going, I need to lose a 3 stones --- not for vanity sake but for health reasons. Notice that I am not sweating all over, but just my armpits -- strange. Does anyone take the tablets in the morning before they exercise on an empty stomach and or after they exercise, I am slightly confused as to when to take it. I known that the directions instruct to take the tablets 30 minutes before having a meal which I have been doing. What I have been doing is getting up early in the morning --- taking the tablets, waiting 30 minutes, followed my usual pre-workout protein and tablespoon of L-Cartinine -- Wrong or Right --- let me know ---- I read on another blog that a woman took the tablets with a meal as this prevented the nauseous feeling --- tried that this morning, must say that I am not feeling nauseous but deliriously happy(lol)

I also dont see it on the

I also dont see it on the scale but the clothes show it .... bought brand new pants and now again have to buy new ones in less than a month... keep at it ..i am using the normal one not the black - will get that in the next batch

let me know


Whoops, sorry guest writer, pressed the wrong button -- so you will have an incomplete reply. What I was getting to --- was good news on your part about having to buy smaller size clothes --- 
I noticed on Wednesday of this week that a dress I have been wearing is not fitting as good as it use too, ie - my upper part of my body appears to be decreasing ..... so I will stick at it. 
? do you take the Lipo in the morning before you exercise --- sort of thinking while I am writing that I will not go on the scales from week to week to see whether I am losing any weight -- but will use clothes as a guide to seeing how much I have lost in inches.

side effects

I was about to start this product this week but I have read a lot about the dangerous side effects of this products . I prefer going with food supplement like shake and normal diet

Not sure whether anyone has

Not sure whether anyone has experienced this - I started taking Lipo 6 Black Hers on the 24/12/12, - I have been exercising, I have been eating small portions - I'm actually forcing myself to eat just so has to keep my metabolism from slowing down.

I weighed myself this morning 28/12/12 and I have not lost any weight -- I put this down to the start of my period this week -- now my question is if anyone has experience this, did you begin to lose the weight after your period had stopped.

I have been taking the Lipo 6

I have been taking the Lipo 6 for a week. For the first few days, I had a burst of energy, but then when I started incorporating my biotine pill and CLA, I had these terrible headache followed with nausea for 2 days. I am not sure if its due to an increased dose of the CLA (1-2) or the fact that I did not eat enough. Furthermore, I did not do any workouts, since I was busy cleaning my place. Could it be the washing liquids or the increase dose or even the lack of enough calories...I really do not know. Anyone have a similar reaction?

Nutrex Lipo Black 6 hers Ultra Concentrate

I started out at 218. I took lipo black 6 hers but not the concentrate because my stomach is already really sensitive to caffeine. I started my first week with 1 pill in the morning, then the second week 2 pills then the 3rd week 3. Remember this is not the concentrate. Once I knew my stomach could take it I increased till I had the 3 pill a day limit. On the first and second day of each addition I was running to the bathroom. I took the pills for 2 months with regular exercise and I lost 25 pounds. I took 2 months off and didn't gain any weight back. Now I have just started taking the concentrate. This morning I was full of energy. I only took 1 pill today at 6am. I am writing this review because I cannot sleep. It's the only other side effect I had was sudden hot flashes or feeling really flushed in the face and also extra sweating. Other then that I can handle this effect to be able to loose some more weight. Good luck to those who try it. And please take time to let your body adjust.

Good product, plateau breaker!

I started taking lipo six hers, about a week ago and so far I have already lost 9 pounds. I have a baby that is about 8 months old and I have been working hard to lose the pregnancy weight for about 4 months now. I have a really clean diet low calorie, low carb, high protein and work out 5 days a week including running about 8- 10 miles a week. I lost 25 pounds in no time prior to starting the supplement. After a couple months however despite all my best efforts my weight stayed the same lingering around 168. I was on the verge of throwing in the towel I felt like I was killing myself but I was getting nothing out of it. Then I found lipo six and it really did the trick, but I did my homework prior to taking it so that I could make the best use of my money. I learned from reading reviews from multiple web sites and from experience never to take lipo 6 black before eating breakfast or it will make you nausea, also learned that you have to drink water like a camel for best results, and this stuff will make you sweat like a marathon runner even if your not a sweaty person. Besides the weight loss my favorite side effect of these pills is that my mood seems enhanced. I have a high tolerance for caffeine so I was never jittery or anxious but I read that those are pretty common side effects. I feel like the price is a little more than I initially wanted to pay but since it works I think it is really worth the money. I never had any issue with the taste since its tasteless. All in all I would say this stuff did the job but again its no miracle in a bottle as I stated before I workout consistently and I have a very clean diet. I still have about 20 more pounds to go so I'll post again in a few weeks.

Diet Solution

Great site, a lot of good info.
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The Truth about 6 pack abs,The Diet Solution Program and The 31 Day Fat Burning Cure


just started

Just started pill... I definitely felt the difference about 20 mins after I took it. I had a rush of energy and kept me feeling ready to do a lot but I have an office job and sit for all of my day. I took the 2nd pill and felt the energy still but this time I ate a little after I took the pill and it took some of that edge off. I'm going to try tomorrow to eat after I take the pill and see how I feel.

I love Lipo6. I used it a

I love Lipo6. I used it a year ago when I noticed I had gained 20 pounds and lost it within 2 months. It stayed off for months and then I started eating emotionally and gained it all right back. Now I've never been a fruit and vegetable girl but instead a pizza and burger girl and this did help me lose the weight with NO EXERCISE.

I'm hoping this will work again, although before I was using the original Lipo 6 Hers black and couldnt find it anywhere so I just bought the Ultra Concentrate.

Cross your fingers for me. I need to lose these 18 pounds that have persistently ruined my life! (I've had to buy new clothes this time due to the spreading of my hips!)

Hi, I'am overweight and have

Hi, I'am overweight and have been off work out for weeks. Going to take this pill and start my work out regime on monday. prolly for abt 1.5 hrs per day. Do you thinkthis is advisable?

Hi There, If you are over

Hi There,
If you are over weight i would start with minimum 30 mins exercise per day and see how you are feeling. if you feel you can do more then by all means go for it... but dont get to an hour and be like oh my god i still need to do half an hour. this will mean you will begin hating exercise and will put it off and not get anywhere.
I think if you are going to start putting in the effort to lose weight you need to make sure your diet is altered as well. Low carb, High protein! i did this and did lose 10 kilos in six weeks. it is possible. I am now on Lipo-6 hers and am down to 13 kilos lost.
Good luck :)

Hi, I just bought the Lipo 6

Hi, I just bought the Lipo 6 Black hers ultra concentrating, I havent yet take it, can anyone tell me if I can take it if im taking birth control pills?

you shiuld be fine.......i

you shiuld be fine.......i took it with the pill......didnt have any side effects but ive heard some women to monitor yourself and pay attention to any minor health or body changes

Hey I have been using lipo6


I have been using lipo6 black hers for 10 days now and i have lost inches but i haven't lost any weight. am i doing something wrong?

no your doing good it's

no your doing good it's working keep it up and get your gym time in your gonna start seeing results..


Hi my name is Nicole I'm 23 almost 24 and I had a starting weight of 245 and I am 6ft 1 inches. I've never used any diet pills in my life but I really want to get down to 180 so I'd thought this will Help. I started taking it on sunday so it's been six days now I started off with 4 a day now I'm at 6 a day as suggested on the bottle, I am feeling some of the side affects but it seems to have an affect on my weight loss the only thing I'm most confused about right now is I have 2 scales in my house one says i'm 235 now and the other says 260... Do I need a digital scale for accuracy..

Hello my name is nicole im 23

Hello my name is nicole im 23 & had a starting weight of 245 ive been on lipo 6 black hers for 6 days so far I never used any diet pills before in my life I am having some side affects but I have 2 scales in my house one sa ys im 260 & the other 230 im not sure which one to believe and are digital scales more accurate? But I do believe I see and feel a change in my body.

Worked but I stopped

To begin with, I already have issues with taking control of my emotions (I get angry too easily), so when I took this pill, I wasn't the most pleasant person to be around. After about a week of taking it, I stopped because I felt bad for hurting the people around me lol. Buuuut I did lose 7 lbs that one week. It could have been just water weight but it was weight nonetheless.

I took 1 pill in the morning 30 mins before breakfast and another pill 6 hrs later for 7 days. I cut down on carbs and while on the pill I lost appetite for junk food. Your eating habits must change for the better in order for the pills to work! A good workout regime should be added but I must say the pill did make me really hot easily which, at times, made it hard for me to work out. I think I'm ready to start it again. Oh, and it made my heart race, I was really jittery, and as I insinuated before, I was quite irritable. On that same note I do have a history of heart palpitations.

Hello, I am Sarvesh..I just

Hello, I am Sarvesh..I just started to use Lipo 6.. It's my third day today....

This gives me lots of energy but also nausea..I can feel how it can stop the hungry effect..I am drinking lots of water for the nausea thing and after a while, I get much better...I just hope it will be a good thing after taking it for long... I am waiting for some changes within my body yet...but hear that exercising is very important to view the changes..a minimum of 30 mins cardio per day...

I've been taking this for a

I've been taking this for a week and it's been working great and have had no side effects, except my poop is a yellow color.. I have no pains or anything, just a color change.. Has anyone else had this?

Lipo 6 hers and lipo 6 Black hers


I am on Evox Lean Pro shake for breakfast and lunch - protein and veg for dinner -
I would like to invest in Lipo 6
Please let me know if i will be sweating the whole day or only with exercise - i cannot afford a sweaty body sitting at work...

I have at least 2 cups of coffee per day - one when i get to work and one after supper - the label says no coffee ???

I got a eliptical trainer - starting tonight at home with cardio (moderate) im new in the weightloss game ...

am about 21kg overweight
any help or advice will be greatly appreciated
i leave home before 6 am and get home after 6pm
sitting down and eating breakfast and lunch is difficult hence the shakes

Lipo6 Black for Her

I would definitely not recommend drinking any additional caffeine while on Lipo6 as you may find yourself extra jittery. Initially when taking it you will feel jitters but they subside after about a week, atleast for me it did!

I take one in the morning then wait 30min to eat, followed by 6hrs to take the 2nd dose and wait 30min to eat.

I do find my body to be warm, but not to where I am sweating. & I do sweat additionally in the gym but I am also feeling myself pushing myself harder with the extra energy!

I started a cycle of this and lasted 2 months and seriously saw the results. You NEED to eat right, and excersize regularly to notice the difference as with any fat burner it will not just "do the job" without your extra input!

I also suppliment a protein shake as a meal replacement in the morning and it works out fine for me! I eat a pretty healthy lunch and dinner with a protein shake inbetween them!

I do find myself very anxious initially when I first start taking the Lipo6 but it subsides after a while. It may be because I have absolutely no caffeine in my diet and the Lipo contains a high amount of it, who knows!

Good Luck!

Thank you for the

Thank you for the information! I searched all over google for this.


i recently had a friend that lost about 60 lbs with these supplements, which motivate me to try it.. ive been taking it for 2 weeks now, ive felt soo much better,almost no appetite(which is a good thing) with lots of energy and im always in a good mood and lost 7 lbs so far.. my only problem is that im noticing some acne on my forehead :( am i the only one whith this side effect???

Sorry this is going to be super long, but worth it...

Since there are no distractions like clubs and fast food here, all people do is go to the gym and take supplements. I decided to jump on the boat since my weight has been slowly raising ever since bootcamp. I am 27 now and joined at 23 so my metabolism is basically shot, but I've found that this will help as long as you're dedicated to truly losing weight. I'm not super thin, btw, so you're hearing this from someone who has to work to maintain an average form. I work from 1800-0600 EVERY day so for those working the grave yard/night shift this might help you. Anyone else, you can prolly translate this to day shift.

Key ideas:
- You MUST eat, even if it's small. I repeat YOU MUST EAT. DO NOT skip that meal because you're not hungry because of the pill, but don't eat a 4-course meal either. Try to eat 5-6 times a day. I put an alarm on myself for every 2-3 hrs, lol.

- You MUST drink water. Drinking lots of cold water is difficult. You might have to pee like a race horse, but grit your teeth and take in room temp water since it goes down easier. This will help if you have the jittery feeling since the caffeine shock should be reduced to an even energy.

- I know, people overemphasize this all the time, but raising your heartbeat with exercise is a key ingredient. I recommend for people that hate exercising to get into stuff like Zumba (soooo fun, aquarobics, or Just Dance for an hour or so, haha. All the caffeine you're taking with being tired from exercising will prolly help you sleep like a baby too.

- During this time period, avoid scales or measuring tape. NOPE, don't want you to even think about starting to feel bad about yourself. You're making a change for the better and once you've gotten to where you feel good about yourself and your routine, you can drop the pills and continue the good eating and good exercise.

- You need a rest day. I went two weeks straight doing a 2-times-a-day mixture of running/crossfit/insanity and after I took my first half day off, I felt soooo much better the next day. Now I take at least one day a week to do nothing or maybe just some abs here and there.

Definitely only take 1 pill a day for the first few days to even a week and then some if it's working for you. Maybe the whole time with 1 pill if it gets you to your goal. I wake up at 1700 and get to work by 1800 and immediately I take one before my first meal. I try to incorporate a very small workout after I eat just so I'm not sitting down. You can pick 3 out of 5 of these to do: 15 pushups, 20 squats, 30 jumping jacks, 15 leg raises, 30 crunches.

I eat at 1800, 2100, 2300, 0100, 0300, and 0600. I work out at around midnight and go for at least an hour every time. Don't do super heavy weights, but do lots of reps since I don't want you all to turn into the Hulk. I try to do a light jog at around 0500 (maybe a 1-3 miles) AT YOUR OWN PACE. Don't let someone force you to run too fast and injure yourself.

Keep this up and change your work out up so your body doesn't get used to doing one routine and don't forget that one rest day. If you're doing Insanity one day, you might want to do P90X the next day, and Zumba the next. If you want to add that second pill and you're able to handle it, I would suggest taking it in the middle or middle end of your shift so you'll have 6-7 hours before you go to sleep.

I've lost about 10 lbs being on the pill for about a month and my goal is 30. Do not overdose on this product, it's a supplement created to assist you (like almost all supplements), not do the work for you. Anyways, I hope this helps and I wish you all luck in your endeavours and sorry again if it was long. I actually left out a lot, lol. Let me know if I can do anything to help!

I been taking the pill for

I been taking the pill for about a week I not feel anything no Energy I feel the the only thing I noticed. That I can't go bathroom don't know if I'm doing some thing wrong I need to lose 50 pounds please help

lipo 6 black ..

Hi everyone , I'm 21 y.o girl , 70 K.G , 159 C.M
My goal is to loss 15 to 20 K.G in 2 month .

I start to take lipo 6 black but its not for women :(
Cause I didn't find lipo 6 black hers in GNC , whatever I start taking it before 3 days I take in the first day 1 pill before 30 min. Of my breakfast then I take another 1 afternoon on empty stomach the next day , I take 1 first then 2 , the third day I take 2 then 2 and I'll continue it like this ..

I'm in healthy diet plan , and also I Exercising (work out) 2 times a day first 25 min. Then 45 to 60 min. For the second one ..

Side effect:

raped heart bets about 150
High energy
I can not sleep easily (too hard)
Always thirsty

My problem is I don't loss any weight yet ; although I was start my diet and work out 15 days before taking lipo 6 black , I feel so bad about it :'(

What should I DO , help me please ..

Wait for reply =( .

this pill is something else

My best friend recommended this pill to me as well as a few other friends of hers. And she lost 10 lbs which inspired me to try it. Yesterday was the first day that I tried the pill and my mood went on a downward spiral, which I am alost sure was the reason I cried the entire day. Not only was I crying but I also felt extremely weak and nauseous. Today is the second day that I have taken the two pills and my mood is significantly better than yesterday even though I still feel nauseous and faint as well as tired. I am persistent on losing weight and will continue to use the pill because I figure that with each day my body will become use to it. I will try to update my progress as progress is made because its important that users know the pros as well as the cons.

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