Lipo-6 Black Hers Review & Side Effects- Strongest, Most Extreme Fat Burner

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Lipo-6 is the leading playmate of Nutrex, an established brand name in the fat-burning formulas category. Lipo-6 Black Hers targets the female market specifically. Women who are already on a fitness or weight-loss regime, and have tried Lipo-6 or Lipo-6 Hers previously, can shift to Lipo-6 Black Hers (for an additional US$10), arguably a much stronger and more potent formula.

One of the latest versions is the Ultra Concentrate (see video below).

What Are The Ingredients?

The key ingredients in the Lipo-6 Black Hers are: Iron, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Calcium, Vitamin D, Caffeine Anhydrous, and 1-Methyl Caffeine, Phenylethylamine, Thyronines and Yohimbines.

How Are These Different From Other Lipo-6 Products?

Since Lipo-6 Black Hers is for women especially, it contains vitamins, folic acid and iron, which the regular Lipo-6 doesn’t contain. Its fat burning ingredients are more potent than Lipo-6 Hers.

What Does Research Suggest?

There has, as yet, been no conclusive research on Lipo-6 Black Hers, but according to Elissa, from Ultimate Fat Burner, the T-3 thyroid metabolites in thyronine can increase basal metabolic rates initially, but may eventually, disrupt natural thyroid production.

Another critique is that the Lipo-6 Black Hers does not contain the natural mood elevators like the monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI), which other potent fat-burning formulas in the market contain.

So Do Users of Lipo-6 Black Hers Feel Elevated Enough?

Users generally seem convinced about the energizing effects of Lipo-6 Black Hers. It shouldn’t matter whether that is a real effect or a placebo effect, because generally, if raised (or perceived) energy levels translate into good, regular workouts, you’re doing your bit of the hard-work already. One of the users has noticed that a single dose of Lipo-6 has helped her cut down 4 cups of coffee at office. That should speak for its energy boosting properties. We wonder what it would have been worth, had Nutrex introduced an MAOI into the formula.

S. Peters from Virginia notices that she sweats profusely now; she doesn’t mind that though, as long as that means her weighing-scale readings are smarter in the end.

Testimonials - Is Everybody Losing Weight Then?

Yes, most of them are! Hot Momma decided to take Lipo-6 Black Hers after gaining 20 pounds of unwanted weight. Not only has she lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks, her mood and concentration improved, too.

Elizabet in California lost about 20 pounds, and reached her goal weight in as little as 2 months. She doesn’t need to take the pills anymore. In all cases though, weight-loss can only be achieved when the pills are complemented with exercise and a healthy diet.

J. Allstrom swears in her life she lost 30 pounds in a month and went from size 14 to 6.

Any Side-Effects?

All is not well, of course. Nutrex warns against possible side-effects which include restlessness, dry-mouth, anxiousness, headache, mood swings, acne and bloating. Jessica was one person who didn’t take well to Lipo-6 Black Hers. She felt hyper-ventilated, felt her mouth drying pretty badly in addition to experiencing some severe headaches.

Another user, Bailey, who clarifies that she isn’t allergic to anything, or had any reaction to any other fat-burners, was attacked badly by Lipo-6 Black Hers’ shady side. Within 30 minutes of administration, she’d feel light-headed, nauseated and disoriented. Lola, another user, experienced exactly the same.

What have your side effects been with Lipo-6 Black Hers? Vote in the poll below

Is There a Way Out of the Nauseous and Dizzying Effects of the Lipo-6 Black Hers?

Some users, who experienced nausea and other side-effects initially recommended taking a much lower dosage than the recommended start-up dosage. That has solved the problem for several users. Others say that after 2 weeks of using the pills, their side-effects withered away.

Where Can I Read More Reviews or Buy Lipo-s Black Hers?

Lipo-6 Black Hers can be purchased at a discount on Amazon. It has received good ratings (4 out of 5 stars). Read more reviews here.

Participate in the Poll - Let Us Know of the Side Effects

What Side Effects Have You Experienced with Lipo-6 Black Hers? (you can choose one or more answers)

lipo 6 black

hi. i started taking lipo 6 black on sunday. pk says to take 3 in morn 3 in afternoon. but i thought il be sensible and gradually build that up. today is thurs and im up to 3 in the morning 1 in the afternoon. i exercise 5 times a week, always have done, and from sunday i have lost 5 n half pounds. im delighted, im eating well tho, i tend to stick to a low fat diet, but i eat my potatoes, veggies, friut chicken, wholemeal bread ect. so far i hav no side affects at all other than my appetite is curbed and im no longer constantly thinking bout food. i no its early days but happy with this product. will keep u updated.


My girl friend recently started taking Lipo 6 Black Hers and she complained it made her feel very nauseous. The other day she noticed blood in her stool and immediately stopped taking Lipo 6. She has yet to go to the doctor but since she stopped taking this supplement, all side effects have vanished. This is an extreme case as i also take the male version Lipo 6 Black. I can honestly say I've had no side effects other than when I take them on an empty stomach. Then I feel nauseous. I usually eat a granola bar right before I take them which seems to prevent the nausea

Started for 5 days

I just bought Lipo 6 about 5 days ago and have lost my appetite totally....I do feel a bit jittery, but if i take it and even do a mild excercise it feels better. I have not felt sick or anything yet. I started with the lowest dosage and I am going to up it next week. I need to loose 60 pounds...I will keep this site updated...:)

hi m 20 yrs old.i am going to

hi m 20 yrs old.i am going to start usage of lipo 6 black hers...m scared about the side effects....i dont work out will the medicines effect...reply

Day 3

I'm 5'10" and weighed about 127 before I started recently taking Lipo 6 Black. (Also, I definitely realize that I'm not fat; I just wanted to get my flat stomach back.) I was working out for the first time in a long time, and only lost 2 pounds in a month, which frustrated me to no end. That's why I initially decided to try this.

I went to GNC and talked to the man who worked there and this was what he recommended, although he cautioned me that I could only take it for 2 months maximum, then get off of it. Otherwise, my body would just become immune to it. He did warn me that I would "feel it." He also said that he didn't recommend it for those with anxiety, because it can cause a fight or flight feeling, which can trigger panic. I do have anxiety, but knowing that this was a side effect took the fear away. If I hadn't known that my heart could speed up because of this, I think I would have been scared.

My side effects have been:
* Increased energy (Yay!)
* Difficulty concentrating at times / mind wanders (Boo)
* Difficulty sleeping (Boo!)
* Faster heartbeat at times (Boo)
* Strange tingling in my feet (Weird - has anyone else experienced this?)
* Nausea, but only on today (Boo!)
* Decreased appetite (Yay!)
* No desire for junk food (Yay!)
* Restlessness (Boo)

I haven't weighed myself yet because I just started, but I'll post back in two weeks. Please be careful, ladies. If you're taking the black version, don't take more than two pills. It's not worth messing up your body. Also, it would stop working for you, as you would develop a tolerance for it, like any other pill. Make sure you're still eating, even if you're not hungry, otherwise, you'll yo-yo right back up when you're off of it. Good luck!

I took this for the first

I took this for the first time yesterday and it caused me to vomit. I have the tingly feeling in my arms/hands instead of my feet. I'm also constantly nauseous and slept terribly last night. I have however lost 4 lbs., in a day...

Actually you can't take this

Actually you can't take this weight loss supplement if you have a hypertension. Be sure to ask your doctor first before taking a step. It's very important.


I started a 2 month lipo six black exercise cycle last year and I loved it.. although i fell off the bandwagon I decided to give it another try this year! Since Last month ive lost 20 pounds! I take a muti vitamin and lipo six in the morning and feel energized all through the day! It curbs my appititae amazingly and its a very helpful boost for my daily workout! I say this is the greatest weight loss helper product ever!

life changer

I used to be a pretty little girl, used to hear lots of compliments and boyfriends back in Ukraine. I came in US 4 years ago. Since than I gained a ton of weight. Now I don't feel sexy anymore and that bother me a lot. My boyfriend proposed me and we will marry in 2 month. I real want to look good on a wedding day and ever after :) Don't want someone from my previous life see me so ugly and fat in the wedding album.
So I bought Lip 6 black hers with a great hope to loose weight faster that it takes normally. This is my 3 day. The first 2 I took 2 pills in am only. I felt strange but acceptable. Today I risked and took 3 cap in am and feeling horrible the whole day. I feel like a thousand ants running all over my body from the inside. My head spinning terribly. Even when I close my eyes i feel like at six flags :( My hands shaking and very sweat. My fiance asked if I am drunk, i was out with girls yesterday. I didn't tel my fiance that I am using pills, I want him to see me pretty not knowing what I am doing to look so. Never telling him when i do my eyebrows or waxing or roots touch up or any other stuff that make me look well groomed. My friend always sharing this information with their boys, so they know how hard it is to be gorgeous. What about me I like to have a little secret when talking about my appearance.
But I am worrying about those symptoms. I will take only 1 pill in am and 1 in pm tomorrow for sure.
But does anybody know how to stop the pill's action? I mean is there any way to take pills out your body? I have to have a busy and very important day today and I feel horrible, so horrible!
Please help if you know some information. Thanks

my oh my

:O you shouldnt take more than one!
one caps is enough trust me! i lose 12 kg for two months, which is enough to see the different.this is very dangerous pills..its not ordinary pills..has anyone told you after two months taking it you should rest your body about 1 months,its very obvious that its not like any other pills..

9am -eat oatmeal
-1 hard boiled egg

12pm - 4 crackers

3pm -steamed chicken or you can just eat 2 wholemean toast bread + tuna

5pm - apple

9pm - yougurt

counting calories is important! do exercise ! there's no such a thing as magic pills..

you have to trust me on this! 3 of my friend lose 5 to 10 kg for two months only with this tips without taking those pills..

if you follow this tips and taking those pills im sure you gonna lose weight faster


The product- Lipo 6 Black Hers- has help jump start my weight loss. I am also taking 2500 mg of B-12, for more energy. However, I am experiencing hair loss and thinning. Has anyone had this side effect.

changed my life

I am in my early 50's and struggling with weight gain and bloating due to decreased estrogen. So last winter, at the advise of a nursing student, I started taking the Lipo 6 Ultra. The side effects were pretty extreme, mostly in the area of jitteryness and acid reflux, but I rode it out. Dropped about 10 lbs, which made the difference in the constant aches and pains I had been experiencing due to carrying all that weight around.

I switched to the Hers formula, and didn't drop any more weight, but truth be told, I haven't been exercising enough. For the next six weeks, it did continue to suppress my appetite and curb my sweets cravings. Near the end of the six weeks, I found the bloating returned and now I'm gaining again. I'm on the four week 'off' period, so I will start taking the Hers formula after the hiatus.

Lipo 6

Today is my first day with lipo 6 hers. I took 1 in morning and 1 this afternoon. Felt nausious all day and just threw this normal?


The reason why you threw up is because its your first day and you should really start out with one dose for about a week. I take one pill, today was my first day. I did feel naucious but if you only take one pill it will go away.

a 120 pound to lose

How I will lose 120 pounds if I only have a cycle of 2 month to work on it? Please somebody help me.

Take it one day at a time!

Safely no one loses 120 pounds in 2 months! You have to factor that without the supplemtn, one should only lose 2-5 pounds a week (water weight)..if you are on a kick-ass regimine like bodybuilders where you cut out sugars, heavy carbs, and excercise fro at least 1 hour (45 minutes cardio and at least 15 weight training) will feel all of the side effects everyone is feeling.

I too am looking to lose weight and have tried them all...but Lipo 6 Black is for an extreme workout-head! YOU can do it. Pace yourself!

If you want to lose 120lbs

If you want to lose 120lbs you should be working on it even when you're not taking this pill. Its not a magic fix, it takes a bit of dedication on your part. Also, its a 2month cycle because your body gets used to it. The 2month cycle is the easy part, the work ot takes to maintain your weight, eatting habits, and exercise habits when you're off the pill is where the challenge really is.

I just started and so far I great.

I just started taking Lipo 6 Black Ultra Concentrate today and i had a couple of mild side affects. I have decided to only take 1 a day. It caused me to feel very manic and i quickly realized i should have exercised right after i took it. You should not take this pill if you dont exercise it will cause side effects so use common sense. After the initial shock of the pill i now feel great. I am forcing myself to eat atleast 5-6 meals today even though im not very hungry. It works! I will keep updating for new users, but keep in mind that lipo 6 is no joke. I also recommend only taking 1 a day.

Started taking Lipo 6 black

Started taking Lipo 6 black for hers yesterday, and have allready lost 2 kg. I have totally lost my appetite, which is good! My stomach is not screeming for food anymore. Though all this great effects, I have also noticed som bad ones. Somethimes i can feel my heart is beating faster than normal and I often have to go pee. I have started this diet very slow, 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, still I feel the enourmos power of theese pills. Maybe I will reduce my daily dose to only one pill, because of my heart... I am also training alot, play footbal twise a week (1 1/2 hour each practise) and have 1 hour exercise at school each day. Days where I dont have footbal practise i go to they gym or take a running trip. I also walk alot, since im 17, lives in norway and dont have a driverlicens. So im still training while taking theese pills. Be careful people! I think to take more than two pills a day, can be dangerous..

Hey guys im 20 years old n

Hey guys im 20 years old n weigh 65kgs n a size 8. I've just started taking lip 6 black hers today n dnt feel to bad. I was wondering how long it took to start seeing resuts? I have only eaten a slice of toast and 2 bottles of water today. Do I need to exercise everyday before I'll see results??


a guy should consume 1500 kcal shouldnt eat rice 4 teaspoon of rice and small beef should be fine..and yes exercised is a must! you will not lose calories if you dont eat anything..dont let ur tummy empty if you taking this pill at least drink soya or fresh milk..

As with an diet plan you

As with an diet plan you SHOULD be exercising. Don't think that gulping pills and starving yourself will pan out well. Just as the other commenter said, you need to eat more a day. Starving yourself now will only put your body into survival mode and you will end up gaining more than if you had never done this at all. Also, this may not be a good thing for you because your expectations seem to be unrealistic. You are in such a hurry to lose weight that you can't wait a whole day before asking if you should already see results?

What time of day was this

What time of day was this when you made this post? I would say that you're definitely not eating enough. People get the wrong idea and think that if they barely eat, they'll lose weight. Sure, initially you will see a decrease on the scale but chances are, you're losing muscle mass which in turn, works against you later because muscle burns fat. Check out There is a place for you to fill out a questionnaire and it will actually help you determine how many calories you should be consuming daily. There are meal plans and a daily tracker that helps you monitor calories, fat, sodium, carbs, etc.

How do you know if this pill is for you OR NOT?

I understand that everyone's body is different. But how do you know if this is one of those so called "humps" you need to get passed, or if you should just stop taking the product.
I'm 30 years old, 125lbs & no history of a medical condition. I workout at the gym 5 days a week. Weights as well as some light cardio.

My experience: I started taking Lipo 6 Hers 2 weeks ago. Directions say 3 pills in the morning, 3 in the afternoon. Began with just 2 pills in the morning, 2 in the afternoon. Day 1, I ran 2 miles in the morning and felt GREAT. Day 2, I ran 1 mile in the afternoon and felt like I was pushing myself. Immediately after the run, I felt like I needed to use the bathroom and throw up. I had a headache & my body felt "uneasy" inside. I stopped by the fire station on my drive home b/c I was worried. I was told that I may have over-exerted myself. Day 3 - no cardio, just leg exercises at the gym. Felt slight dizziness on this day. Got hit with a bad head cold the following day so I stopped taking the product while I was sick. At least 9 days passed since I stopped so I decided to try again. Second round: Day 1, 2 & 3 I was fine. No side effects but then again, I didn't work out on these days. Today is Day 4; went to the gym for lunch. Felt fine afterwards. Took my second dosage in the afternoon, 30 minutes later, I felt the urge to use the restroom, along with dizziness and a tingling feeling in my body. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had these side effects. It's scary...

hi i m 22 lipo 6 is rly

hi i m 22 lipo 6 is rly worked bt u have to take proper diet to loss the wait i loss 9 kg in 45 days rly bt behind this i do lots of exercise nt cut down my meal so i suggest u completly money back item nd its work

My first day

I am 17, with no health problems. I am approximately 20 lbs overweight for my height and I plan to loose that 20 lbs in the next two months. This is my first 2 month cycle of this medication and today was my first day taking a weight loss pill in my life.

I chose this weight loss product because the reviews of the energy boosting effects. I have had a huge problem with motivation in my life, ever since I got Lymes Disease a few years back (it majorly affects my stamina). I have close to no motivation to do homework etc but mostly motivation to stay fit. These days I rarely exercise anymore because it just makes me hungry and sleepy and weak. The energy boost I received helped me tremendously today.
Today was the first day that I took this medication. I took it right before a 6 hour shift in a retail store. I was not only more efficient on the job (because of the energy boosting effect) but I was more concentrated on the tasks at hand. My mood improved incredibly. Not only did i finish my 6 hour shift but when I got home from work I continued to be productive. Today was a trial day (to see if I personally had any side-effects) and therefore I only exercised for about 20 mins, just stretching, some simple yoga poses, ab work outs, and a "booty bonus" routine I enjoy because of how simple and effective it is.
I experienced no negative side effects so far but I only took one pill as directed which is at least 30 mins before meal.
I have drank 3 full water bottles today. I did force myself to eat about 2 hours later. I was not nauseous at all and because of that I was able to eat purely because I love the taste of what I was eating even tho I was not hungry.
I plan to continue only taking one pill and see if I see any negative/harmful effects. I really want to play it safe at first. I think I will see weight loss effects because I am so young and I will be working out (same routine i mentioned above along with a daily 30 minute bike ride/run) in addition to trying to eat cleanly and regularly.
As i said NO SERIOUS NEGATIVE side effects. For about a half hour when the meds started to kick in, I felt as if i had an expresso shot or a Mountain Dew. I felt very electrified with caffeine and I could tell my pulse was slightly faster than normal. But I have had this effect from coffee etc before and was not worried. I have not been in any discomfort and it has been 7 hours since I took the first and only pill that I have taken thus far. Currently I have a light headache but am about to go to sleep, which always helps headaches. Because I felt so energized today I plan to take my one pill a day as soon as I wake up, therefore it will replace my morning tea and I will have the half hour it takes to wait before eating to shower and do a quick yoga/booty bonus/stretching session etc. In addition, I have already started a food log and period log and side effects log. I do not want to harm myself and I am sure neither do you! So I encourage everyone taking this medication to do the same, just incase there are any complications with your overall health.
I am aware many adults may not approve of my usage of this medication because I am only 17. The reason I am posting this comment is to help other individuals taking the medication know of possible effects and to give them my plan of action so that they might make theirs.

I wish everyone the best with their personal goals. Feel free to reply to this message for any reason! :)

So I was reading your review

So I was reading your review and im in the same boat. I'm 18 and I want to lose about 20 pounds, I don't exercise daily because I work 2 part time jobs so I'm on my feet moving all day. I figure thats my excerise each day. I'm trying to decide if I want to get lipo 6 or not. what do you think?



hi all there im only 23 i

hi all there im only 23 i started using lipo 6 black for her one week ago it is working great i have bi appetite and i lost about 2 kg but im very worry because my period supposed to be on 28 february and up till now it doesn;t show up :( does any one have an experience with the effect of lipo 6 on the period

hi im 23 also am 3 days late

hi im 23 also am 3 days late on my period and have not been late since i was in my early teens.. getting worried!!!!! i have used lipo 6 black before had to stop using it for personal reasons. im back on it again now and really want to be successful on this 8 week program but am worried that my period hasnt come..... has your period come???

That has also happened to me

That has also happened to me i was supposed to get my period february 24. I have been using lipo 6 for a week. I took a pregnancy test that was negative so i believe maybe the pills have caused my delay.

It really works!!!!

Before having my son at 19 I was a whopping 112 lb I then delivered my son at 210 lb due to an awful case of gestational diabetes. I have been taking lipo6 black for her for about a year and have fallowed the label to a T!!!! You must stay hydrated and fallow a steady diet and exercise regimen!!!! I am very proud to say that I weighed in at 121 lb this morning! I have lost almost 100 lb!!! I capfuls have never done it without lipo 6!!!!

I started taking lipo 6 black

I started taking lipo 6 black ultra concentrated for women, because my husband takes the one for men and has lost 21 pds in 3 weeks, well i started taking them 3 weeks ago bout two days ago i felt like my heart was fixing to beat out of my chest. It happened again last night and i ended up in the er and the scariest part was not only thinking i was having a heart attack, it was getting my blood work back and beeing told i had methinphedimine in my system like speed and the only pill i take is the lipo 6 black for women.. So i looked up one the ingridients methylhexaneamine and this is considered a drug it was banned in Jamaica and two of the top runners lost thier titles sfter being told that this drug was found in thier sytem...This was my first time taking this pill and it came highly reccommended from the manager of a vitamin world...The Dr. instructed me too flush them immediately and stop taking them...

:O losing weight every hour!

this is the 3rd day im taking this product, i take stairs everyday which my appartment located in 10th floor.before taking this product my weight is 67kg/148lbs..this morning my weight is 64kg/141lbs..and after 10 hours my weight is 63.7kg..and now my current weight is 62.9kg..i dont think im not losing my fat..its liquid from my body that im losing..

im scared.someone please tell me what is happening to me

its ok dont be scared bt try

its ok dont be scared bt try to reduce ur meal also then u get the better result

second day

this is the day 2nd i took this pil.
this is the effect that ive been experiencing
-natures keep calling me (toilet)
-completely lose my appetite, quite shocking
-it boost my energy, i love it because it gives me concentration during my class
-everyday i got back from class i will take stairs which my appartment located in 10th floor.Its amazing that i dont feel tired
-my heart pumping
so far,these side effect does not disturbing my daily routine.

ohh yeah..can someone tell me what is the perfect time to take this capsul??

looking foward for the answer :) cheers

*will keep updating soon


Hi , I am 30 years old with out any medical problems

I started taking LIPO 6 Black to loose around 15 pounds.
with balanced diet , regular(Moderate intensity) work-out for an hour - 5 times a week . I lost 8 pounds in the first 3weeks.

Best way to get result is follow the
- DIRECTIONS GIVEN, I started 1st 2 days with 1 pill morning and 1 evening .
- then increased to with 2 pill in morning and 2 in early evening-5pm) before my workout.

it worked for me with 4 pills a day.




so,i just bought this lipo says ONE PILL come I saw you guys taking like more than 4??

Im 20 years old,ive been fat since little and now i weight 67 it gonna work if i take 1 pill one day??


cause u have black ultra

cause u have black ultra concentrate thats why u took 1 pill but on lipo6 black you can take up to 6 pills/day

Everyone is different

About a year I was taking Adipex for weight loss, and after a month they just stopped working. WIth that rx I had to see the doctor every month, have blood work done. So it ended up costing a fortune. A good friend of mine just finished school to become a personal/nutrition trainer and he recommend these pills along with 1600 dea/epa Fish Oil pills and CLA 1000mg. I have to say I feel great, once my body adjusted to the initialshock of the caffine I had no other problems taking 3 pills 2x a day. I have gotten most of my co workers in on this product, one of whom can only take 2 in the morning and one in the afternoon. But we are all different and have to figure out what works best for our own bodies. I want to eat better and work out more, which I didn't want to do before. This product should not be used by anyone under 18 just because it's not healthy while your body is still developing. Good Luck ;)


Ever sense i started taking this i cant stop pooping and i have really bad headaches also it feels like someone is squeezing my insides together IDK what to do can someone plz help me... should i go see a doctor or should i just stop taking them? Also what happens if you drink on these bc i party alot.


Would not suggest to anyone

Catherine : 5'10-160lbs :::::No history of medical problems::::

I had a horrible side-effect to this drug. My heart started beating rapidly in my chest, my arms went numb and started tingling, my entire body broke out into a sweat and I couldn't breathe. After the rapid heart beat, my chest was cramping horribly, and I was having trouble focusing.I ended up in the E.R. and they told me it was not a heart-attack, but, in fact, a reaction to the medicine. I've never been so scared in my life. I'm only 21 years old, so it's not like I'm at the age where heart-attacks are common. I know everyone wants to lose weight, but I hope not at the expense of their major organs

Lipo Black 6

I am 5 ft 3 and started taking the pills at 165 pounds. I started taking it about a week ago with the goal to loose about 30 pounts. So far I lost about 5 pounds with one week and I have done no exercise none what so ever. So the pills do work well. This week I am going to incorporate a small 20 minute work out a day and see if this speeds up the weight loss. The first day I took the pills and did not seem to have any side effects. The second day after taking the pills in the morning, I started feeling my heart race when doing small things like walk up the stairs and I also had small stomach pains meaning it felt like my stomach was growling but the pills took away my appetite completely. I ate no food for the first 2 days at all. Each time I would try 2 eat something on the third day I would instantly feel bloated a full to the point where a small bag of chips seemed overwhelming. The 4th day the pills made me have to contantly urinate almost twice and hour and the stomach ache was awful because I couldnt eat and I kept having hunger pains so I only took 4 pills total that day instead of the dosage of 6. The 5th day I only took 4 pills also and that allowed me to be able to eat something like 2 or 3 apples total for the day which killed the stomach ache and hunger pains. On the 6th day I started back with the full recommended dosage of the pills again and was very bloated. On the 7th day I weighed my self and again and I had lost 5 pounds. The pills work and the side effects are not to bad. When feeling any stomach pains, bloating, or to fast of a heart race I recommend just lower the dosage and from 3 pills twice a day to 2 pills twice a day. Overall I'm pleased with the results.

lipo 6 black for her

i am 16 and this is my third day on the product I have uped my dosage to 4 a day 2 in the morning and 2 before lunch just like instructed, and I am feeling no side effects what so ever and I feel great. I have read that it is good to take a vitamin while on this weight loss pill but I am nervous it will mess with my system should I be taking a vitamin or not? help me!!


honey, you are shouldnt take 4 pills in a day..just two caps..
you still 16, it might harm you..eventhough this is the 2nd day i take the caps.seems like i know nothing.but ive been doing some research by reading their testimonial. ive seen many of the testimonial take 2 caps only..:)


For one, you are under the age of 18 which can cause serious health problems. Not to mention you are not supposed to be taking this unless you're at LEAST eighteen. Second, pretty foolish idea to take four a day since the highest dosage you may take is TWO CAPSULES. Do yourself a favor and READ THE DIRECTIONS! You're going to end up hurting yourself instead of HELPING yourself. Do some research on clean eating and exercise. It's a much better choice than to take a 'miracle' pill. least don't post your foolish choices on the internet where everyone can see.


True the individual might be under age and Im pretty sure that she read the instructions rather than popping the seal n consuming pills..did it occur to u that she may be taking another supplement which calls for 6 per day...I agree she shouldn't prolly take them bc of her age but gather a little more info before assuming someone is ignorant....constructive criticism is more helpful;)

Listen homegirl don't reply

Listen homegirl don't reply to my comment if you're gonna criticize how I do something when I guarentee you're over weight or look like the average person. I'm a certified personal trainer and am 20 yrs old. I know what "works" and what doesn't. "Smh" lol you couldn't even guide this girl on a better route than what she's doing I suppose yet I can... You should be doing some research yourself. Don't comment some dumb shit on my post

should i take these if i have

should i take these if i have a lap-band?



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