Lipo-6 Black Hers Review & Side Effects- Strongest, Most Extreme Fat Burner

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Lipo-6 is the leading playmate of Nutrex, an established brand name in the fat-burning formulas category. Lipo-6 Black Hers targets the female market specifically. Women who are already on a fitness or weight-loss regime, and have tried Lipo-6 or Lipo-6 Hers previously, can shift to Lipo-6 Black Hers (for an additional US$10), arguably a much stronger and more potent formula.

One of the latest versions is the Ultra Concentrate (see video below).

What Are The Ingredients?

The key ingredients in the Lipo-6 Black Hers are: Iron, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Calcium, Vitamin D, Caffeine Anhydrous, and 1-Methyl Caffeine, Phenylethylamine, Thyronines and Yohimbines.

How Are These Different From Other Lipo-6 Products?

Since Lipo-6 Black Hers is for women especially, it contains vitamins, folic acid and iron, which the regular Lipo-6 doesn’t contain. Its fat burning ingredients are more potent than Lipo-6 Hers.

What Does Research Suggest?

There has, as yet, been no conclusive research on Lipo-6 Black Hers, but according to Elissa, from Ultimate Fat Burner, the T-3 thyroid metabolites in thyronine can increase basal metabolic rates initially, but may eventually, disrupt natural thyroid production.

Another critique is that the Lipo-6 Black Hers does not contain the natural mood elevators like the monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI), which other potent fat-burning formulas in the market contain.

So Do Users of Lipo-6 Black Hers Feel Elevated Enough?

Users generally seem convinced about the energizing effects of Lipo-6 Black Hers. It shouldn’t matter whether that is a real effect or a placebo effect, because generally, if raised (or perceived) energy levels translate into good, regular workouts, you’re doing your bit of the hard-work already. One of the users has noticed that a single dose of Lipo-6 has helped her cut down 4 cups of coffee at office. That should speak for its energy boosting properties. We wonder what it would have been worth, had Nutrex introduced an MAOI into the formula.

S. Peters from Virginia notices that she sweats profusely now; she doesn’t mind that though, as long as that means her weighing-scale readings are smarter in the end.

Testimonials - Is Everybody Losing Weight Then?

Yes, most of them are! Hot Momma decided to take Lipo-6 Black Hers after gaining 20 pounds of unwanted weight. Not only has she lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks, her mood and concentration improved, too.

Elizabet in California lost about 20 pounds, and reached her goal weight in as little as 2 months. She doesn’t need to take the pills anymore. In all cases though, weight-loss can only be achieved when the pills are complemented with exercise and a healthy diet.

J. Allstrom swears in her life she lost 30 pounds in a month and went from size 14 to 6.

Any Side-Effects?

All is not well, of course. Nutrex warns against possible side-effects which include restlessness, dry-mouth, anxiousness, headache, mood swings, acne and bloating. Jessica was one person who didn’t take well to Lipo-6 Black Hers. She felt hyper-ventilated, felt her mouth drying pretty badly in addition to experiencing some severe headaches.

Another user, Bailey, who clarifies that she isn’t allergic to anything, or had any reaction to any other fat-burners, was attacked badly by Lipo-6 Black Hers’ shady side. Within 30 minutes of administration, she’d feel light-headed, nauseated and disoriented. Lola, another user, experienced exactly the same.

What have your side effects been with Lipo-6 Black Hers? Vote in the poll below

Is There a Way Out of the Nauseous and Dizzying Effects of the Lipo-6 Black Hers?

Some users, who experienced nausea and other side-effects initially recommended taking a much lower dosage than the recommended start-up dosage. That has solved the problem for several users. Others say that after 2 weeks of using the pills, their side-effects withered away.

Where Can I Read More Reviews or Buy Lipo-s Black Hers?

Lipo-6 Black Hers can be purchased at a discount on Amazon. It has received good ratings (4 out of 5 stars). Read more reviews here.

Participate in the Poll - Let Us Know of the Side Effects

What Side Effects Have You Experienced with Lipo-6 Black Hers? (you can choose one or more answers)

yaaaah this is happening to

yaaaah this is happening to me :(

Day 1

Hi everyone!!!A friend of mine told me she swears by this diet...
So I told her I would try it...Here goes...
I'm 45yr old Women,and have tryed everything... I'm like a yoyo,and now I'm up 20 pounds trying to loose my weight...
Today was day 1 for me I started out with only 2pills...I took them at noon,and WOW in 20min I was so high~ sweating tons of energy, nerves,grouchy,Etc...I waited 30min ate and felt like i was on drugs still at 5:30pm I took only 1pill and its 2am I'm still up wide awake...
I will try it again tomorrow when I wake but only take 1pill
I will let everyone know the out come I'm woundering if I should go back to HCG it worked great in the past and nooooo effects...
Will see...
I will check back tomorrow with every one...


I have been taking LIPO6 BLACK FOR HER as well as the CONCENTRATE version as recommended for almost a year...I HAVE LOST 55LBS AND FEEL GREAT!!!!! I have even recommended it to others, and the weight loss started for them as soon as they started!!! I haven't had any issues as far as discomfort goes(racing heart, nervousness...) I have tried just about EVERYTHING, and this product take correctly, along with the 5 Miles I walk pretty much every day HAS WORKED!!! I started at over 200lbs, and I am down to about 155!!!! THANK GOD FOR THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!

no one ever checks in...

I am just curious why people put the posts up saying they will check in weekly/monthly with their results and no one ever does. It's kind of frustrating. Let us know if it's working or not!

re: no one ever checks in...

I've been taking Lipo 6 Black Hers for just over a month now & so far I've lost about 17 pounds. I've read a few of the other comments & ladies, I think I might be able to help you out:

If you don't drink enough water (that's 8-10, 8 ounce glasses per day) you will be constipated.
If you don't exercise for at least an hour, a minimum of 4 days a week, you will not be able to sleep at night.
If you don't eat enough (not in one sitting, but rather, throughout your day) you will likely hit a plateau & even more likely; gain any weight lost right back, plus more, as soon as you stop taking the product.

This weight loss suppliment is great for giving you energy, but YOU have to put that energy to use when you feel it kick in (especially if you don't want to be up all night).

This suppliment is also an awesome appetite suppressant, but YOU have to make the right choices in what you eat & be sure to eat enough, but not too much. Try eating 6-8 small meals instead of 3-4 regular sized ones. It's very hard to OVER-eat in one sitting while on this suppliment so why not take advantage of that characteristic & speed your metabolism while you're taking it? :)

Lastly, try to see any weight loss aid that ISN'T just diet & exercise as just that, something that will aid or help you. It will not do the eating right & working out for you, & even if, for a while it seems that you don't have to do anything but take the pills & you'll get where you want to be... DON'T BE FOOLED.
How common is it that somebody takes a diet pill for a month or two, doesn't do anything else, & keeps the weight off?
Not very, is it?
Be smart, be healthy, get & STAY at the weight & size that is appropriate for you & that makes you happy.

havent started yet

I have not started taking the pills yet...i wan't to lose about 20-30 pounds. I know how I when I drink does suppress my appetite. Is it possible to start off with just taking one in the morning and 1 at night? I don't want to start off so big that it scares me out of finishing...I am sure I will not benefit as much as I would if I took 3. Would I see results by just taking one pill?

How to use ?and we can use while we are in periods

plz say day shedule to follow plz and at periods tone can we use the pills

Lipo6 Black Hers

I can't sleep too well while I'm on it. I only take 2 a day and it makes me constipated but I lose weight fast and I love it!!! Once I run out everything goes back to normal ( my sleep and bathroom habits that is). Then I stay off of it for about three months and start again if I have gained any weight back. It works wonders!! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight fast. I never experience mood swings and my side effects are minimal... TRY IT!! Just cut down the dosage. Start with one in the early morning and one in the early afternoon and see how you do. That works for me. The first time I took it I lost 27lbs in 12 weeks with almost no exercise. So to me it's the perfect solution. I'm 5'2" 120 lbs and SUPER happy with my results. TRY IT!!

Lipo 6 black for her

I have tried both lipo 6 and lipo 6 black for her and used together with exercise and a healthy diet have found them both to be wonderful products, especially when I hit a plateau with weight loss.
My starting weight was 132lbs and I have now reached my target weigh of 116lbs in 12 weeks. I'm 5 ft 3.
The main benefits I have found are increased energy and weight loss, and I suppose lack of appetite could be seen a a benefit to, for some but when trying to build muscle forgetting to eat is not a good thing.I have never gained loads of weight when Ive stopped taking the product and never taken it for more than 4 weeks at a time or more than 4 tablets per day. I take two tablets on waking, about 30 mins before going to the gym and then another two around 12. I am a coffee drinker and would usually have two cups in the morning but now drink decaf and didnt get any headaches when I stopped regular coffee like I would have done in the past. I am very sensitive to getting gittery if I drink to much caffeine but again didnt feel that effect with this product as I have with other fat burning products.
Overall I would rate this as an excellent product when used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet, or for people who are having difficulty controlling their intake as it seriously reduces appetite for me. Try it and see for yourself.

I took my first pill today!

Hey Everyone,

I took my first pill of the Lipo6 Black HERS. So far i am more energized; however, my ears and face seem very warm. I only took one pill to start with until i get used to it.

Does anyone else have this problem.

I am 161 lbs. 5'8". I used to be a cross country runner for 6 yrs. but tore both my ACL and MCL and now cannot work out like i used to. I exercise daily and eat right. In the past five days i have lost five lbs. without the pills, so i am hoping the Lipo6 Black HERS will jump start my diet and help me shed the lbs. faster. I am looking to lose atleast another 20lbs.

Does this goal seem possible?

Hi i do have face warm too

Hi i do have face warm too and also racing if i take it n do no excercise.but i do loose weight ....

no weight loss

since taking this product i havent lost a pound my weight is 243 and i thought that this would help i have cut out all carbs sweets and all the crap that i have been eating and nothing veg fish and water and nothing i need help

As with any diet pills, you

As with any diet pills, you need to incorporate a work out along with your diet..The pills are made to work while being active. It doesn't do the work for you.

try adding some healthy fat

try adding some healthy fat to your diet, a little olive oil or flax seed oil over your vegetables. without a source of energy (carbs give that) your body may think it is going into starvation mode and will hold on to everything. fat and carbs are the bodies best source for energy, but carbs are a sugar and fat is just that fat. i know it sounds weird to do that but it works. :-)

so far so good.

I started lipo 6 black hers on the 17th of July and I've lost 10-12lbs so far and I haven't worked out, my starting weight was around 143-145 I'm now at 133 I'm 5'6 I'm trying to get down to 125 which is where I was before I had my 4 kids..I started with 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills around 2 or 3 in the afternoon I had a VERY MILD case of nausea but it didn't last long. After a few days I tried 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills in the afternoon the 2nd dose of 3 made me feel sick to my stomach so I went back to 2 pills and after a week I'm finally at 3 pills both doses.... it does give me energy and has decreased my appitite... the only side effects I've come across is the mild case of nausea and I did throw up 1 time other then that I love lipo6 and plan on finishing the bottle and I'm finally going to start working out and get to my goal weight... good luck to all of you :)

The product- Lipo 6 Black

The product- Lipo 6 Black Hers- has help jump start my weight loss. I am also taking 2500 mg of B-12, for more energy. However, I am experiencing hair loss and thinning. Has anyone had this side effect.

Need advise! Great Product but feel bloated & constipated

I've been on Libo-6 black Hers for 1 week and I have only felt bloated and/or constipated. Energy wise, I feel pretty good to get up every morning to workout, which is a change from not using anything. I'm not really sure why I feel constantly bloated and constipated. I have been eating pretty clean (i.e., eating health meals) all week but not sure if its what I'm eating that is causing the problem. Does anyone have any recommendation on foods to eat or what could be causing my issues? or Can anyone give me any ideas how to avoid this feeling? I'm 40, 165pds, and 5'6. I havent lost any weight the first week. However, I can see some changes in my body. By the way, I take 3 pills when I wake up and 3 before lunch. Has anyone else experience the same side affects?

6 per day???? It says on the

6 per day???? It says on the bottle NO MORE THAN 2 PER DAY...And, they seem pretty serious about it...No wonder you're constipated...Try reading directions before posting stupid questions.

u r using lipo 6 black hers

u r using lipo 6 black hers ultra concentrate it says on the bottle 2pills there is lipo 6 black hers it says 6 pills

dope. it says 3 in the

dope. it says 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon. go back to school. that's *6* a day. maybe you should take your own advice and learn how to read.

idk what bottle you have but

idk what bottle you have but mine says 3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon...there is no reason to be rude :)

There is because people

There is because people without common sense shouldn't be taking supplements such as these.

The original bottle you take

The original bottle you take 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, or 6 total, the super concentrate (which is the bottle I got, it's a 30 day supply for the same price as the original which is only a 20 day supply)
you only take one in the morning and one in the after noon, or 2. So your all right depending on which version you have.


I can't sleep during the night even If I took my last pill in the early afternoon.

Are you working out in the

Are you working out in the evening?


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Im impressed, I must say. Very rarely do I come across a site thats both informative and entertaining, and let me tell you, youve hit the nail on the head. Your site is important; the issue is something that not enough people are talking intelligently about. Im really happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this issue. Acai Berry Diet

Hi am using lipo 6 hers for

Hi am using lipo 6 hers for at least 1 month and found it great,but when i bought it the sales girls told me to take 2 in the morning and 2 6 hours before sleep. what i wanna ask is when could i pass taking 3 morning and 3 afternoon?and could we take it like all year?


A comment by Passant made me write this...

Weight gain afterwards:

The exact same thing happened to me last week. On June 27th I got off and today July 6th, I have immediately gained 7 pounds. Here is what most likely happened to you as it happened to me.

When you get off LIPO-6 Black Hers, your cravings and appetite all come BACK full circle. Your body is not using LIPO-6 Black to suppress your appetite anymore so what do you do? EAT and most likely you are eating all the WRONG foods. I was craving horrible stuff (pizza, bad carbs, sweets and anything else that is a big no-no if you are dieting)

So I today I contacted Nutrex's Live Chat and they told me that the weight gain is not normal but most likely I was cheating on my diet when I got off the LIPO-6 which is soooo true. "Mike The Machine" from Nutrex told me that many people do this when the get off. So what do you do? Eat the RIGHT foods and keep exercising hardcore like you were while on LIPO-6. Check your calorie intake and watch what you consume very carefully!!! You must truly test your discipline during the "OFF" stage. If not, all that hard work to lose the weight will go to waste.

Additionally, I started the workout program "Insanity" which made me even hungrier than normal because it is a very high intensity workout from BeachBody. Ironically, I started the workouts the same day I stopped taking LIPO-6 and it was a sure fire way to be a disaster for my diet. (The 4th of July BBQ didn't help either! LOL!!!)

So I tell you, good luck, eat right, exercise and stay strong! Something that Nutrex told me today that makes a lot of sense:

LIPO-6 is setup to assist you to reach your goals, not continuously take it because you truly should be eating properly and exercising regularly regardless if you are on LIPO-6 or not. It should be a way of life for you....

Hi do you gain weight rapidly

Hi do you gain weight rapidly after stopping with lipo 6?I wamnna know too,for how long can we take it,am on my first bottle of12o capsules and i love it am using it for 1 month,i can say am melting and dont wanna quit it.

No rapid weight gain after stopping...

I did not gain weight until about 4 months after stopping. I actually continued to lose weight for three months after stopping. Then the holidays started. Thats when I gained back 12 lbs and after the holidays ended I started on another bottle. Only 2 a day.. that works wonders for me.

Lipo 6-for her

Lipo 6 for hers was the first diet supplement I ever tried to loose weight. I am very picky about pills, etc. I'm 20 yrs and weigh 130 lbs. I was scared at first but after A LOT of research and reviews I went through, I decided to give it a shot. Even with the bad reviews and horrible side effects I decided to try it. I bought 120ct. After a week of using it, decided to quit immediately. I don't want to scare you. This pill works different for everyone. I started 2 pills a day, then move up to 3, and 4, and stayed with 4 a day. 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon. The "afternoon" dose I took it at 11am-12pm because I couldn' sleep if taken later. This didn't work, I couldn't sleep for 1 week even taking it at 11a, but still kept trying because hopefully my body would adjust to the caffeine. Fine. After 5 days of using it, my stool turned dark green, and at last, it was with blood, seemed like if I was on my period. Overall, tried for a week, couldn't stand the caffeine and couldn't fall or stay asleep. Went to the gym and sweat a lot, and I feel lighter now. My appetite was suppressed. My advise is to be careful. Do not try taking 6 in one day as stated because I tried that and almost passed out. Lipo-6 for her can work for you, but my advise is be careful, investigate first, and remember that your body and health is very important and does not always react to supplements in a positive way. Good luck!!!

I tried two and oh wad I up

I tried two and oh wad I up and about and Moody but then again I was aslo on my time of the month! But anyways thanks for the advice.should have rea it sooner that way I would've taken one a day then Two amd not two in an hour but Ill take one tomorrow Nd then another next day for a week and graduaaally move up! :-)

Okay, I decided to give Lipo

Okay, I decided to give Lipo 6 a try. This is week one. The first couple of days I felt extremely sleeply. I'm glad I started on the weekend! :-) I've lost 2 lbs. I've felt the dry mouth effect, so I drink a lot of water, which is a good thing. My workouts are great; I feel a lot of energy when I exercise within an hour of taking my dosage (2 capsules). I have to remind myself to eat; I'm usually a chronic healthy snacker, but even that has changed. No accelerated heart beats or bad headaches as I would usually get with other diet pills I've tried, so I am going to continue to follow this program for the two month recommended time frame. I will report back weekly.

If you weigh 84 pounds I hope

If you weigh 84 pounds I hope to god that you are 4 1/2 feet tall. If you are taller than that than maybe what you need is not a diet pill. What you need is help. You wanna lose 10 pounds so you can weigh 74 pounds?? You are going to give yourself a heart attack taking these pills at that weight. please get help.

First day.

I just started using Lipo 6 Black Hers today and all I'm going to say is wow. I took two in the morning and 2 before I worked out. I usually snack between meals and I honestly was not hungry at all, I didn't even have to think about it. When I worked out I felt like I had more energy and felt like I worked out harder than I ever have, which is saying a lot. I'm not overweight by any means but I have trouble with my fat in my stomach and love handle area.

Its not a magic pill, meaning weight won't magically fall off if your diet consists of ding dongs and ice cream and your idea of working out is walking to the fridge. If you are already eating right and working out and are just looking to curb cravings and accelerate your work out potential this pill is definitely for you.

I did not feel jittery or anxious. Anxiety is something I've struggled with so its definitely a good thing that it didn't increase that. I really had none of the side effects other than the fact that I felt happy and ready to go all day, it was weird in a good way.

If you are thinking about trying it, do. It is not too hard on the budget and you really have nothing to lose! Hope this helped.

I have taken Lipo 6 before

I have taken Lipo 6 before but never this new one lipo 6 black. I took it today for the first time. It made me nauseus all day, dizzy, lightheaded and I had no appetite. I had a great work out besides the shaking. I think I will take only one tomorrow to see how I feel.

Just started

I just started this product on 6/1/11
I THOUGHT I felt some energy today but a few hours later I was so tired.
The CS I bought from in the store told me to only take one a day at first that it was really potent.The only thing that has been potent is the horrendous stomach ache that hit me so hard that I felt like I was going to pass out.Went all the way up to my ribs.

Maybe I need to eat more after I take it as I only ate a salad when the symptom hit.

pls adivse

Hi every1
im using the lipo6 blck hers and wanted to know do i have to take the 6 pills b4 working out or i can take 3 early morning b4 working out and 3 after im done @ noon thank u

pls advise

Hi every1 im using hers blk and i wanted to know do i have to take the 2 dosage b4 working out or just in the early morning then working out and take the sec one?

Just bought my lipo6

Just bought my lipo6 today,what am i asking is sould i go on or not?as am reading all the comments and am afraid andwant to loose wait at any costs.Am 84 pounds and wanna loose 10pounds.can someone encourage me please.

I don't think you need to

I don't think you need to lose weight if you only weigh 84 pounds.

Personally I say try it. Most

Personally I say try it. Most companies have a 30day guarantee. So if u dont like the product take it back. GNC is a good one to buy from. They gave me a 3day sample of Lipo. 6 black and I actually like and going to buy a bottle myself. Dont be afraid of trying something new however I'd start by taking 1 pill n the morning if ur OK wit that then next day 1 morning 1 afternoon but no later then 3pm cuz u might b wired and not be able to sleep. It actually has a lot of caffeine ... good luck to ur decision .........

um . . . was that a typo? "am

um . . . was that a typo? "am 84 pounds"?

Great product

I've been on lipo6 now for 3weeks and a week ago something amazing happened!!! I lost 17lbs. Along with proper diet and extreme exercise. I was already working out everyday but lipo6 excelerated my weight loss I enjoy takin it and I never have had any of those side effects mentioned in some of the posts on this website but exercise is my life style now!!!!!



It takes my energy!! Why????

It is my second day on this LIPO6 Black pill. And about 30min of takin it, it drains me and makes me sleepy! I see all these reviews saying it gives energy but not me why????? Any help or advice.... PLEASE! I SOOO DO NEED THE ENERGY! I hae only been taking one a day to start off... i do also feel light headed and just soooooo tired!! :/ I dont wana give up on the product.

HOW YOU TAKE LIPO 6 BLACK -- correctly

First and foremost, skipping meals and relying on supplements will never give you the results you wanted. No matter what supplements you take, you're still bound to have ties with the natural diet. You need to eat. A doctor never advise a patient to take their medication before meal.

So this is what you do:

1. In the morning, have an ice cold drink (water)
2. Have a heavy breakfast
3. Take a Lipo 6 black hers (1 pill if you're starter)
4. Take " " " " (1 pill, again) an hour before lunch with ice-cold water
5. Enjoy your lunch

6. Work out (30-40mins cardio, 20mins weights (no machine!) (any time of the day)

7. Dinner (no carbs)
8. MILK before bed.

*Showering under cold water helps lose weigh too.. it triggers the body to release heat -- burning fats.

Hope this helps :)

Try drinking alot of water, i

Try drinking alot of water, i have found that if the product makes ur mouth very dry it will make u very tired.. but water will help rejuvinate u and give u energy. :)

I have been taking this

I have been taking this product for almost 2 weeks now and I fined it amazing. I weighed 165 on apr 15 and weighed myself again yesterday i weighed 158, I have lost 7 lbs and I am 5,8. The feeling take some time to get use to but it makes you want to exercise and i'm enjoying. USMC~SSGT

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