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Treatment Options for Getting Rid of the Dreaded Muffin Top

Are you tired of your clothes not fitting properly and dealing with that roll of fat spilling out over your pants? For some people, diet and exercise take care of the problem, while others can’t seem to get rid of it no matter how many sit-ups or abdominal exercises they do.

Compression tops and shape wear such as Spanx can temporarily help, but there are some simple surgical and non-surgical procedures that offer more long-term solutions. While there are many body contouring solutions currently on the market we will cover today’s most popular treatments in this article. 

Non-Surgical Options


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Cosmetic Surgery vs. Exercise

In the present appearance conscious world, cosmetic surgery and exercise are two important aspects of physical beauty. This debate of cosmetic surgery vs exercise need not be an either-or question. In fact, no cosmetic surgeon would recommend that a patient should forgo an exercise regimen and a healthy diet in favor of liposuction or other cosmetic surgery procedures. Each and every doctor wants his/her patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good food choices and regular exercise that can keep the body in an aesthetically good shape and improve the overall health of the patient. But for some people, the healthiest lifestyle routines and good exercise are not enough to keep them healthy

Obese people face a lot of health issues like cardiovascular problems, muscular and skeletal problems, type-2 diabetes etc. Liposuction is one way of reducing the obesity levels. Cosmetic surgery can give obese people another chance at living life in a healthy way.

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Tummy Tuck After Bariatric Surgery in Tijuana Saves Thousands - Dr. Alejandro Quiroz

Several Americans go on a one day trip to Tijuana in Mexico which is right across the border, for bargain shopping amongst other things. A discreetly rising trend here is the number of American patients travelling to Tijuana for plastic surgery.

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Certified Plastic Surgeon in Boston - Perfecting the Body After Weight-Loss Surgery

Anyone who has succeeded in the tremendously difficult challenge of losing a significant amount of weight—whether through diet and exercise alone or through the one of the various surgical weight loss methods now available—receives the immediate rewards of improved health and well-being, increased life expectancy, relief from a bunch of weight-related disabilities, and huge sense of personal accomplishment.

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Six Liposuction Questions You Should Know The Answer For but Don’t!

Dr. Robert S. Houser, a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery answers the following common questions about liposuction.

Question One: I’m planning a vacation at the beach in a couple of weeks. Is it okay to get liposuction to fix my love handles?

The short answer is no. Liposuction results in quite a lot of bruising and swelling, and the recovery period can last several months. It’s also usually necessary to wear a compression garments for some time after surgery to assist in healing, and it’s generally not recommended that you submerse in water for a couple of weeks following liposuction surgery. Ideally you should have liposuction several months before going on vacation in order to look and feel your very best.

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Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction

VASER® Ultrasonic Liposuction is the most recent addition to a large procedure program presented by Dr. Evan Sorokin at Delaware Valley Plastic Surgery ( This innovative alternative has enlightened the minds of many patients thinking about liposuction in the New Jersey and Philadelphia areas for its capability to get rid of excess fat more accurately and easily than typical methods.

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Who Is A Good Candidate For Liposuction?

In order to be a good liposuction candidate, a patient should be of sound mind and health, and at least eighteen years of age. Ideally patients shouldn’t be overweight (or at least not grossly overweight). In general, a patient should be within 25 pounds of their ideal weight before undergoing the procedure.

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Smartlipo Laser Liposuction – New Liposuction Technique

Smartlipo is a new liposuction procedure developed by Cynosure in the United States. It is a breakthrough way of melting fat and tightening skin, and has been approved by the FDA as a method of getting rid of unwanted fat.

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Liposuction Recovery Period - Compression Garment

After liposuction surgery, there is a period of time where the patient will need to wear a compression garment to assist in their recovery.

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Awake Tumescent Liposuction with Laser Smartlipo

One of the major advantages of the laser Smartlipo liposuction procedure is that it can be performed when the patient is awake, using only local anesthesia. This provides significant safety benefits over traditional liposuction, which required a patient to be put under general anesthetic throughout the surgery. While some other modern forms of liposuction can also be performed using only local anesthesia, the Smartlipo procedure generally produces better overall results.

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