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10 Food Items to Reduce Cholesterol

Did you have a salmon fish dinner or a bite into sinister chocolate? Now you can do all this guilt free. These foods assist in fighting bad cholesterol. According to the American Health association, an individual can reduce the cholesterol by eating healthy foods. Hereby, we have enlisted 10 food items that helps to reduce bad cholesterol.

1. Oats

If you change your morning breakfast with oats then you can reduce your cholesterol level to a large extent. Two servings of oats can lower LDL cholesterol to 5.3% in just 6 weeks. The oats contain a substance known as beta glucanthat absorbs the bad cholesterol.

2. Red Wine

Red grapes are used in manufacturing of red wine that helps to reduce the cholesterol level. Two glasses of wine can provide you with a host of health benefits. Have a toast! Salmon and Fatty Fish- Salmon is full of Omega 3 fatty acids and hence it is known as natural health wonder. It keeps heart attacks, stroke and high cholesterol at a yelp. Fishes like sardines, salmon and herring can boost the good cholesterol level by 4 percent.

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Teenage Acne and How to Cure It

Teenage is that time of our life when we are most concerned about our appearance to the point of being vain and narcissistic. Ironically, acne hits most people during that crucial period more than any other part of their life. Teens, who spend hours primping in front of the mirror and spend an obscene amount of money in grooming themselves, have to contend with acne. Acne is not the social life-destroyer that it once was, owing to developments in the medical field that can reduce its effects to a great degree.

There are simple steps that can help you control acne and prevent its occurrence.

Keep your hands away from your face

This sounds simple to the extent of being absurd, but the truth is, we spend a lot of our time touching our face to relieve itching, wiping our lips, rubbing our forehead at times of stress and many other random gestures. Sweat, grime and oil from the environment are transferred to our face through our very own hands. There are plenty of bacteria and viruses everywhere that are easily transmitted via physical contact from our hands to our face. It is vital therefore to keep our hands clean at all times and in minimum contact with our face.

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What Are the Components of Fatigue and How to Manage it?

Fatigue is a “state of mental or physical weakness” but this definition is still argued upon. The causes of fatigue can be listed by Exercise Psychologist but what brings fatigue, in reality, is still a question to be discussed. Fatigue can be athletic, i.e. a muscular component or mental i.e. a brain component can be involved. Mostly, athletes and sportsperson talk about muscular fatigue, which can be minimized by taking supplements or nutrients if fatigue is only muscular.

The Muscular Component

Our body produces energy when muscles work or contract due to the stored glycogen in the muscle cells. As soon as the muscle glycogen is used up, the residue, free radicals accumulate giving rise to low energy, less work and a feeling of fatigue. A decrease in lower level of Branched Amino Acid is also noticed, which are mainly responsible for maintaining the oxygen supply to the muscle cells during the workout or muscular activity.

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Healthy Lifestyle Key to a Healthy Living

Are you one of those who wishes to grow thin and lives on a crash diet every now and then? You can also be one of those people according to whom a rigid regime of exercises can help you maintain your health or maybe you feel eating a lot of greens can help lose weight. Well neither of this is a wrong way to lose weight and maintain a good lifestyle. But as they say in the traditional language a healthy lifestyle is necessary to live a good life and maintain your weight and health.

What one forgets in this busy life is that unbalanced lifestyle striving on one single system will not be beneficial in the long run. A crash diet is good when you are overweight and your first thought is losing weight. But again once you have lost substantial weight it is necessary to balance your food and exercise to create a decent lifestyle. Again a lifestyle that depends on the exercise along with certain unhygienic habits can also lead to long term complications. There are certain simple rules, which if followed would help you manage a long life free of hassles and complications.

Relish your Greens

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