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Can a Low Calorie Diet Help You Live Longer?

Low calorie diets are the rage nowadays. With Weight Watchers everywhere and many products catering to the low calorie dieter, it’s not uncommon to see people grabbing for them in the supermarket aisle, hoping to shed a few pounds over several weeks. This question being posed here though, is not whether a low cal diet can in fact help you lose weight (as it seems fairly apparent that it can when applied steadily) but could it have another potential health effect – that is, make you live longer?

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Can Jumping on the Scale Deter Weight Gain?

Some people dread looking at them, touching them, and certainly standing on them – they are the dreaded SCALES. If you’ve been trying to lose weight on any diet plan, chances are you may have been advised to not step on a scale for fear of jeopardizing your weight loss.

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Try These Cheap Home Workout Tips To Stay Trim And Toned

In these belt tightening times, we all still want to lose weight, but we don’t want to spend a lot of hard earned cash to do so. Try some of these tips for a cheap home workout that will keep you trim, taut, and terrific, without costing the earth.

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Can Sitting Make You Fat?

Chances are that when you read this you will be sitting. Have you wondered if sitting can make you fat, especially over long periods of time? I must admit that as a person who writes and does most of my work sitting it has occurred to me on numerous occasions, especially when I worked in corporate America, sitting at a desk for long periods of time. So I decided to dig a bit further into this question to see whether sitting could in fact be a contributing factor to obesity in of itself.

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What Happened to the Common Sense Diet?

I am not new to writing about weight loss – I have written about a number of diet fads week after week, and I have to tell you that I am deeply perturbed. We have become a society where we as parents try to make sure our children eat healthy balanced meals and then many of us parents enlist the help of the Master Cleanse, Lemonade Diet, Chocolate Diet and Cabbage Soup Diet to help ourselves get leaner. What is happening here – what ever happened to the Common Sense Diet?

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Can Vibration Plate Training Help You Lose Weight?

You may remember the old time commercials involving women standing around next to a vibrating machine from which a strap was attached – this strap was placed around the woman’s hips and set to vibrate for a certain amount of time. It was all the rage at one point and was considered an easy and fashionable way to lose weight. Nowdays, one can purchase a more modern version of this vibrating dinosaur, which is more or less just a base onto which a person will stand while holding its handles.

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Does Alcohol Help You Lose Weight?

It’s a common scenario: you go out to eat with friends, a spouse, or coworkers and with your meal you order a wine, beer, or mixed drink. It’s only a small 4 oz drink you tell yourself. It shouldn’t account for many calories, right? In fact, every day, millions of Americans go out partying on the weekends. What’s going on with alcohol consumption – is it lending a hand in the battle of the bulge or packing on more pounds?

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Is the Lemonade Diet Effective?

Fad diets have been around forever it seems and some people seem willing to try just about anything to lose weight in order to fit into a sexy swimsuit come summer or to wear their old favorite clothes. Truth is though, most of these fad diets are not strategies to lose weight and to eat better in the long run, but interesting marketing lures that actually amount to starving oneself with the promise of some type of liquid concoction on a regular basis so that you don’t dry out and die. So what about the Lemonade Diet?

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Can Chemicals Such As Phthalates Prevent Weight Loss?

This may or may not have crossed your mind. You’ve been working hard all week at losing weight, watching what you’re cooking with and what you are eating, but have you ever wondered whether what your ingesting (other than  food) is perhaps altering your body’s ability to lose weight?

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Do Low Glycemic Foods Help Weight Loss?

You may have heard of this diet approach before (especially if you’re diabetic) or maybe you’re just hearing about it now. Truth is more and more doctors and nutritionists are getting on board and recommending a low glycemic diet as a way for people to control and lose weight. Why is that and how can low glycemic foods help you lose weight? Here’s the skinny on this topic.

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