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Does How Much You Sleep Affect Weight Loss?

It may come to no surprise to you that studies indicate that easily half of the US population is currently overweight and that a bit more than a third are considered technically obese. It’s also quite interesting to note that since the early 1900’s the amount of sleep that people here in the US have been getting per night has also declined steadily from approximately nine hours of sleep to less than six or even five hours. So what’s up in America?

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Do Blueberries Aid Weight Loss Efforts?

You’ve most likely heard about the potential benefits of grapefruit, oranges, and bananas, but blueberries? Yes – you heard right, researchers are conducting further studies to confirm whether or not blueberries aid weight loss efforts. Read on to hear what the most recent studies are saying with respect to this tiny blue fruit.

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Is the Grapefruit Diet Effective?

You may have heard of at least one friend bragging about weight loss while on the Grapefruit Diet, which begs the question – is the Grapefruit Diet effective or is weight loss on this diet just a coincidence? We take a look at this diet more closely to get the skinny on what some people consider the diet all-star.

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Hydroxycut Recall

According to the Associated Press and other various news outlets, the Federal and Drug Administration has issued a warning to all consumers using the diet pill, Hydroxycut, to immediately discontinue use. It’s believed that use of this dietary supplement can result in serious liver damage and has even been linked to one death, which has led to a Hydroxycut recall. To date, 23 reports of liver damage have been linked to this product as well as the death of a teenager on the West Coast.

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How to Lose Weight without Exercising

Have you tried aerobics, kickboxing and other exercise fads only to become disenchanted with them? Are you unmotivated to try yet another new workout routine? I’m sure you’ve contemplated how to lose weight without exercising and wondered if it was indeed possible. Well, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how you might be able to achieve weight loss and the benefits of exercise without taking up yet another new sport.

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Does Calcium Help Weight Loss?

A number of studies have been commissioned over the years to look at the consumption of dairy products and its relation to weight loss. Some scientists have been particularly interested in this question: Does Calcium Help Weight Loss? The answer, from the studies that have been done, seems to be yes, but is this true – is this fact or fiction? We take a deeper look at what’s been said.

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