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A common question is: What if I realize Medifast is not for me? Could I get a refund?

This was a big plus for me when I was researching diet plans like Medifast and the others. I wanted to know for sure that I could get a refund if this big box of diet stuff showed up at my door and I found out that I couldn’t stand the taste of it.

Has that happened to you? You order a new diet product and when you try it out you find out that it tastes awful?

With Medifast, you can receive a refund of the purchase price on any unopened, unused boxes returned within 30 days of purchase.

In my research, I did not find anyone who had any complaints or problems with Medifast’s refund policy. That told me A LOT about Medifast. These days if someone is mad at a company, the first thing they do is go on line and tell the world about their problem.

What Sheri says below, is a common experience to those who have requested a refund.

“They give you a 30 day guarantee. They took care of processing my return without any hassles whatsoever. If you really want to try this, you can do so without spending too much if it doesn’t work out for you.” -- Sheri


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