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Thermogenesis. Bio-diffusion. Thermogesic intensity. All of these buzzwords are used to describe the chemical processes surrounding weight loss, which can supposedly be stimulated by supplements and pills. It all sounds very scientific, but can the Isatori MX-LS7 really deliver more than the average weight loss supplement?

Behind all of the hype and pseudo-science, could there really be something to the concept? I took a look at reviews by real users to determine whether MX-LS7 is just another set of letters and numbers, or a legitimate weight loss product worthy of a try.

How Does MX-LS7 Work?

Like any weight loss supplement, Isatori MX-LS7 works by helping to drop pounds and then to maintain a healthy weight. Specifically, Isatori claims that MX-LS7 increases the metabolic rate, heightens the ability of the body to naturally break down fat, and improves mental focus, amongst other things.

These are lofty claims, even for the always-controversial weight loss supplement industry. We’ve all heard the horror stories behind certain pills (nausea or ill effects on one’s health, for example), not to mention their frequently high cost and often poor user reviews.

Does MX-LS7 Really Deliver?

When conducting research on MX-LS7, I learned that the majority of users actually saw good results. Users like Luke Barela found MX-LS7 to be highly effective in dropping extra pounds -- but only when used in conjunction with a carefully constructed diet and fitness plan.

This is an important distinction! Many users of supplements and pills are looking for a “magic bullet” approach to weight loss. MX-LS7 is not hard to recommend, with the caveat that the user must also follow the proper fitness and dietary regimen.

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

It’s no secret that weight loss pills and supplements have spawned endless debates about their merits, dangers, and potential benefits. Weight loss advocates argue endlessly, but perhaps the best resource for information on the practicality of these products is the consumers who use them regularly.

Based upon my research, it would appear that anyone regularly working out and eating well could benefit from accelerated weight loss by using the Isatori product. Skibunne swears by the product, having used it for 2 years and insisting that it's the best out there.

Pros and Cons


  • A simple, convenient way to boost weight loss.
  • Free of side effects for most users.


  • For many, only truly effective when following fairly strict exercise and dietary regimens.
  • Not all users experienced weight loss results.
  • Some users may find the supplements to be expensive.

Problems and Complaints

While most users of MX-LS7 found it to be effective and side effect-free, critics of the MX-LS7 had several common issues with the product. Specifically, many found it to be of limited use. Users like"Br33zy" pointed out that this is no miracle pill -- without an effective and well-rounded fitness regimen already in place, the pill will have little to no effect on weight loss.

In fact, at least one user tried taking up to six pills at a time (double the maximum recommended dosage) and experienced zero results. Others pointed out that the expense of taking the supplement on the regular basis can be quite expensive. A handful experienced extra energy and recommended only taking the pills in the morning to avoid insomnia at night.

Is The MX-LS7 Better Than Other Weight Loss Products?

As mentioned above, pills and supplements are controversial in the weight loss world due to their all too common side effects and over-hyped nature. Most users of the MX-LS7 have reviewed it positively and stressed that it causes few, if any side effects, making it a cut above the average weight loss product on the market today.

How Does The MX-LS7 Rate Overall?

Overall, reviewers gave the MX-LS7 a 3.5 star rating out of 5 possible stars. Reviews were positive for the most part. Users gave the product moderate but overall positive ratings based on accelerated weight loss results when taken as part of a complete weight loss regimen.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for The MX-LS7?

The MX-LS7 is currently in stock and you can buy this product at a 57% discount on is currently offering Super Saver Shipping on this item with orders over $25. You can read more reviews here.

Is it normal to feel?

Ive been taking the super thermogenic mx-ls7 v2 for two days now i have taken them like im suppost to 30min before my first meal of the day, but i have notice that i get sweaty hands an also get a bad ear ache like crazzy which for me is the worst!!! Yesterday which was my first day i took them them in the afternoon whrn out for a jog then felt good, took them this morning again an same thing sweaty hand an BAD ear ache i wanna see if this is normal or if aomeone has expirience this before or if its just me an maybe my body is not taking the pills right??? Thanks in advance!

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