My Truth About Six Pack Abs Review - Scam Or Master Plan?

In this review I tear this book apart.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs is one of the biggest selling ebooks on the internet today, but why is it such a master seller?

Is it anything worthy of reading or is it just the re-hashed rubbish all over again?

I pull it to bits, piece by piece and show you exactly what you are buying – instead of what you think you are buying.

First of all you are a probably wondering,

Who Is The Author & What Gives Him The Right To Publish Such A Book?

Mike Geary is probably one of the best people to write this book, he holds a BSC degree from a prestigious US university, he has been featured in many famous muscle and weight loss magazines, he is a full on practitioner of fitness and health, plus his hobbies include physically challenging sports such as cross country skiing, extreme hiking and many others.

Mike's website has been operational since 2005 and is still basically the same – he only sells the one product – his book “The Truth About Abs”. If you don't believe me then go onto to look for yourself.

Lifestyle is one thing that Mike makes sure you don't lose when you are undertaking his program, he doesn't like the point of view that you have to change your whole lifestyle just to lose body fat and get in great shape.

Over a quarter of a million people have purchased his book...

Okay, you get it, he is qualified to write this book, but I want to know before I read any further...

What Results Will I Get If I Read This Book?


Reading a book will not make you get in shape.

However if you put into practice what you read in this in depth book, you (and your friends and family) will be blown away by the results you get, even in just a couple of weeks.

Mike is of the mindset that you should lose body fat, and not just weight. This means that he is focusing on permanently reducing your body fat instead of short term methods to lose water weight, which you will always gain back.

It doesn't matter if you want to build lean muscle, lose body fat, get fit or get healthy, or even all of the above at once, Mike shows you exactly how to do it, and do it all at once if you want, without it being too overpowering.

There are testimonials on his website from people who have lost up to 300 pounds.

Can you believe that?

Losing 300 pounds naturally without any pills, no surgery, no expensive doctors visits or supplements, just diet and exercise strategies that Mike lays out for you.

Will The Truth About Six Pack Abs Be The Right Program For Me?

Mike has crafted this book so amazingly well, and added so many options for different levels of fitness and age groups, that this program can literally be performed by anybody of any age and any gender.

  • Busy corporate job male, middle age? This is IDEAL for you
  • Stay at home mom with part time job and stuff all free time? PERFECT
  • College student, studying all the time and partying on weekend? YOU NEED THIS!

This program truly does cater to everybody, even for an advanced athlete you would find something that can help you to reduce body fat and get faster and more agile.

  • If you are on a budget – you should buy this book just for the help it will give you in preparing healthy, but inexpensive meals
  • If you are wanting to build strength and muscle – this book will show you the “right way” instead of the normal garbage spouted off by amateurs
  • If you are wanting to lose just those last few pounds from your stomach then this book will give you the strategies that you need to perform this
  • If you have a lot of weight to lose, Mike will guide you through the process, start to finish, holding your hand and helping you out the whole way.

If you are worried you may have some special circumstances that might make the program unsuitable for you, let me discuss this now in the section about,

Okay, What Risks Are There In Buying This Book?

First – buying online.

There is no secret that buying things online was dodgy when the internet was new. However with the invention of SSL, security certificates, encryption and extremely draconian laws about processing credit cards online, you are now safer buying online than at a retail store.

This is not hard to believe, because companies such as PayPal (a credit card processor) have such low overheads compared to traditional merchants that they have millions of dollars to invest in security to protect you – after all, they want repeat custom from us.

However when buying online it is best to only go with really big companies such as Clickbank, Paypal, Amazon etc.

You just know that you will be safe with these guys because they are multi billion dollar companies – they don't want to wreck their impeccable reputation.

If you are STILL worried, you can contact Mike and his team through the email on their site – he has been online since 2005 selling his book, and you can be sure that he doesn't want to wreck his reputation either!

It is also no secret that a lot of us have some sort of food intolerance, allergy or sensitivity.

Some of us are gluten free, wheat intolerant or lactose sensitive, leaving us with few options when we want to make meals, let alone healthy meals that will help us to lose weight and get in great shape.

Even if you are vegan, vegetarian or a diabetic you can still follow Mike's nutrition strategies.

Mike realizes that many, many people can't eat certain foods, so he gives you broad foods that you can eat, and meal plans with substitutes if you can't eat a certain food.

I'm Keen, But What Is Actually In The Book?


The intro is normally the most boring part of books.

Not so with this book – the intro was actually one of my favorite parts. Mike shares his philosophy on working out, nutrition and diets and how to achieve your goals and still have a social life. He says himself that he still enjoys going out and having a wild time sometimes and that you shouldn't have to give up all the joys in your life to get a great body.

Chapters 1-3

In the first few chapters mike jumps straight in and gives you the absolute best ab workouts that will create a strong, sexy, ripped core and of course those amazing six pack abs.

Mike discusses the myths around weight loss, six pack abs, nutrition and exercise, stating that most of what you hear is outdated and just old wives tales.

The next part discusses how to get your metabolism raging like a fire and burning all of the calories that make their way to your plate, plus more.

Chapters 4-9

These are the chapters that include details on every kind of workout you can use to burn off excess belly fat, thigh fat and body fat from all over your frame. Mike knows that some people, mostly guys, want to put on lean muscle on their arms, chest and back, as well as the legs.

Mike reveals all of the best exercises for putting on muscle, as well as workouts to burn the fat off those areas so you can actually see that lean muscle.

Chapter 10

This is the big chapter.

This is where Mike explains how important nutrition is to your results. If you take notes on any part of this book then let it be this chapter. This chapter will either make or break your goals, if you follow it, you are guaranteed to get where you want to go.


Of course there are always extras when you are dealing with an all round nice guy and expert like Mike Geary. He has included meal plans and shopping lists for male or female, at any weight, and you can choose which plan you want to go on – maintenance, fat loss or muscle building.

Mike also has a calculator so you can work out your BMR and total daily calories expended, two numbers that will become important to you if you are wanting the best results.

Summary Of The Truth About Six Pack Abs

I just can't recommend this book enough.

Mike is one of those true, honest and genuine people who knows exactly what works and what doesn't, and he shows you exactly what does and doesn't work and WHY.

He shows you exactly why scam products such as weight loss pills, miracle cures, powders, vibrating machines, ab machines and other odd things don't work, and why his principles do.

Mike is a practitioner as well as a preacher and has a strong, lean body himself.

The one thing that makes his product so much better is his absolute honesty – something that is so appreciated because it is so rare these days.

Mike also shows you how you can get the results you want without any equipment whatsoever, but obviously you can get faster results if you use equipment and the things available at a commercial gym.

Another staggering benefit of Mike's program is the guarantee.

If you want your money back for any reason he will refund you 100%, no questions asked, and I actually tried it just to make sure he was legit – so now I can tell you that he is.

(Of course I then purchased his course again because I believe he deserves the money & I was just testing his guarantee to make sure he was true to his word.)

Last time I checked he was also doing a deal where you can pay $4.95 and test it out for a while then if you like it you can pay the rest, and if you don't like it you get your money back.

I am not sure if he is still running this but I would recommend having a look now, because he said he was going to pull the pin on this shortly as so many people were getting in on this special offer.

Just remember – in 3 months time you will be 3 months older – why not make a decision today to lose excess body fat, get in killer shape and become drop dead sexy, stronger and make your ex jealous and surprise your current partner or if you are single, have fun finding a new partner!

This review was written by Johnny Palmer. Johnny is a fitness trainer & writer, he practices kickboxing, strength training and is a fat loss expert & focuses on teaching people how to get abs. Check out his latest blog post: exercise to reduce tummy – this is just one of a heap of posts written by Johnny to show you that it isn't that confusing getting lean, strong and ripped, just a bit of work.

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