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It’s no secret that a great many diets fail because you get hungry. When you decide that it is time to lose some weight, there are a whole set of dietary and behavioral patterns already set – you are used to eating a certain amount at a certain time. Not only that, but your body is used to more kinds of foods than are generally allowed on a diet plan.

Many diets depend on restricting high caloric foods such as meats, which means that your protein requirements may not be met. The result is that you will feel hungry all the time, and after a couple of days of ‘fasting’ you are ready to pounce on that double cheeseburger and fries.

"Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet" recognizes that the demands of your hunger must be met if you are going to succeed with dieting, and this product has been designed specifically to make sure that you do not feel hungry while on your program. "Nature’s Way" is available in vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate flavors.

How Does "Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet" Work?

Foods that are high in carbohydrates or sugar can contribute to weight gain not only directly by their caloric value, but also because they burn through the system quickly.

When food is used too quickly, you will feel hungry again, even if it has only been a short time since you have last eaten. However, "Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet" helps to curb those cravings in several ways.

To begin with, "Nature’s Way" will slow down the digestion rate of the carbohydrates in your system so that you will not feel hungry as quickly. This can really help with scotching those cravings that are often the downfall of your diet.

"Nature’s Way" also helps by expanding in your digestive tract, so you feel fuller. Not only will this help prevent between meals snacking, but you will also find yourself eating less at your regular meals.

What Are Others Saying – Does "Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet" Really Deliver?

Although Nitesky has tried other protein shakes in an attempt to lose weight, she was disappointed in their flavor. However, she has found that Nature’s Way shakes taste just great, and she especially likes the vanilla. On top of that this reviewer says, “Oh my gosh, I lost 2 pounds already.” The fact that there was no aftertaste and the shake wasn’t ‘chalky’ helps this dieter stick with her program.

Keeping away from candy and other sweets was a real challenge for Char, especially since she has diabetes. However, this reviewer has found that "Nature’s Way" shakes help to fill her up while keeping her on line with her dietary needs. Char says “(I) have lost 10 pounds.” This user likes the chocolate flavor best.

Stan Tracy was just looking for a way to lose weight, but he found an unexpected bonus from using "Nature’s Way" – “The surprise benefit was the extra energy from using it.” This gentleman drinks it after exercising, and appreciates the protein it contains.

"Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet" is part of Claire Jordan’s diet program, but this reviewer says, “I've been using it now for several months and have lost about 15lbs.” Using this product as a lunch replacement has freed Claire from calorie counting and lets her enjoy her dinner without worry. She also likes the fact that there are no artificial sweeteners used in this product.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

As with any weight loss program, how much weight lost will depend on how strictly you adhere to the regimen, whether you exercise, and your individual metabolism. However, reading the reviews tells us that "Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet" can help you to lose weight.

People who have used this have lost up to 15 pounds. One of the most important benefits to Nature’s Way is that it fills you up and helps you to control cravings.

Side Effects

There seem to be few side effects associated with using "Nature’s Way" shakes. One reviewer did find out that she has an allergy to dairy products, and as whey is used to manufacture this product, anyone with lactose intolerance should probably avoid it.

Pros and Cons


  • The fiber in this product helps you to feel full, so you are less likely to feel hungry and snack.
  • No preservatives or artificial sweeteners are used.
  • "Nature’s Way" shakes contain 21 grams of protein.
  • Each serving has only 130 calories.
  • This product contains vitamins and minerals.


  • It is somewhat expensive to use.
  • Some people found it did not stop cravings.

Problems and Complaints

Even though most reviewers were satisfied with "Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet", there were complaints about the taste of the product. One person was unable to swallow more than one mouthful.

T. Taylor reported that the shake’s ingredients separated after only a short period of time. Furthermore, this user said, “I just don't like that after taste.” Another user claimed that Nature’s Way shakes did nothing to assist with their weight loss plan.

Is "Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet" Better Than Designer Whey?

Judging from the reviews of Designer Whey, you would probably be well advised to use "Nature’s Way" in your diet program.

Many people who used Designer Whey were aghast at the flavor and consistency of the product. The many artificial ingredients used in Designer Whey bothered a number of the reviewers as well.

Also, while "Nature’s Way" has 21 grams of protein per serving, Designer Whey has only 8 grams and did not seem to have any added vitamins or minerals.

How Does "Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet" Rate Overall?

All in all, "Nature’s Way" received a good rating on Amazon, receiving 4.1 out of 5 stars. Most of the reviewers were very satisfied with the taste and the results they got from using this product.

Hunger cravings were stopped in the majority of users and they found they were better able to control the amount of food they ate and the frequency at which they had to eat.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For "Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet"?

The "Nature's Way Metabolic ReSet" is in stock right now on Amazon, and you can purchase this supplement at a great price. The Amazon price represents a good savings over list.  If you are interested in finding out more about "Nature’s Way Metabolic ReSet", you can read more reviews here.

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