New Weight Loss Surgery: Belly Balloon For The Non Too Obese

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Weight loss for anyone is tough. For the people who are severely overweight there are surgical options such as the Lap Band and Gastric Bypass Surgery that are designed to help patients at critical obesity levels lose a significant amount of weight.

Unfortunately, there are minimal weight and body mass (BMI) requirements for patients to qualify for these procedures. What about those that are overweight but do not meet these medical requirements? There is a new weight loss surgery product in the testing stages that just might have the answer.

The BioEnterics Intragastric Balloon System

A new weight loss surgery study is about to begin in central Texas to evaluate the effectiveness of the BioEnterics Intragastric Balloon System (or BIB). The interesting part about this new weight loss surgery is that it is a truly non-invasive process. The doctor uses an endoscope to run a tube down the patient’s throat (starting from their mouth) and places a silicone balloon into their stomach, with another tube entered in the same fashion; the balloon is filled with saline water. Both tubes are then removed from the throat and the process is complete. The balloon fills up the majority of the stomach and stays there for a period of six months.

The concept of this new weight loss surgery is that the balloon would limit the amount of food that the patient could eat. This will enable the patients to eat less, change their eating habits and lose weight in an almost natural way. At the end of the six month period, the balloon is drained and removed from the stomach. By this point hopefully the patient has lost a substantial amount of weight and has developed new eating habits that will continue to help them lead a healthy lifestyle.

The Belly Balloon in Clinical Trials

Dr. Adam Smith is the head surgeon at Fort-Worth Lap-Band and one of the doctors that will be involved in the upcoming clinical trial on this new weight loss surgery. He explained how this trial will work. He mentioned that there will be two randomly selected groups of qualified individuals for this procedure that will be on similar low calorie diets with routine follow ups with the doctors in the study. Half of the group will have the balloon system placed in their stomach, the other half will not. The doctors will monitor the weight loss and eating habits of both groups throughout the study.

The goal of this new weight loss surgery is to see if the BioEnterics Intragastric Balloon System recipients will have far greater weight loss results than those that maintained a simple diet without the addition of the device. It is also a hope that the people who use this system will be able learn a better eating and physical routine habit to improve their overall health so that more invasive procedures such as the Lap-Band and Gastric surgery will not be necessary for them in the future. There is a group watching the progress of this trial and the results of it will be reported as they come back.

The Belly Balloon in Clinical Trials

hello,i would like to be a part of your Clinical Trials,you see i cant get the weight off no matter what i do, i am 44 and i am 5'4 and weigh 223 lb's. This is the most I've weighed and my legs, feet and back hurt all the time because of the weight. I would really like to be apart of this. Thanks

i would like to be in your trial studies!

I'm 55 and would like to lose weight the right way. I tried to eat healthy and cut down on calories and nothing helps. I'm begining to have some health issues. Since losing my husband 2 years ago I feel that I need to change my life and get back to normal and to play with my grandkids again. I will be highly pleased to be in your studies.

I want to be a study for you.. Im 26 and 250lbs 5'7 please read

Hi my name is Jordan and i would like to be a study for you im 26 and 250lbs at 5'7 i have medical condition that being over weight effect which is the under lining of my urtus is falling and all my doctors say's losing weight will help me alot because it will save me from having surgery at a young age so i seen your new belly balloon idea and thought that would be great for me. So please think about helping me if you can thanks so much for taking the time to send my short story my contact info is 863-944-9027 (cell) and my email is thanks again and god bless..

Post Gastric Bypass Patient

I had gastric bypass surgery about 2 years ago. I went from 289 to now 212. I never got down to my ideal weight. I would love to have this procedure. Could you consider me as a candidate to see if it works on people that have not had all of the weight loss from post gastric bypass. I am 5'3.I would love to get to my goal weight of 120. I am even working out at the gym now but still no weight loss. Thanks!

Could you please consider me

Could you please consider me for your clinical trial. I am 5'3" 306 pounds. I have been big all my life. I live a very active life still, I can't lose weight. I'm alway's in pain, my legs and ankles hurt me daily. I keep bad headaches from my weight problem. Just recently found out I have hypertension. PLease Consider Me. I'm 34 years old and I want to live many more precious years.

Belly Balloon

I want to be in your clinical trial for the Belly Balloon. I eat healthy, exercise alot, my main problem is nightime eating, I'm 200+, and 5'7". No medical problems, other then sleep apnea, which is a result of my weight.


R. Coakley

belly balloon clinical trial

I'm Pat McDaniel 5'8",wt. 265 with mild hypertension and no other risk factors in good health. I walk briskly, climb stairs for 30min. to 1 hour daily, swim almost daily and still can't lose significant weight. Plus my wife, an RN has me on a low saturated fat, low carbohydrate diet. I will be your best motivated patient and do everything you ask me to do to get a jump start on my weight loss. Please help me and I sincerely request to be in your belly balloon clinical trial. Thanks, Pat

Hello, my name is Alexandra,

Hello, my name is Alexandra, I will love to be part of your study. Im 29 years old, 5'7", and 214 lbs. Im am also a very uncontrolled diabetic. I use 3 different insulins, and 2 tab medications for my diabetes and still, my sugar levels are not controlled. All the Dr. I speak to say that this type of surgery is great for me because the risk are so low. Please consider me for your study

The Belly Balloon in Clinical Trials

Hello. please let me be in your Belly Balloon in Clinical Trials.
My name is Delaina. I'm 48 years old, 4 feet and 11 inches tall. I weigh 369 pounds.

I'm just one more person who is battling "Obesity" everyday. I am writing to you because

I feel so frustrated and it's out of desperation knowing that I need to lose this weight be-

fore I lose my life. It is my hope and prayer that maybe you can find a way to help me

with my weight problem. I see so many people that are like me in many ways on your

show and the "Blessigs" they recieve from help given to them.

Because of weight and health issues I am on Social Security and can't work. I

worked 16 years with children at a learning daycare center until 1996. I weighed 421lbs.

and was hospitalized with blood clots in my lungs and almost died. I did lose 115 lbs.

due to being sick, having nervous diarrhea and depression. Helping with my sick

grandfather who died of cancer, my mom had a heart attack and surgery, my brother

and kids moved in with us and many other life events happened and handled with

emotional eating. My feelings and food go hand to mouth, a constant addiction to food,

and a constant companion.

Trying to grasp a diet like "Diabetic Diet" is so hard for me. I give up on my self too

easy. I'm homebound most of the time. My husband is a wonderful man who loves

and takes care of me. He works two jobs. We recently refinanced our home for the

fourth time. Wer'e trying to pay on a handicap installed shower that we charged and

got because of my falls and needing help in and out of the bathtub. My weight and

health stuff is a physical and financial burden. I feel like I'm a burden to my family.

I do know they love me, I just wish I could help more.

I have PCOS ( Polycistic Ovary Syndrome ). That means I have irregular

periods, harmonal changes, weight gain, facial hair, skin problems, infertility ( I can't

have children ) and insulin resistance. My doctor says it's a double edge sword

I need to lose weight and this makes it hard to do so. I also have to worry about

endometrial cancer.

I'm still at pre-diabetic statis but do have symptoms. My knees are bad, I walk

with a cane for extra support. I've fallen often and need help getting up by my

family or the local fireman. My doctor says if I was normal sized he'd send me to

a surgeon for my knees but I can't do the surgery and rehab.

Every night I battle with Sleep Apnea and recently my setting on my CPAP

went higher because it had gotten worse. I have trouble breathing and waking


I can't take diet pills, my heart beats too fast. I recently had a echo- ultra

sound and stress test for my heart. The doctor said for the clarity of the pictures

93 percent good and I have a leaky valve requiring no surgery. Most of his speech

was concerning my weight and all the precursers against me and I would die sooner

than later. He like my other doctors are telling to me to have a Gastric Bypass

to save my life.

I have called doctors, hospitals, done computer, went to a doctors seminar,

and talked to people who have had gastric bypass or lap band surgeries. I am

looking at the lapband procedure. Two years ago I fell and got stitches in my

head and had a case of cellulitis putting me in the hospital . I was ready to

do anything I need to do to increase the quality of my life for the better. Two

things stopped me in my tracks; my husbands insurance doesn't cover any

thing related to weight loss ( even if doctor recomended ) and Medicare will

not pay very much if you have a primary insurance. If I was to just have

Medicare then I would pay 20% and whatever they dont cover.

I've tried my doctors for help which hasn't gone well. I feel so alone in

my personal battle. I'm being told to lose weight but I need guidance, a support

system. Somebody that knows what helps with PCOS, depression, heart,

diabetes, joint pain, exercise, diet, etc. I keep hitting closed doors. I need

help, support, to be accountable, hang in there.

I feel fatigued, depressed, and in pain everyday. I have anxiety, and leaving

my house is emotional, stomach jerking, and nervous diarrhea. I have lost a

big part of my self. I have trouble doing self care things, can't drive my car,

take walks, do family outings and just enjoy life more fully. I am thankful for

what I do have and count my blessings. I want more, to be healthier, more

whole again for me and for my family. If it takes counseling, exercise, doctors,

surgery - I have to do something. I'm not giving up. At this point where I live is

limited in resources available free to help people. I am frustrated because I am

financially. I don't qualify for YMCA scholarship because of our income and

calling two times water exercises was only offered and I can't do that with

irregular periods and self contious about the way I look.

I know I'm not the only person that battles obesity and I have a long road ahead

of me. I come asking with a grateful heart that somehow you could help me

reach my goals making my life better and perhaps I can make a difference

and help others.

With All My Thanks,

Delaina Workman

139 N.E. Meadowlark Ave.

Bartlesville, Oklahoma 74006

(918) 333 - 6016

The Belly Balloon in Clinical Trials

hello, i am praying for your help i would like to be a part of your Clinical Trials,you see i cant get the weight off no matter what i do, i am 42 and i am 5'2 and weigh 225 lb's
and have never been this big in my life i used to weight 135 and even after my first child i lost it all walking eatting right , but my 2 child was born she had heart problems and the doctors had me on meds to help me , deal with it all and her death well i never lost it and have 2 more chilren , deitabeties run in our family and i need to lose this weight before it happens PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE thank you.

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