Not So Obvious Foods to Avoid For Weight Loss

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There are the obvious foods that you need to avoid if you want to lose weight, such as chocolate, potato chips and hard candy, but there are a lot of foods out there that you may be eating and not realizing that they aren’t that good for you. Here are some of them:

White Bread
White bread is full of calories and carbohydrates. Yet, many people don’t realize how bad it is for you. In fact, anything that contains white flour should be avoided. Instead, try having whole wheat or multi-grain bread, which is high in fiber.

Fatty Dairy Products
Do you enjoy cream in your coffee? How about a nice grilled cheese for lunch?

Cheese, yogurt, cream and homogenized milk are just a few examples of dairy foods that many people believe are good for them, but they really aren’t. While fatty dairy products aren’t as bad for you as junk food, they can cause you to gain weight.

Are there alternatives?
Yes, you can choose to buy fat-free dairy products. All of the dairy products mentioned above come in non-fat or reduced fat variety. You can still enjoy the tastes of the dairy products you love, without the added fat.

Fruit Juice Lovers Beware!
You’d think that fruit juice would be good for you, but again, it’s not. Concentrated fruit juices contain a lot of sugar. In fact, they contain almost as much sugar as a soda!

You can avoid fruit juices in a can or bottle and choose to either make your own freshly squeezed fruit juice, which would contain a lot less sugar, or you could choose a healthier alternative like water. Water helps flush your system and is crucial to weight loss. You should be consuming at least 8 glasses of water per day, but more is even better.

Potatoes contain huge amounts of carbohydrates and eating too many of them can certainly contribute to weight gain. Not only are they high in starch and carbohydrates, but as soon as you eat them, the starch is converted into sugar, which means your blood sugar spikes.

If you like potatoes, it’s okay to eat a small helping of them with your meal, but you’d be wise to limit your consumption of them as much as possible. Green and coloured vegetables are a healthier alternative.

Avoid the above mentioned foods in order to boost your chances of achieving your weight goals. Beware of foods that are touted as being good for you, but aren’t. It’s also important to read the labels on packaged foods and make the healthiest choice possible.

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