Now Eat This! Diet Review by Rocco DiSpirito

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For many of us, the hardest thing about losing weight is swearing off our favorite foods. I know that I personally recoil at the very thought of giving up French fries or snicker-doodle cookies -- the horror! However, celebrity cook Rocco DiSpirito’s new Now Eat This!

Diet offers an alternative to giving up our favorite foods. In Now Eat This!, DiSpirito offers alternate versions of some high calorie, high fat American favorites. Instead of giving up these treasured foods, is it possible that we can simply revise the recipes?

How Does Now Eat This! Diet Work?

We all know that eating whole, natural, low fat foods is an important step in achieving real, lasting weight loss. So what’s stopping us from doing so? Most Americans continue to eat high fat, heavily processed diets, even after they have this dietary revelation.

DiSpirito believes that offering convenient healthy alternatives to our favorite foods may just be the missing link in achieving lasting weight loss and good health. By revising our current lifestyle to include healthier meals rather than making a massive shift to adopt an entirely new way of eating, we may be more likely to stick with the program and actually drop some pounds for good!

Does Now Eat This! Diet Really Deliver?

In the video below, the author of Now Eat This! Diet Rocco DiSpirito himself very articulately explains why his weight loss diet does actually deliver . With a full day's worth of food in his display he exemplifies with the best way why his recipes are not only low-fat and low-calory but they are also very delicious.

Now Eat This! Diet offers a tempting promise of healthy weight loss. Readers like Mar loved the simple recipes, great photos, and ability to continue eating her favorite foods. In fact, many of the recipes featured in Now Eat This! are lower calorie versions of comfort foods such as fried chicken and desserts like brownies.

Many readers reported weight loss as a result of following the recipes shared in Now Eat This!; not the immediate kind so often touted by fad diet programs, but the long term, sustainable kind of weight loss that many of us are so desperately seeking.

Will It Help Me Lose Weight?

If you enjoy cooking or are interested in cooking more often, Now Eat This! has the potential to become a major weapon in your weight loss arsenal. Most users found Now Eat This! Diet helpful and easy to use. If you're looking for a magic bullet, this book has some great diet tips but might not set you into super-fast weight loss mode as much as some other (more extreme) diets.

Pros and Cons


  • Recipes are generally easy to follow and well illustrated with great photography.
  • Alternative recipes for high calorie, high fat favorites are included.
  • Author Rocco DiSpirito is a highly respected celebrity cook known to be an expert on healthy cooking.


  • Some ingredients may be unfamiliar to readers.
  • Some ingredients may be difficult for readers to locate, or expensive.
  • The recipes included must be used in the context of a complete weight loss and dietary plan and are not intended as a standalone method for weight loss, unlike the recipes and meal plans included in some cookbooks.

Problems and Complaints

My research found that the overwhelming majority of readers of Now Eat This! Diet regarded the recipes contained to be easy to follow and healthy. Readers who disliked the book were rare, but those that did generally offered similar complaints.

Readers like TJ Johnson were discouraged by the recommended daily limit of 1200 calories, finding it difficult to squeeze a day’s worth of meals into this limitation.

Perhaps more problematic, some readers complained that almost every recipe includes ingredients not commonly stocked by your average home cook – Jody Buktenica, disappointed in DiSpirito, notes that artificial sweeteners and egg replacements are “not ingredients worthy of a chef's kitchen.

Is Now Eat This! Diet Better Than Other Weight Loss Books?

Now Eat This! Diet would be an ideal choice of cookbook for those who love to cook or eat at home. For frequent cooks already familiar with low calorie recipes, many of the ingredients and techniques will already be familiar, making following these basic recipes a snap.

For those less acquainted with the world of natural, healthy cooking, a learning curve will be present. A similar learning curve awaits beginner cooks, but if any of these descriptions sound like you, you have much to gain from the recipes contained in Now Eat This!

How Does Now Eat This! Diet Rate Overall?

Reviewers gave the Now Eat This! Diet by Rocco DiSpirito an impressive 4 star rating out of 5 possible stars on Amazon. Reviews were almost uniformly favorable, thanks in large part to the colorful photos, simple layout and great recipes. The book’s primary drawback is a propensity for ingredients that may be tough for some readers to locate or expensive.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for Now Eat This! Diet?

Now Eat This! Diet is currently in stock and you can buy it at a 60% discount on Amazon is currently offering Super Saver Shipping on this item with orders over $25. You can read more reviews here.

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