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Nutrisystem is a popular diet that has helped millions of people lose weight.  Even celebrities are singing its praises.  You may have seen the television commercials featuring Marie Osmond, who lost over 40 pounds with Nutrisystem.

Ranked by Forbes as the first on the list of 200 best small companies, Nutrisystem was once a brick and mortar business.  Now it’s strictly an online company.  It’s all about convenience and the program is based on pre- packaged meals you order from their website.  If you’re a person on the go who needs a ready-made calorie and portion controlled diet plan, Nutrisystem is an excellent choice.

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How The Nutrisystem Plan Works

It’s really very simple.  There is absolutely no calorie counting, carbs to manage, points to keep up with or centers to visit.  All you do is choose the plan that’s right for you and select your food from a huge variety of menu items. Within days your food will be delivered to your door.  You’ll need to add fruits, vegetables, salads, and dairy items to nutritionally round out the meals.

Why The Nutrisystem Plan Works

Based on the glycemic index, this diet plan focuses on the effect carbohydrates have on your blood sugar levels.  Low glycemic foods don’t cause a huge spike in your blood sugar after a meal. Each menu selection contains good carbohydrates that are naturally low glycemic as well as sufficient protein to help keep you feeling satisfied. This makes losing weight much more manageable.

The Nutrisytem plan has a diet plan that’s suitable for just about anyone.  If you’re a vegetarian, diabetic, a senior, or if you have no dietary restrictions at all, there are plans for you to follow. 

A Variety of Healthy Foods

One of the many benefits of the Nutrisystem plan is that you can choose from 120 delicious, perfected portioned meals and snacks.  The meals contain no aspartamine, no MSG, and no preservatives in 2/3 of the food choices.  They even have an Advanced Plan for heart healthy meals.  These meals contain omega-3 fatty acids, low cholesterol, and no trans fats to help promote a healthy heart.  

Nutrisystem is a safe choice for diabetics as well. The NutriSystem D program was created for the millions of Americans diagnosed with diabetes as well as for those who are high risk for developing the disease.  According to one study, patients following the Nutrisystem D program lost significantly more weight than those adhering to hospital directed diets – in some cases, as much as 16 times more. 

Free Weight Loss Counseling

The Nutrisystem plan allows FREE membership with access to online tools and community support to help you get – and stay – motivated and inspired. In addition, you’ll also get a free exercise DVD and Mindset make over.  The number one goal of this counseling is to enable you to change your lifestyle and behavior so you’ll see lifelong results.  A free diet analysis will also help you make these changes.

Is Nutrisystem Affordable?

Not only did Forbes find Nutrisystem to be first on the list of 200 best companies, they also ranked it as the lowest priced popular weight loss program – sometimes hundreds of dollars cheaper than other popular programs, such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers.

The price depends on the plan you choose, but on average, if you get auto delivery you can expect to pay as low as $8 per day. One fantastic benefit of auto delivery is that you get a 40% discount. With economic times being the way they are this promotional discount is a huge savings bonus.

It costs nothing to sign up, no membership fees, or long-term contracts.


Though Nutrisystem is certainly convenient, some people complain about the taste.  Shelved food like the Nutrisystem meals aren’t as fresh as frozen food, though many people find the meals to be very tasty. 

As with any diet program, you do have to be committed to healthy living.  Nutrisystem can be a great jump-start, but in the long run you have to develop smart eating habits and exercise regularly. Nutrisystem's coaching system can help you a lot with that. Take the first step and get a Jump Start on your weight loss!

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