Omron Full Body Fat Sensor and Body Composition Monitor Review

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Dieting is hardly ever easy, and I’ve found that losing weight after a certain point can really be hard. I was surprised to learn that a lot of the time, instead of losing body fat when on a diet, you can actually be losing muscle tissue. This is of course something you don’t want to lose.

Unless you get to a doctor or a gym, though, it may be hard to tell whether you are still losing fat or have begun to lose muscle. I think this is where the Omron Full Body Sensor can really help. It is simple to use and will give you all the information you need to keep track of the composition of your body.

How Does The Omron Full Body Sensor Work?

The Omron Full Body Sensor works by having you stand on the scale part of the device, and hold the hand sensor unit out in front of you. The Omron will then send a signal along your arms and through your body to detect the composition of your body.

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Because the signal travels easily through water based tissue, but not through fat, it can give you readings to let you know the amount of body fat, skeletal muscle, BMI, visceral fat (the fat inside your body, around your organs) you have.

It will also tell you your weight, body age, and metabolism rate. This can help you keep an accurate track of exactly how your body is responding to diet and exercise, and let you make adjustments to either if necessary.

What Others Are Saying – Does The Omron Full Body Sensor Really Deliver?

Many people who diet eventually hit a brick wall – they reach a point where they just can’t seem to lose more weight, even if they cut back more on their food consumption. The Omron Scale has the ability to distinguish between muscle tissue and fat and can help to prevent the loss from the former.

Heather Nesic had that problem – low calorie intake with no weight loss – until she started using the Omron Scale. Heather now only checks her statistics once a week and can tweak her diet if necessary; she says, “I am better able to lose fat now.”

The Omron Full Body Sensor has really helped D-BO keep track of his weight loss and muscle gain. He reports that

“I have been eating right and exercising regularly and the measurements this devise have given reflect the progress I have made.”

The scale was found to be reliable and using it has enabled this user to buy smaller size clothes regularly.

The problem with dieting too extremely is that a point may be reached where you are simply not taking in enough calories to keep your body going. The resting metabolism reading that the Omron Full Body Sensor gives is a real help in this respect.

Joanne Striegler “Jody” saw some real results from her exercise program and says because it does measure resting metabolism and the needed caloric intake you know that “when you see that value go up it's telling you that you are doing a good job exercising.”

How Will The Omron Full Body Sensor Help Me Lose Weight?

The Omron Full Body Sensor Body Fat And Body Composition Monitor can really make a difference in your fitness program. Combining dieting with exercise is a great idea to lose weight, but if you reach a plateau, weight loss will stop and lethargy may set in. This is because often too few calories are being eaten to maintain regular bodily functions.

By keeping track of exactly how much muscle tissue, body fat, and visceral fat are present, you will be able to see just how much further you have to go. Omron also measures your resting metabolism and will tell you just how many calories you need to take in each day. If you fall below this level, this is when muscle tissue will begin to be ‘eaten’ by your body just to keep going.

Pros and Cons


  • Measures body composition and metabolism.
  • Good accuracy in most cases.
  • Can monitor four individuals.
  • Easy to use once the manual has been read.
  • Unit is attractive and affordable.


  • Not for use by serious athletes or body builders.
  • Cannot be used with body implants (pacemakers, artificial joints).
  • Some complaints about fat monitor.
  • A few problems with readings accuracy.

Is The Omron Full Body Sensor Better Than Other Body Sensors?

The Omron Sensor seems to stack up well compared to other body sensor/scales. The Omron worked in much the same fashion as the Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale and was easier to use than the Tanita Body Composition Monitor. The Omron differed, too, in being the only scale that used a hand monitor in addition to the sensors for the feet. Programming the Omron Full Body Sensor seemed to present no problems, either.

How Does The Omron Full Body Sensor Body Fat Monitor Rate Overall?

Judging from the mostly positive reviews on Amazon, the Omron Monitor rates very well. It received 4 out of 5 stars. It was found to be good not only for weight loss, but also for monitoring some health problems because of its ability to compute visceral fat, which is linked to cardiac and other problems. The biggest complaint seemed to be about the accuracy of the readings given by the fat monitor to very athletic users.

If you find out that your diet is stalling and you just can’t seem to lose more weight, understanding the levels of fat and water in your body, and how effectively your metabolism is working can help you to get your weight loss program back on track.

The Omron Full Body Sensor Fat Monitor can give you valuable information about how your body is functioning and allow you to adjust your exercise and diet plan. Additionally, many people with health problems such as diabetes or cardiac issues find that being able to monitor their visceral fat levels has improved their health with an alteration in diet or medication.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews About The Omron Full Body Sensor?

At present, the Omron Full Body Sensor is being offered at a considerable saving off the regular price. Free Super Saver Shipping is available for the Omron Monitor, too. Besides the reviews mentioned above, there are more to be read and can give you an even better idea of how this monitor works. Read more reviews, here.

Good afternoon, Just bought

Good afternoon,

Just bought an OMRON scale model HBF 514.

Im well trained, last years focused in triathlon and bodybuilding, plus now aiming in trail running and trekking experiences.

Last time i measured my BF was around 8% with calippers consistently.

Understanding impedance is not the most accurate method, this scale said im around 16-17% BF.

Im 36 and the scale said my Body Age is around 50.

Plus the visceral fat provided ranged from 4 to 9 in measurements done within minutes from each other.

I read in another website that for well trained people the equations used by this scales may provide non accurate measurements and that Omron was realising new models aimed at people with more trained bodies, so to be more accurate and provide more comprehensive measurements and information.

If so, can you please advise which models are better for us?

Thanks very much.

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