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Many people assume that getting into shape, and developing some real muscles can only be done by buying expensive exercise machines or by paying hefty gym fees. Nothing could be further from the truth, as "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Performance Straps" can help you get the abs you want, and build your strength for a reasonable cost.

You’ll be able to do leg lifts and crunches right in your own home, when you want. The "Perfect Pullup Straps" also seem to help those who might be experiencing back problems to exercise and build strength without harming the back further – none of your weight is borne by your back, the rest of your body is doing the work.

How Do "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Straps" Work?

In the video below you can watch the way that the "Perfect Pullup AB Straps" work. In this video an instructor shows how these "AB Straps" help you in multiple ways to exercise all four sets of abdominals. The description also emphasizes the benefits of these "AB Straps" as they do not put any strain on your back or on your neck.

These straps need to be installed on a pullup bar, which is not included with this item and must be purchased separately. Once the straps are fastened to the bar, you will simply put your arms through them and use them for off-the-floor crunches and leg lifts.

These exercises will help to strengthen your abdominal muscles and give you a great ‘ripped’ appearance where you want it. The padded straps let you do all the exercises you need to comfortably; this is important because if something is uncomfortable or difficult to use, it simply won’t be used at all. The fabric from which the straps is made will give you years of carefree use, too.

What Are Others Saying – Do "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Straps" Really Deliver?

Getting his abs and body in shape fast was important to A. Alfaro “maguita74”, and he found that these straps really did the trick. He says, “I love the product…When use properly, gives results pretty fast.” While this man did say he had some trouble learning how to use the straps, once that was accomplished, he was satisfied.

Even heavier men can benefit from the "Perfect Pullup Straps", as David A. Tiangco found out. Although David weighs more than 200 pounds, he says of the straps, “they support me just fine.” This purchaser found also that using the straps has helped with his back problems, as the alignment of the spine is corrected.

Michael D. Edwards had been trying for 14 years to get his lower abdominal muscles toned, but it wasn’t until he started using the "Perfect Pullup Straps" that he finally saw results. He takes them right to his gym to use then and says, “I would recommend the Perfect pullup straps to anyone who wants to tone their mid-section.”

Getting ripped, sculpted abs seemed impossible for amazonia until he tried these straps. This gentleman found the exercises easy to do and states, “They really make it easy to keep good form. Each leg lift really burned the abs.” He finally found something that make his crunches productive.

How Easy Will It Be For Me To Work Out With The "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Straps"?

Most of the people who have purchased these straps have found that they are easy to use. You will need a pull up bar of some kind to install them in a doorway, however, and this will have to be purchased separately.

Depending on your height, it may be hard to do some of the exercises, but even tall men have been able to work around this without much trouble. One person used porch swing hooks to hang the straps on his porch, which gives him more leg room.

Pros and Cons


  • These straps allow you to exercise in your own home, or use in your gym if you wish.
  • "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Straps" are durable and will last for years.
  • The straps help you to develop a real set of abs quickly.
  • Some people have reported benefits to their backs from using the straps.
  • Low cost means that they are accessible to everyone.


  • One person has a latex allergy which showed up when he used the straps (padding the straps with a towel solved this problem).
  • The carabineers were not included in one set of straps.
  • Several people complained about swinging when using the straps.

Problems and Complaints

As the "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Straps" do not provide any kind of rear support, several people complained that they were swinging during the exercises. It is thought that swinging while using these straps reduces the effectiveness of the exercises.

Another complaint that arose was about the padding in the straps; some people just did not feel that it was adequate, and using the straps was uncomfortable.

Are "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Straps" Better Than Ab Straps for the Iron Gym Workout Bar?

Comparing the reviews for both products, I would have to say that the "Perfect Pullup Straps" have the edge over the "AB Straps".

While the "AB Straps" will save you a few dollars, the fact that there is no padding on them, and that the stitching has a tendency to come apart will make the "Perfect Pullup Straps" the smarter purchase.

How Do "Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Performance Straps" Rate Overall?

This product was generally favorably received by those who bought it. "Perfect Pullup Straps" received a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, so if you are looking for a low cost, but high quality piece of exercise equipment, this may be exactly what you need.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for "Perfect Pullup Straps"?

When you are ready to buy your "Perfect Pullup Straps", there is no easier and more convenient way to do so in This item is in stock and you can buy this product at a great price. When you combine this product with other eligible items, you will also be able to get free Super Saver Shipping. There is no better place than Amazon to find information about this product. You can read more reviews here.

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