Review of USP Labs OxyELITE Pro 90 Caps Super Thermogenic

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OxyELITE Pro offers a power-packed fat burning formula by USP Labs, only recommended for healthy adults. USP Labs has come up with the perfect formula for the administration of plant extracts, caffeine and other proven fat-burning elements, to attack blubber like never before. And since it is very potent, users are advised to get a green signal from their physicians before inducing an OxyELITE regimen.

How is OxyELITE packaged and administered?

OxyELITE comes packed in bottles of 90 capsules. The dosage is one capsule everyday. These are small and easy to swallow.

What are the basic ingredients?

USP Labs declare they have used the following ingredients in their therapeutic-best quantities: Proprietary Blend, Bauhinia Purpurea L (Leaf and Pod), Cirsium Oligophyllum (Whole Plant Extract) Rauwolscine, (Rauvolfia Canescens L Leaf and Root), Caffeine, Gelatin, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, Blue #1, Modified Starch, Red #3, Red #40, and Magnesium Stearate (hypromellose, Titanium Dioxide, Coconut Oil, Carmine).

How does it work?

It attacks body fat in three very distinct ways: It suppresses appetite, releases a lot of energy in your body, and increases your basal metabolic rate.

How successful is it in suppressing appetite?

A reviewer on Amazon claims to have been able to cut down meal sizes to half since she started using OxyELITE. Some other users suggest that even after workouts, they are content with a glass of protein shake for lunch. Kristoffer Lansangan, another OxyELITE user, jokes by saying that the product makes you feel full even after eating just a banana!

How is it rated in terms of raising energy levels?

Most users have felt a sudden surge in their energy levels. Some even say that it takes them through the roof, which is great because that translates into amazing workout sessions. Terrance, a married man, claims that it attacks “trouble” areas in the body, like no other fat burner on the shelves out there. His wife keeps checking him out now!

Any incidences of improved Basal Metabolic Rates?

Now this is a hard one to ascertain but if the response is to be interpreted, the verdict is positive. People who’ve been using OxyELITE seem to feel their body heat cranked up even while sitting in an air-conditioned room. But of course, fitness experts strongly suggest maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle – regular cardio – for maximum results.

What are the side-effects?

No serious side-effects have been reported by people using OxyELITE. There is, however, an instance or two of people finding it harder to sleep early at night. Owing to the caffeine content in the capsules, it is advisable to stick to the recommended daily intake. Seasoned cardio enthusiasts will usually take higher doses.

No dizzying or heart palpitations - side effects commonly associated with quite a few other fat burning formulas - have been reported thus far.

Any Contra-Indications?

OxyELITE is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding. Individuals suffering from any kinds of illnesses such as blood pressure, kidney complications, and heart and liver diseases, should absolutely avoid using this or any other fat-burners. OxyELITE (especially) being a highly potent and powerful recipe, is suitable only to the healthiest and fittest.

Best Price

You can find a good deal on Amazon. It will save you a few dollars.

IDont seem to loose any weight

Hi guys i been takin oxypro lite and the first week I lost 4 pounds I was really happy but now I been takin it 3 weeks and last week I only lost a pound and this week I didn’t loose anything and I been going to the gym 5 times a week and I be eating healthy and I still don’t realize why am not loosing any weight can anyone help me? Please

Oxyelite pro contains Bug powder

Hi , to all of you taking OEP , please read the ingredients carefully !!! It contains Red40 and what is that it is Cohineal Bug powder ! Yes Bug. This kind of powder is used as coloring agent and it is added to many food products , drinks , dairy products and even make up ! Please check your labels carefully and be aware of what you are feeding yourself and your kids. It comes under many names which you should know Cochineal , Red 40 ,
E 120 , Carmine. Please guys check it out and see how the bug looks like on u tube.


Good Morning All

I started oxyelite PRO yesterday i took the pill at around 10 AM i was feeling ok all day, yet at night i felt numbness in my had only. i have no idea if its a regular issue or if i am getting used to the supplement but thank you all for the review. have a nice day

I was taking OEP for a few

I was taking OEP for a few months and have had no such side effects as the ones listed above... no slow urine, no weird dreams(I haven't had a dream in quite a long time), no skin conditions, and no withdrawals from not taking them... I believe its all based on the person and their medical/family history... I would suggest seeing a physician before taking OEP to see if you may have a sensitivity to the supplement... It may be that im only 22 but I doubt it

always tired??

I haved been trying to lose weight, so I went into GNC and asked for something to help me with energy and to up my metabolism. They recommended oxelite pro...but my energy level hasn't improved I am on the 4th I doing something wronh?

I took OEP for about 10 days.

I took OEP for about 10 days. Could not sleep, great energy and weight loss yes. I experienced EXTEREME anxiety along with racing heart and went to the emergency room because of it. Once stopping OEP, I also experienced really bad withdrawl symtpoms including some anxiety, nausea. DO NOT TAKE THIS PILL -- WEIGHT LOSS NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE!

I took this pill for two

I took this pill for two days. I took one at 6 am and could not sleep for two days. I am very sensitive to pills, but that was ridiculous. I sweated like crazy, my heart raced, I was very very very very hyper. I think it messed up my hormonse because I got cysts all over my chin, big ones, that hurt. I still have huge bullet hole marks from them that my dermatologist said will probably take 6 months to completely clear. I never got them before. More and more kept coming. It could've been fromt he stress of no sleep and running around and not wanting to eat too. I've lost weight once I got off of the pills and started eating every two to three hours (small means) and working out. The spring weather is an inspiration as well as the pain I endured from this pill and the realization that doing things the healthy way is better :).

I started taking it

I started taking it yesterday. I was tired ALL the time no matter what vitamins I took. I was eating way too much sugar and drinking a lot of caffeine. I had to take naps every day and was missing out on life. While I don't like feeling my heart beating and the sweating, I like the appetite suppression and energy. I'd like to be able to break the pill in half but its a capsule. I take one a day on an empty stomach at about 6am. Last night I fell asleep at about 10:30 pm, then woke up at 1am and read for an hour with out getting sleepy. I had nightmares all night and was very restless. I tend to have nightmares anyways so I don't know if it caused it. I hope bad stuff doesn't come out about this stuff because I really need it to lose weight. I am about 180 5'6" female 28 years old and muscular. I'd like to get down to 155, nothing ridiculous. Let me know if anyone has any ideas about getting a smaller dose.

USP Labs Oxyelite Pro - Potential Side Effects???

I started taking OEP approximately 4 weeks ago. I started with the intended dosage recommendation and then increased the dosage as directed. I have had great sucess with the weight loss and energy and had experienced absolutely no side effects for the first 4 weeks. I am now taking two in the am prior to breakfast and dont feel a need for an addtional later in the day. I have however started experiencing what I fear may be sudden side effects for some reason.

I am now feeling some anxiety, feel hot(Temperature), cant sleep and am having extreamly vivid and disturbing dreams.

I was a heavy coffee drinker however have cut back to one small cup in the am prior to the two pill dose so I am convinced it is not a caffine problem. I am drinking 4 to 5 liters of water per day so its not a dehydration problem. I am eating a meal replacement protein shke for breakfast, bananna mid morning, 1 grilled chicken breast and 25 grapes for lunch, a bananna mid afternoon and a healthy dinner prior to work out which I use USP Labs Jack3d for.

I have had now problems in the past and am wondering if anyone else has had similer problems. It is just weird in the fact that I would think if I was going to have problems with it, it would have been upon introduction and not after 4 weeks of great results.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I took this product for one

I took this product for one week, one pill a day at 11 a.m. and I had the worst week of sleep of my entire life. Disjointed, vivid dreams, difficulty falling back asleep, woke up several times each night, etc. By the end of the week, I too was feeling anxiety and felt like I had cobwebs all over my skin. I stopped them and the effects went away. I think there is more in this than the company is disclosing.

Jack3d and Oxyelite

I have found that when I was stacking OxyElite and Jack3d I would have issues of anxiety and depression. I didn't have the sleep or dreaming issues but emotionally the combination did screw me up after a while. The USPS website has a post that states that you shouldn't stack Jack3d and OxyElite: Hope that helps.

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Thank You for the Link

Thank you for sharing the link that will give  us more info on the combination of Jack3d and OxyElite.


I experienced the slow urine stream this afternoon and I began taking the supplemnent this morning I began to get concerned so I went online to research it and found out everyone who has taking this supplement is experiencing the same thing I feel better.

Low Urine Flow Side Effect

I am 37yo, 5'7" and 165lbs. I have been taking OEP for about a month but noticed immediately the side effect of low urine flow. If I don't take OEP for the day, my urine flow is fine. I'm not sure what ingredient in the cause, but it is definitely the OEP that is causing it (OEP is the ONLY supplement I take and I have no prescription meds). It is a bit disconcerting, however I'm coming up on my "4 week break" from OEP and looking forward to a "regular stream".

The one good thing about low flow (if you can call it that), is that I know OEP is doing SOMETHING. I have lost 11 lbs since starting it.

Oxyelite Urine Side Effect

Day 3, following the recommended dosage and i just noticed this morning that i also have a very slow urine stream.When i think i'm done i'm really not.Thinking about stopping to see if its the pills or not. Besides that the pill is great. Awareness,sweating, and body heat is what i'm experiencing.

Slow urine?

I've been experiencing slow urine flow for 4 days now after using Oxyelite pro for a week, was everyone ok afterwards? and how long did it take to recover?

I had to leave work and goto

I had to leave work and goto a doctor because I felt dizzy, numbness in my hands and feet, and heart palpitations: symptoms of a heart attack. This has happened to someone else I know as well. Careful with this stuff, it will probably be banned soon.

What did the doctor say


I did not see where you reported what the doctor said about the supplement.

USPlabs OxyELITE Pro

I read your review, where you ok? I took it for 2 days and felt a lot like you did but it also sounds a little like anxiety? what was the out come? Hope everything turned out ok!

OxyElite Pro

I have been taking this product for about 7 days now and noticed immediately a reduced urine stream and sleepless nights. I am up right now because I can not go to sleep. It's 2:49 am central time. The store where I bought it said to cut back on the dosage until I get used to it. I take two before breakfast early morning, on an empty stomach. Usually around 6 or 7 am.....I do not take more throughout the day. I am considering not taking it anymore because I need my sleep.......

I am 42, 206 lbs, active in the gym 5 days a week, good shape except around mid-section.....I bench 265lbs to give you an idea of what kind of shape I am in.......What do you suggest???? Is this product for me????

Slowed Urine Stream

I have been taking OEP for 2 days now and have also experience a very slow urine stream while taking the supplement. I will continue to take it for one week and then stop to see if it is indeed related but I notices this side affect immediately.



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Oxyelite Urine Side Effect

Hi Handley,

I did some research but did not find any other people experiencing this symptom you mentioned. If you find some relevant info, let us know.

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