Review of Weighted Sports Hula Hoop For Weight Loss

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The Sports Hoop company have designed this range of hula hoops which can be loaded to different weights and are designed to help you lose weight by working out to music, DVD’s or specific Hula Hoop workouts. The makers advertise each weight of Sports Hula Hoop for a different body weight range of user. For example, the 3lb Hula Hoop is designed for users weighing 100-160lbs.

Sports Hoop claim that this product can:

  • Trim up to two inches from your waist, and
  • Help you lose up to 4lbs every month

This Hula Hoop is designed with padded foam inserts around the hoop itself which not only keep it soft and comfortable, but the non-slip aspect of the foam means that it stays where is should - around your waist - thereby making it easier to play.

Is Hula Hooping Good Exercise?

Hula Hooping has been around for years. Although it was best known as a children’s game, more recently adults have jumped on the toy as an effective exercise tool, and across the USA exercise classes are springing up with Hula Hooping firmly on the agenda.

Mrs. Trinity wrote an online review on Amazon in favor of this exercise hoop and stated:

"It's good exercise picking up the hoop while practicing"

while Ms. Renate Van Eeuwan added in her review:

"As an X-aerobics instructor, I appreciate this fun way to exercise my core while watching TV for just 5 minutes at a time; 2 times per day for 3 days per week. Trust me it's worth it."

Do You Have To Be Good At Hula Hooping?

Hula Hooping is an art form learnt in the school playground. It’s either something you can do, or something you have to try really hard to learn. Ms. Renate Van Eeuwan summed this up by saying:

"Understand firstly that NOT EVERYONE is a natural hula - hooper. Be patient and stick with it - you will be proud of yourself when you get it.’ Ms. J. Baumgartner agreed and wrote in her review ‘As far as performance, it's a little difficult to pick up the swinging around after not using a hula hoop for years but you do eventually find the right stance and speed."

Does Hula Hoop Work for Weight Loss?

The purpose behind the Hula Hoops is to trim and tone your waistline, and reviewers on Amazon have reported seeing a difference in lbs and inches by using this product. Susie commented in her review

"The whole hooping experience has been great fun and we're seeing results in our waistlines"

while Ms. Renate Van Eeuwan stated:

"My massage therapist told me that my middle back has never looked so good; a part of the body I of course don't see."

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

Users have reported losing a varied amount of weight using the weighted sports Hula Hoop. Ms. Trinity commented in her review:

"I lost 5 lbs in one week and hoop for 10 minutes every night"

while Mr. Krose added in his review

"It works! Just the hula alone I lost 1 inch in my abdomen, and around my waist in a month and a half. The hula obliterated my love handles!"

Interestingly, not one review writer complained of not losing any weight at all.

How To Use A Weigthed Hula Hoop


Problems and Complaints

The pads around the hoop are designed for user comfort but some users have reported that they have experienced bruising after using it for the first time. One Amazon reviewer stated :

"I kept at it, even getting some pretty bad bruises for a while. I had to stop for a week when I went on a business trip (it was too awkward to pack or explain to my colleagues). But when I got back... magic! The bruises were healed and I found my hula groove."

Lucy Nelson added in her review:

"The website of the manufacturer states that this product might cause pain and bruising when you first start to use it, but that if you limit your use to just a few minutes for a few weeks it will go away."

Is The Sports Hula Value For Money?

The construction of this product is designed to come packed in sections in a box, leaving the purchaser to build the hoop before use, but this design appears to have caused problems for some people.

Mrs. G Davis commented that:

"The hoop would be great if it didn't take 3 people to put the darn thing together...still sitting there unused…"

and Ms. J. Baumgartner agreed when she wrote:

"I believe it was manufactured very poorly, some pieces don’t stay connected, and one piece that connected the end to the beginning didn’t even stay locked in place, so it fell apart! The only way I got to experience the product I bought for that kind of money was with duct tape!"


The Weighted Sports Hula Hoop may help you lose inches from your midsection. After your first session, you will probably feel sore. But that's a good indication you have worked your abdominal muscles and obliques.

Sports hoops are a great tool

Sports hoops are a great tool to work out if used correctly. As a beginner is recommended to use it only for a couple of minutes a day to avoid bruises. Let's say 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening. You can gradually build this up in time. For more information about sports hoops, i would like to introduce our website

Really have enjoyed this.

Really have enjoyed this. Finally can exercise enjoying it.

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This is my first time using a hula hoop for exercise and i was so looking forward to it! The first evening of using the hula hoop i was having a little discomfort but carried on using it for 20min. Next day to my suprise was very large bruises on my waist and lower back! I have a 27" waist and built the hoop up all 8 section's could it be to big for me or have i just got delicate skin. It's just aswell my partner was away at the time ha! has anyone else experienced any extreme bruising?


When you first start hooping you should only do a few minutes to 5 minutes initially the first week next week a little longer. You should build up to prevent bruising. It is great for trimming an weightloss. I have had great results myself and offer the hooping as part of my extended weightloss class. You should never do more than 20 minutes at one time on the hoop. You can stretch an other things with the hoop to get in a 30 minute work-out.



just bought this product and love it have to wait to see results but can definitely feel my abs getting a work out thanks

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