Review: Skechers Women's Shape Ups Kinetix Response Fashion Sneaker

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The weight loss and fitness industry has greatly changed over the years and evolved into something high tech and more effective than it has ever been. Skechers has created a line of shoes called Shape Ups Kinetex and they are meant to increase your fitness efforts, whether you’re walking or running while wearing them.

It’s their unique design that allows you to get more out of your nightly walk without putting forth any more effort on your part.

How Can Skechers Women’s Shape Ups Help You?

Shape Ups Kinetix were designed to help you get the most out of your workout without having to increase your workout time or intensity. It’s the unique curved sole that is meant to call on different muscles within your legs and buttocks to simply walk and this is where the toning comes into play. Wearing these shoes on a regular basis is comparable to working out in soft sand.

You will be working your thighs and buttocks and even have the capability of improving your posture. Shape Ups can also greatly increase calories burned during your workout which is the key to their success.

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What Are Others Saying-Do Skechers Women’s Shape Ups Kinetix Really Deliver?

There are many different companies creating toning shoes but overall, consumers are happy with Skechers Women’s Shape Ups Kinetix. This version of the Shape Ups is not quite as unattractive as the original Shape Ups and this is a major selling point for women today. sketchers lover!!! is an Amazon reviewer who writes, “Sketchers may not be the most attractive of the toning shoes but they are def the best!!”

These shoes fit a bit tighter than your regular running shoes and getting the right size can make all the difference in your performance. Your legs and buttocks will be the first to see and feel the difference.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Think of these shoes as a tool to help you further your fitness levels and increase your calorie burning abilities. There is no way to confirm exactly how much weight can be lost using these shoes but reviewe

It may take some getting used to but once you are comfortable in your shoes and wearing them on a regular, consistent basis you will begin to feel muscles working that don’t normally work when you walk or run. This is a sign the Shape Ups Kinetix are working and your burning more calories than you normally would.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordability
  • Attractive to the eye
  • Work different muscle groups to enhance calories burned


  • The sizes run small so be aware you will not be your normal shoe size
  • Can take some time to get used to

Problems and Complaints

The only problem associated with the Shape Ups Kinetix is that they run very small. When you purchase them through Amazon you can’t exchange them for another size this has to be done through Skechers directly. This can be an inconvenience if you aren’t aware of this size issue ahead of time. Reviewers are saying a ½ size larger is necessary for a perfect fit.

Can I Wear These Everywhere or Just for Working Out?

The great thing about the Skechers Shape Up Kinetixs is that they can be worn every day and all day without any harm caused to your feet or muscles. You will get much more out of this product if you choose to wear them as your everyday pair of running shoes.

They are said to be extremely comfortable and therefore should definitely be worn as much as possible to burn calories even when you don’t think you’re working out.

How Do Skechers Shape Up Kinetixs Rate Overall?

Overall I have given this product 5 out of 5 stars. The majority of the consumer reviews were positive and the only negative aspect about the shoes is that they tend to run small and this is not a product defect just a note to be aware of during purchase. I believe if you’re looking to lose weight there is no better way to do so than every time you put on your running shoes.

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