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Vigorous Exercise is the Answer for a Longer and Healthier life

Sustained physical activity with vigorous intensity can add years to your life and significantly improve the quality in the latter stages of aging, according to the latest results of a long term study into more than 12,000 elderly Western Australian men.

In the study, published by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the University of Western Australia researchers found that 150 minutes of vigorous exercise per week added 2-3 years to the lives of the men who remained physically active through the duration of the 13 year study.  Vigorous exercise was defined as any physical activity that caused them to huff and puff.  Physical activity, survival, and functional status were assessed at the initial recruitment, a follow up period, and at the study exit.  

Triple jump

The physically active men demonstrated less depression, more functional independence (e.g. drive, pay their own bills), and less memory loss as opposed to their sedentary counterparts. The study concluded that when safe and feasible, vigorous physical activity promoted healthy aging and longevity. Exercise prevents many of the health problems that come with age.

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Fight Teenage Anxiety with Healthy Fats

teenage anxietyOlder adults may tend to disagree, but teenagers today are under a great deal of pressure. College admission requirements continue to increase, along with the cost of tuition. State-mandated school tests are also on the rise, as are educational requirements. Teenagers engaged in school activities find themselves in very competitive situations, and often outside help in the form of lessons, extra practices and tutors is required to keep pace. There are also the social pressures of just trying to fit in. All of these stressors can leave teenagers feeling overwhelmed and result in high anxiety and nervousness.

Recent studies, however, indicate that at least part of teenage angst can be blamed on diets lacking in Omega-3.

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A Big Breakfast Results in More Weight Loss Than a Big Lunch, Study Finds

The old adage—breakfast like a king, lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper—wasn’t popular without a reason. We now have researches to prove it true. A hearty breakfast comes with a host of health benefits. The ones who are aspiring to lose weight should pay special attention, as a breakfast sufficiently rich in carbohydrates and fats has been especially favourably associated with weight loss. Other than weight loss, a good breakfast helps you balance your overall health, be more productive throughout the day, and stay in a happier mood than if you have a skimpy first meal of the day.

Why Breakfast is Important

It is commonly accepted that diet, rather than physical activity, has the major impact in a weight loss program. Losing weight is only worth it if done in the right way and without compromising on the other dimensions of our health. However, it seems that is not only WHAT we eat but WHEN we eat too that affects the metabolism of the body. A detailed research in the area has been done by a researcher at Tel Aviv University.

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Lose Weight At Home In Just 10 Minutes A Day (New Study)

One of the worst things about exercise is you just can't make time for it. If you don't have the right equipment and space to lose weight at home, you have to go to the gym.

Let’s say you work out for an hour at the gym. If you add that hour to the time it takes to get all your stuff ready, leave the house, travel to and back from the gym, get changed, have your shower… you’re easily looking at 2 hours.

With everyone being as busy as we are, who on earth has 2 hours a day to spare for exercise?

I mean it’s easy for athletes, sportspeople and celebrities to tone up - these people can dedicate their whole DAY to exercise. But for everyday folk like you and me with a busy life and hectic schedule, doing regular effective exercise and sculpting a chiseled body we can be proud of, can seem like nothing more than a pipe dream.

Yet new research by the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya, Japan, suggests that pipe dream may not be as unattainable as we previously thought.

The study took 94 adolescent boys and pided them into one control group, who went about life as usual, and one training group. The training group did 100 bodyweight squats a day, 4-5 days per week for 8 weeks. Each session took less than 10 minutes.


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Is There A Genetic Predisposition To Obesity?

Our diets and lifestyle are of course to blame for being overweight or obese and these have been considered the main factors responsible. However, scientists have now turned their eyes to something much less obvious but which possibly carries almost equal weight–our genes. Geneticists have recently discovered a genetic component to obesity. The past two decades have in fact seen a number of studies in mice as well as humans that have attempted to identify exactly which genes play a role in the development of obesity. Obesity and obesity-related illnesses are a huge burden on health care systems across the world. Thanks to research, this global problem is now better understood on a genetic level. This understanding will enable more effective treatments to be developed.

obesity genetics

Some interesting facts about obesity

Obesity is defined as the excessive accumulation of fat to the point where it interferes with health and well-being. Just a few established facts will show the extent of the obesity pandemic.

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Preventing Being Overweight and Obesity with a Vaccine

Who would have thought that being overweight and obese can be prevented using a vaccine? We all have various vaccines to protect us from certain diseases and infection, but a new research has revealed that being overweight is indeed preventable using a vaccine.

This study was published in the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, an open access journal of BioMed Central. This new research could well be the answer to the weight loss problems people encounter especially those who have a genetically-rooted obesity in which dieting and exercise may not be the solution.

Vaccine News Update

The research involved taking a look at the effectiveness of two somatostatin vaccines. These include JH17 and JH18, which are thought to reduce weight gain while promoting weight loss. The study involved mice that responded to these two vaccines.

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How Does Your Weight Affect Your Salary?

We live in a shallow society, and this trend is evident everywhere- from magazine covers, to movies, and the comments that people make about someone who loses or gains weight quickly.

According to a study published by the Journal of Applied Psychology, as well as a variety of other studies, a person’s weight can also influence the amount of money he or she makes in a year. Although most employers are not supposed to make decisions based on a person’s appearance, often someone’s appearance plays a much larger role in their salary than most people believe.

Surprisingly enough, the size to income ratio is not the same for men and women. Women and men command their maximum salary when they are at different weights from each other.

Lighter Women Get Paid More

According to the study, women who weigh about 25 pounds lighter than the average weight for a woman can make up to $15,000 more than a woman weighing an average weight. Oddly enough, if a thin woman gains a few pounds, her salary has a chance of dropping significantly due to the few extra pounds of weight that she has put on.

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Experts Identify Insurance Problems As a Factor for Unsuccessful Weight Loss

We have heard of countless methods for weight loss, from the traditional ones (exercise, diet, lifestyle change) to the not so conventional ones (hydration therapy, botanical slimming, use of appetite mitigating agents, etc.). Despite the growing number of these weight-loss methods, obesity rates have still doubled and adults whose weights are tipping off the scale are still exceeding the 25% mark. The statistics are plain and simple; there is definitely a loophole in how we manage our weight.

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Overweight Friends are Contagious

Recent studies have revealed that obesity is contagious, in a sense that if you are friends with people who are obese then you are way more likely to become overweight or obese yourself.

Right now in American over 33% of the population are obese and it is strongly believed that in 40 years time this figure will rise to 42%. A person will fit into this category if they have a BMI of more the 30.

Having all this excess weight can cause so many weight related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol, not to mention the depression and low self esteem it can cause. It is also believed that a massive 17% of all medical costs are blamed on obesity!

Two friends subathing..Tenerife

So now that you have some of the facts relating to this weight epidemic, lets take a closer look at the findings of the study that was carried out to determine whether being overweight is contagious among friends.

Study Findings

The findings where that if you had four obese friends, it made you 50% more likely to become over weight yourself compared to people who had no obese friends.

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Ditch the Soda-Pop and Lose Weight

A study published on September 21, 2012 in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes that the “replacement of a sugar-containing beverage with a sugar-free beverage significantly reduced weight gain and body fat gain in healthy children.”  It confirms what we already should have known, that sugary beverages cause weight gain – duhhh.

The Study

Researchers conducted a double blind, randomized study of 641 Dutch children from 4 to 12 years of age.  The study ran over an 18 month period.  They started with healthy children who already consumed sugar-sweetened beverages and split the children into two groups.

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