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Endoluminal Sleeve: Non-Invasive Alternative to Gastric Bypass to Treat Obesity and Diabetes

A number of types of surgical treatment are available to facilitate weight loss in obese people and reduce their incidence of associated health problems, especially diabetes. For those who are willing to undergo surgery, gastric bypass (Roux-en-Y) has long been the most common option. Bypass surgery does tend to yield the best results in terms of overall weight loss, but it still has some drawbacks. Like any major surgery, the procedure entails some risks.

Endoluminal Sleeve

Recently, however, researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Weight Center and Gastrointestinal Unit have developed and tested a new way of treating obesity through “incisionless bariatric surgery.” A new medical device—called an endoluminal (i.e., intra-intestinal) sleeve (ELS)—which can be inserted endoscopically, mimics the effects of gastric bypass by sealing off the upper portion of the small intestine with an impermeable lining that prevents the intestine from sensing and absorbing the nutrients in food so that it passes through to the lower intestinal tract relatively undigested.

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High Fat Diet During Pregnancy Makes Baby Overeat And Obese Early In Life

Researchers have for some time suspected that a tendency to overeating and obesity may actually be “programmed” into children even before birth. It has been consistently observed that children whose mothers were obese and diabetic have a higher risk of being heavier themselves from an early age, and adult obesity can be linked to eating a high-fat diet in childhood.

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Difficulty Losing Baby Weight After Pregnancy Is Higher In Obese Women

How difficult is it to lose baby fat? Well, it depends on how much fat you carry before and during pregnancy, according to a study that was conducted in Oregon at Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research and funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The results of the study have just been published in Obstetrics & Gynecology.

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Weight Loss Surgery May Improve Fertility And Pregnancy

The number of people who are overweight or obese has been growing exponentially for more than 20 years. Nearly two-thirds of Americans age 20 or older are overweight (body mass index over 25), a third are considered obese (BMI over 30), and nearly 5 percent are morbidly obese (BMI 40+).

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Pregnancy Inherited Obesity – The Root of The Obesity Epidemic

Why Is It Critical That You Lose Your Own Fat before You Get Pregnant

How Can I Motivate Myself to Lose Weight? Set Financial Incentives, Study Suggests

There are many roadblocks to losing weight, and one of the most common is sustaining the motivation needed to continue a weight loss program. Once the initial excitement surrounding a new weight loss plan has died away, we are left in search of something to keep us going. A preliminary study, reported in JAMA's December 10 issue, may have an answer: it appears that financial incentives can aid short-term weight loss.

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Obesity-Related Cancer Is Higher In Women

Most people are aware of the link between obesity and the risk of developing life-threatening diabetes. But it seems to be much less widely known that being overweight also significantly increases the chances of developing certain types of cancer—particularly for women.

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If You Are An Overweight Girl You Are Less Likely To Use Condoms, Study Finds

A new research study of the sexual behavior of teenage girls finds that high-risk sexual activities are apparently affected not only by girls’ actual weight but also by their perceptions about their weight—whether accurate or not. According to the study “girls who perceived themselves as overweight were less likely to have ever had sex”.

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Does Obesity Alone Cause Arthritis? Scientists Say No.

Medical doctors and scientists have long recognized a connection between being overweight and developing osteoarthritis. It turns out, however, that the connection is not as straightforward as was thought.

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Mediterranean Diet Prevents Depression Study Finds

In the October issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, one of the publications of the Journal of the American Medical Association, it is indicated that Mediterranean diet prevents the occurrence of depression. The Mediterranean diet is characterized by an abundance of vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts as well as fish.

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