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How Can You Eat Less? Dine With Fat Friends Study Suggests

"How can I eat less?" many people ask. A newly published study (from a collaboration between researchers at Duke University, the University of British Columbia and Arizona State University) suggests that overweight people who eat with fat friends actually eat less than when they eat with slimmer friends. The study entitled: “I’ll have what she is having” suggests that people unconsciously change the quantity of food they consume depending on the size of the people they’re dining with.

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Depression, Obesity, Alcoholism Are Linked Study Finds

A recent study by Dr. Carolyn A. McCarty of the Seattle Children’s Research Institute and her colleagues published in General Hospital Psychiatry has shown a clear link between obesity, depression, and alcoholism in women. The study investigated 393 men and 383 women at ages 24, 27, and 30, looking at their weight, alcohol usage and depression over the course of one year. In women, both alcoholism and obesity were linked with depression, while there was no connection in men.

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Nutritional Complications Of Bariatric Surgery – Can They Be Prevented?

Bariatric surgery is highly effective for significantly obese patients, but it often leads to nutritional deficiencies. Most of the time, these deficiencies can be predicted ahead of time, making prevention or treatment easier.

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Comparison of Weight-Loss Diets: Atkins (Low-Carb), Mediterranean or Low-Fat?

Choosing a diet can be difficult. With so many competing options, how can you decide which one will be best?

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Does Soda Make You Fat?

Soda has long been cited as a reason for increasing American waistlines. As we’ve started getting fatter, some argue, soda has gone from being an occasional treat to becoming a prominent part of people’s daily diets. Could there be a relationship between the two trends?

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Are Nuts Good for Weight Loss?

Usually, you try to stop eating (or at least cut back on) calorie-dense foods when you’re trying to lose weight. Recent studies, however, show that nuts (peanuts and treanuts) are surprisingly good for weight loss. A 2007 research review out of Purdue University shows that there is no link between eating nuts and gaining weight.

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Sleeping Less Is Linked To Obesity In Older Adults

Plenty of studies have noted that in younger people there is an association between sleeping less and gaining weight. What do studies show in older adults? Do the sleeping troubles of older people contribute to weight gain?

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Melon Extract Extramel Prevents Obesity From High Fat Diet.

There has been an exciting breakthrough for those dieters who have problems avoiding the fat grams in their daily diet. An antioxidant known as Extramel has been shown to have fat burning properties and prevent obesity when given to hamsters fed a high fat diet.

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How Does Sleep Deprivation Make You Fat?

Americans have been getting fatter for the past 20 years. During the same period, there’s been a shift toward an all-go-all-the-time culture of jam-packed schedules.  That much is old news, but what about a relationship between the two? A 2007 paper from the University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine explored how weight gain is linked to sleep deprivation.

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Does Sleep Deprivation Make Children Fat?

Young people are not immune to the sleep-straining pressures of modern life. With an ever-increasing list of commitments, children have been getting less and less sleep in recent years. Meanwhile, obesity in childhood has become increasingly common. Short sleep can increase the risk of obesity and, in turn, the risk of disease in adulthood.

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