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Although most people associate seniors with debility and weakness, there is actually no reason for this in most cases. It is true that after the age of 50 a majority of people lose the desire to move around as much as they used to, but there is no reason for this unless the person is completely disabled.

The lack of exercise after that age can lead to the loss of 70% of body muscle, which is why so many elderly people creak around. The "Seniors Exercise DVD" can help to prevent and reverse this trend. Sunshine will lead the user through a set of sitting exercises that can significantly increase bodily strength and general health.

What Is The "Seniors Exercise DVD" About?

In the video below you can watch a short but enlightening video clip of the way that the "Seniors Exercise DVD" works. In this video Sunshine herself demonstrates some gentle exercises, both sitting and standing, that give strength and balance but they also stop osteoporosis and relive arthitis pain.

This DVD is all about realizing that anyone can achieve a level of fitness and increase muscular strength. Many seniors break bones as a result of falls as their balance becomes poor, but the "Seniors Exercise DVD" can help to increase coordination, balance, and agility, making a tumble less likely.

Exercising will increase circulation, and provide benefits to the heart and lungs. Remaining more active and fit will also help older people maintain their independence for a longer period of time. The exercises in the "Seniors Exercise DVD" will assist in halting or reversing the damaging effects of osteoporosis.

What Are Others Saying – Does The "Seniors Exercise DVD" Really Deliver?

An important part of exercising is enjoying them. Any exercise program that is too difficult or boring will soon be abandoned. Evidently, that is not the trouble at all with the "Seniors Exercise DVD" according to young72, who does these exercises with her 90 year old neighbor. She reports that “she and I have a ball.” These exercises have pepped this user up so much that she is thinking of starting standing up exercises soon.

Joel purchased several exercise DVDs for his parents, but found the "Seniors Exercise DVD" to be the best. He found that “The exercises are very simple yet effective", and the slow pace and explanations helped his mother and father follow the DVD without any problems.

The "Seniors Exercise DVD" has been great for the mother of kassandra lefort. This woman found that her mother “has gained more strength and balance in just the few weeks since she started doing these exercises.” As with several other reviewers, the relaxation segment at the close of the video was greatly enjoyed by the seniors and those who helped them through the exercises.

Even a fussy older woman can find something good about the "Seniors Exercise DVD", as Karen M. Moran “Karen M” found out when her mother reacted favorably to the video. She says that her “ever-critical 85 year old mother” enjoys doing the exercises, especially since she can do them sitting down.

Can The "Seniors Exercise DVD" Really Improve The Fitness Of Older People?

Many times, a combination of age and illness or injury will make it difficult or impossible for older people to get meaningful exercise. If their balance is affected by age, they may fear falling, and sometimes pain will make them avoid moving as much as possible.

The fact that the exercises in the "Seniors Exercise DVD" are all designed to be performed from a sitting position means that anyone can do them safely. D. Poole has found this video to be of immense help in keeping her 95 year old grandmother fit and says, “Her strength is improving every day.”

Many of the people who got the Seniors Exercise DVD for an older relative reported that there were gains not only in strength, but also outlook, and the exercises helped with pain.

Pros and Cons


  • The "Seniors Exercise DVD" provides a way for even the frail elderly to get exercise and improve their general health.
  • The pace of the exercises is slow, so it is easy for people to follow them.
  • Most of the seniors who used the video enjoyed Sunshine, the music, and the relaxation session at the conclusion, besides the exercises themselves.


  • There were not any meaningful cons to the DVD, it seemed to provide good exercise for people who are unable to stand or move easily.

Problems and Complaints

Most of the complaints about the "Seniors Exercise DVD" (those not written by competitors) revolved around the fact that Sunshine smiles throughout the video. It should be noted, however, that there were very few real complaints about the video, and it was felt to improve the life of the older people who used it.

Is The "Seniors Exercise DVD" Better Than Chair Exercises For Seniors (Zookinesis)?

While many people did enjoy using the Chair Exercises video, there were a number of them who were taken aback at the appearance of the actor. His monotone delivery of the dialog bothered some people as well. The "Seniors Exercise DVD" seems to be a more relaxing and soothing approach to sitting down exercises.

How Does The "Seniors Exercise DVD" Rate Overall?

The "Seniors Exercise DVD" was given a 4.1 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. I do feel, however, that the rating might have been pulled down a bit by possibly false competitors’ reviews. Most of the elderly people who used this video were very pleased with it, and the exercises improved the lives and health of the seniors.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for The "Seniors Exercise DVD"?

Your best source for the "Seniors Exercise DVD" is Amazon, where you can purchase the video at a 33% discounted price. If you or someone you know would benefit from sitting exercises, there is no better place than Amazon to  better understand how the exercises work. You can read more reviews here.

Sunshine Chair Exercise

I know you are an affiliate marketer, but can you at least try to promote programs that could actually help seniors? These could be the most poorly produced, worthless exercise DVDs I have ever seen.

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Hi Jeff

Hi Jeff,

thank you for your comment. We feature many products on this website. Some are good while others are not so good. We present both pros and cons so that the reader will make an informed decision. Featuring a product does not mean we promote it.


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