Sildenafil Citrate Study on Mice - Weight Loss Protocol in Human Possible

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A research study from the University of Bonn leads to a breakthrough discovery that Viagra is more than just a blue pill and treatment for impotence. The heart of the research outcome opened the possibility that it can be a potential weight loss protocol in humans after it was seen as capable of converting the undesirable white fat cells from the body of mice into beige ones. The outcome of the study was published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

Sildenafil - weight loss potential mechanism

lab mouseBefore sildenafil was discovered for its effectiveness in combating the erectile dysfunction symptoms, it was initially studied for its potential health benefit as a treatment for angina pectoris. This initial study led scientists to discover it as more effective in improving the blood circulation in the penile area, making it more efficient in causing an effective erection among men with impotence than treating angina.

viagraBeing the active ingredient of Viagra, clinical researchers believe that there are more to sildenafil than just being the main ingredient for managing erectile dysfunction symptoms. This prompted researchers to pursue testing of the compound in mice. The mice were fed with a high fat diet while taking it. The outcome showed that the mice developed resistance against obesity despite undergoing a high fat diet. Currently, the research study has yet to arrive at an accurate conclusion on the exact mechanism on how sildenafil could effective prevent the mice from getting obese. Taking this into account, Dr. Alexander Pfeifer, the Director of University of Bonn Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology related that this is a promising lead to pursue because the effect of sildenafil on fat cells in mice could eventually lead for more future discoveries on how it could become a weight loss protocol in humans.

Sildenafil converting white fat cells into beige ones

For seven days, rodents were administered with a Viagra dosage in a research facility. The result was quite amazing as it showed that the white fat cells in mice were converted into beige cells. White fat cells are found in human which are known to produce unwanted fats on problematic areas in the body that promote obesity. The beige fat cells on the other hand are cells that burn the foods taken in the body and convert them into heat to produce energy.

Because of its ability to melt the white fat cells in mice to prevent obesity, this could potentially lead to a hopeful research to further understand the mechanism involved and discover a safe means to administer the same to the human body. This is a remarkable discovery through the team effort from the researchers coming from the Pharma Center of the University of Bonn, Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research and the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.

The dangers of white fat cells

ViagraResearchers discover other potential health risks that are associated with white fat cells. Not only can they promote weight gain and obesity but they could accumulate lipids that could release hormones that could cause an inflammatory response that is commonly seen in chronic diseases. The most common of these chronic diseases are stroke, heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Although how sildenafil works to melt these unhealthy fat cells in mice remains unclear, clinical researchers are optimistic in discovering the answers in their further researches. This could make Viagra vs Cialis, both containing sildenafil as their active ingredient, as a potential weight loss regimen and for preventing obesity in the future.

Weight loss and sexual dysfunction

Losing weight can significantly reduce the risks for erectile dysfunction. Previous researches showed that at least 30 percent of obese individuals with sexual problems were able to improve their symptoms for erectile dysfunction after losing weight as reported in the CBS News. Obesity has become a global problem that affects millions of people, and males with excessive weight are also known to be at the potential risk of experiencing symptoms of impotence. The discovery that sildenafil is capable of melting white fat cells, offers a promising possibility for future treatment that would best benefit obese men with sexual dysfunction.


Men taking the drug should be cautioned not to take the pill without the proper dosage to induce weight loss. Because it is widely distributed in the market today at a cheaper cost than its branded counterpart, there is a tendency that the same will be abused in the effort of making it a weight loss regimen substitute. It is worth noting that no study of sildenafil in humans was undertaken to determine its potential weight loss effects, thus Viagra should only be taken mainly as prescription medicine for impotence.

Weightloss and Sex

A fit and flab-free body can definitely perform freely and perhaps better than the fat ones in bed. Nonetheless, there's also this thing called feelings and intimacy - so, the body size will have more weight on health than sex itself!

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