Simple Ways To Keep Weight Off Permanently.

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Congratulations! You have won the battle of the bulge. You are looking and feeling great. However, are you worried that you are going to regain all those pounds? Are you too scared to throw out your fat clothes, just in case? There is nothing wrong in remaining vigilant about keeping that muffin top at bay. In fact, many of us live in fear of rebounding.

However, a recent study has shown that it is possible to lose significant amounts of weight and keep it off long term. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has revealed that approximately 1 in 5 people who are successful with losing more than 10% of their starting body weight manage to stay at their new weight for more than 12 months. Here are some very simple and proven ways to keep the weight off that you have lost:

Eat Breakfast Daily.

Those people who ate breakfast did better at keeping their weight down. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, breakfast kick starts the metabolism. Secondly, those who eat breakfast tend not to suffer from those late afternoon fat and sugar cravings which can so easily blow out the day's calorie requirements in the one go.

Learn How To Control Your Cravings

Did you know that there are  natural foods that give you a feeling of satiety, and help you eliminate cravings? Diets that do not help people control their appetite do not work that well. In her ebook, Mrs Jonni Good explains how the The Craving Control Diet  works; a diet that powers up your metabolism and helps you stop food cravings by consuming the right foods.

Don't Throw Away The Bathroom Scales.

Keeping an eye on your weight is a simple and effective way not to rebound. Weekly or twice weekly checks will allow you to easily monitor your weight. This will also allow you to figure out where you may have gone wrong if the scales start heading north fast.

Maintain Your Workouts.

Remaining physically active is an integral part to maintaining your new weight. Physical activity not only burns calories, but keeps your metabolism running faster. Select workouts that you enjoy. Interestingly, many surveys have shown that those who workout first thing in the morning tend to stick with their workouts long term more successfully than any other time slot.

Eat Sensibly Every Day Of The Week.

Consistency with food consumption was shown to be another important factor in weight management. Many long term successes stated that they did not binge eat on the weekends. Only 40% of the individuals stated they ate more stringently on weekdays than weekends.

Maintain A Low Fat Low Calorie Diet.

The participants in the survey kept strict tabs on their fat and calorie intakes. Most of their meals were prepared at home, with less than one meal weekly being fast food, and less than three weekly coming from commercial enterprises. These individuals were also careful to keep their fat calories to less than 25% of their daily consumption.

One Or Two Pounds Is OK.

A slight weight deviation can be expected. There is no need to assume your are on the way back up and totally give up if you gain a pound or two. The important thing is not to allow a pound or two turn into bigger numbers.

* The American Journal of Nutrition based their findings on more than 4,000 individuals who on average lost 73 pounds and then succeeded in keeping those pounds off for at least 5 years.


A sensible approach to both diet and workouts can keep those lost pounds from returning. Successful long term weight loss and weight management is based on healthy and permanent lifestyle improvements.

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