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My Review is a San Diego-based company that provides customers with the means to personalize their electronic devices with a skin. The skin can be either esthetic—a sticker that you apply on the back and front of your electronic device—or protective—a hard cover case made of leather, neoprene, or metal.

You can choose from among the thousands of designs on the website for your skin, or you can use the Customizer™ tool on to design your skin by uploading your own photos, images, text, and/or symbols. The skins are made from automotive-grade vinyl and are designed to fit your specific item perfectly.

The general product categories include:

  • Cell phones
  • MP3 players
  • PDA devices
  • Laptops
  • Cameras
  • Gaming devices
  • Wall Decals
  • Car Decals

You can search under each of these for the make and model of your device. In addition to skins, you will also find cases, covers, screens, earbuds, wall decals, and car decals on

Is Worth It? – Key Features and Benefits

I would buy a skin or other item from for the following reasons:

  • The skins are designed to be a perfect fit for my device, taking into account its unique contour. Because of this, I don’t have to worry that it will impede my ability to use a dock, my charger, or any other accessory.
  • The skins are easy to apply, and I can remove them easily, too, with no fear of residue. I could damage my device if I have to remove residue when I remove the skin.
  • The quality of the sticker is so good that it will preserve its look, especially in the corners, even 6 months after you install it. "The corners haven't peeled out", says the reviewer who bought a skin for his iPhone in the video below.

  • The sticker does not collect dust around the corners because its edges are very thin, not bulky.
  • The skins not only give a smooth and glossy shine to your device but also protect it from scratches. The sticker does not cover the screen, though, so there is no protection there. To protect your phone's screen you need a Skinit Case.
  • I really like the wall decals and car decals that I can purchase on The wall decals require no nails, and I can opt for one of the designs on the website or I can upload my own photo or drawing to have made into a decal. Wall decals with their college logos will be great gifts for some high school graduates on my list this year.

The website’s Customizer™ tool is one of its greatest benefits. It is state-of-the-art and enables me to let my creative juices go wild. There is also a tutorial to help me, and I can preview how my creation will look on my specific device. I like being able to personalize my item to this great extent, and I also like being able to view what it will look like. I have a chance to tweak any aspect of my design before I make the purchase.

How Easy is it to Apply the Skinit Sticker on Your iPhone?

Pretty easy. Just peel off the stickers, remove the "home" button, and carefully line up the two pieces (front and back) on the front and the back sides of your phone. It helps if you first line up the bottom portion of the sticker with the power connector and the headphones jack of the phone and then apply the rest of the sticker up to the top. Watch this video demo.

How Many Times Can You Take the Skin Off and Put it Back On?

You can use the sticker over quite a few times. While it is very sticky, it does not leave any residue, so you can take it off and put it on until you have found the perfect fit. Cons – Disadvantages

  1. The skin covers the light sensor of your cell phone which may affect how the screen adjusts to the brightness of the environment. This is the only complaint of Claymore who bought for his iPhone a skin of his favorite football team, the Louisville Cardinals.  Watch his video.

  2. There is no tracking provided for international orders and only economy shipping is available for these orders. It could take as long as three to four weeks for delivery—if the package hasn’t been lost.
  3. I don’t like the fact that I cannot check out simply as a “guest” as I can on a lot of websites. I have to set up an account and create a password before I can make a purchase. I would like to have an option.

One should keep in mind that these skins are designed only for esthetic purposes, not for protection against bumps an falls. If you drop your device, it will break.

What Companies Might Be Better Than

Key competitors of are:

How Does Compare To Other Custom Case & Covers Merchants?

I looked at a couple of other merchants that are in direct competition with The first was GelaSkins.

Skinit vs GelaSkins

Like, also carries hard cases and screen protectors. You won’t find custom-fit skins for as many makes and models as you will find on, however. I can create my own template for a skin for my Acer Notebook on, but the website doesn’t have my Notebook in its drop-down menu, unlike

GelaSkins doesn’t sell wall or car decals, either. You can buy bamboo paper prints of the artwork found on, though. You will find a large selection of art from which to choose for your skin, but you won’t find any pro sports or college designs, that you can find on Truth is and I’m not a fan of a lot of the artwork I viewed on I don’t care to have my electronic device wrapped in an image of one of the Garbage Pail Kids.

On you can create your own custom skin just as you can on, and the website has a nice video tutorial to guide you, but there are not as many customizing options available as you’ll find on the Skinit website. Both merchants will ship to international destinations. Custom fees and taxes may differ, however, since GelaSkin’s products are shipped from its location in Toronto, Canada, and Skinit ships from the U.S.

Skinit vs LeftSkins

The second merchant I investigated was LeftSkins. This merchant’s inventory is significantly smaller than that of the other two. You will find skins customized to fit Apple’s iPhones, iPads, and iPods and a few gaming devices made by Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony, but that’s pretty much the extent of it.

LeftSkins also offers a universal laptop skin in a small variety of designs, but none customized specifically for a given make or model. You can also create your own skin as you can on both and, but the customizing tool is not nearly as good as that of either of the other two merchants. LeftSkins accepts no returns unless the merchandise is defective , whereas both Skinit and GelaSkins have a 30-day return policy on most items.

What Is the Cost at

The cost of the products varies by category. Skins that you create yourself will cost you $5 more than a predesigned skin. Representative prices of products that use one of the website’s designs are provided below:

  • University of Wyoming Acer Netbook Skin = $19.99
  • Custom earbuds – guy pack or girl pack = $19.99
  • Dallas Cowboys Small Tailgate Pack = $39.99
  • Red-eyed Tree Frogs Vinyl Wall Poster (48” x 37”) = $49.99
  • Sand Dollars Wall Decal (50” by 50”) = $49.99
  • Verizon Wireless Razzle Ohio State Stadium Skin = $14.99

Economy ground shipping to U.S. destinations is $4.99. From time to time, will offer free shipping on orders over $40 shipped to U.S. addresses, but you won’t qualify for the free shipping if you use a discount code when paying for your purchase, regardless of how large your order is. You can pay for your purchase by entering your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card number, or you can pay via PayPal.

You can return most items within 30 days of the order date and request an exchange or a refund. You must contact the company for a return authorization number first, however. Shells are not returnable.

What Are Others Saying? Skinit Testimonials – Feedback – Comments

The reviews are mixed although the recent ones are mostly positive. Customers like the quality of the skins, but feel that they are a bit high-priced.

Jenn K. Lee of, a blog that reviews gadgets and accessories, bought a skin from for her Dell Streak phone just to see why it costs twice as much as competing products. After trying the skin on her smartphone/tablet hybrid she said: “compared to one of the $10 skins I also have, Skinit's quality really is superior.”

One woman complained about the way customer service handled a problem she had with a skin she had ordered for her son for Christmas. The original representative told her that the 30-day return policy applied even to holiday purchases. She revised her rating and her review after she was contacted by the company’s Tier 2 customer service team, who resolved the issue. Other reviewers complained about the firm’s customer service, too, and indicated they spoke broken English and were difficult to understand.

Skinit has received pretty good feedback on Reseller Ratings and from real customers. Most praised customer service, fast shipping, the quality of the skins, the variety of selection and brightness of colors. One customer did not receive the color he wanted so he called the company and had it re-printed and expressed shipped in time for Christmas. Still some felt that paying up to $30 for a sticker may not be worthy it.

Any Promotional Coupons for How to Buy at a Discount

As affiliates of Skinit, we regularly check for coupon codes and promotional deals that work so that you will get the best prices. If there are any Skinit coupon codes or discounts available today you will find them at the top of this page.

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