Slendetone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner Review

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The Slendertone Abdominal Muscle Toner offers a simple and easy way to work out your midsection. It is a great (and for some more effective) alternative to traditional crunches.

Simply put on the belt and let the muscles contract. Seem too good to be true? Well, perhaps it is, but from the reviews that I have read, the current users are fairly happy with the results. Perhaps you should strap it on and see for yourself.

How Does Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner Work?

This type of product has been on the market for quite some time. What makes Slendertone’s Abdominal Muscle Toner completely unique from the other competitors?

It is designed to strengthen all three ab muscles and uses medical-grade technology to contract those problem areas. Are you sick of sit ups and crunches? This ab toner offers seven different programs and nearly 100 resistance levels so it is great both for those who are already in shape and those looking to get ripped.

How Does it Feel to Use Slendertone Flex Pro at Maximum Resistance?

The Slendertone Muscle Toner can produce a really tough ab workout if set at maximum resistance. It is funny how you will react when you use it for the first time. Take a look at Michelle's ad Wig's experience

What Others are Saying? Does Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner Work?

A reviewer from Washington D.C. gave it 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon because he found it more effective than doing crunches. He used it for a month and while he did not get the Spartan-like abs in the movie 300, he did strengthen his stomach area and achieved definition in his abs.

C. Simpson, who wants to strengthen her abs to better cope with her chronic back pain, has been using the belt for 3 weeks daily for about 40 minutes at a time. “You can feel and actually SEE the muscles contracting”, she says. According to the manual, she is not expecting dramatic results unless she keeps using it continuously for 1 month and a half. “At this point I am very satisfied with the purchase”, she says.

Given that the human body burns fat as a whole and not locally, do not expect to see the fat melting away from your abdomen when you use the Muscle Toner. You will need to decrease your caloric intake and do some cardio to lose fat first. What the muscle toner will do is, it will increase the strength and the size of the abdominal muscles. This will make them more visible providing they are not covered by too much excess fat.

Does It Help You Lose Weight?

No, it does not. If you are overweight do not expect to lose fat by using the Slendertone because it is designed to strengthen your core muscles not burn fat.

The Muscle Toner is not really advertised as a weight loss product. The belt, however, is advertised to help you workout those problem abs. In conjunction with other daily activities and a healthy diet this product may help you to achieve the look you have always wanted. According to the reviews that I have read, no one has lost any weight with this product.

Will It Strengthen Your Belly? Yes. Will It Shrink It? No!

Here is a 30-day update from an overweight guy  who used the belt continuously for 1 month.

Pros and Cons


  • Works surprisingly well for many who tried it.
  • Nearly 100 resistance levels.
  • LCD display for easy reading
  • Simply put on the belt and tone those problem abs
  • No need to do floor exercises like sit-ups which are painful for those with back problems


  • Fairly pricey for the average user, unless you purchase it from Amazon.
  • Targeted towards men, not women, but they have a unisex version, too.
  • Promotes a less active lifestyle. The product does not require any effort at all. You can sit and be fit, so to speak.
  • Instructions not so clear according to some.

Problems and Complaints

The Slendertone Flex Ab Toner has received good reviews from customers. Other than one reviewer who suggests that working out with a jumping rope and some weights will do a better job than the Flex belt, and another one who says: “It’s for suckers, don’t waste your money”, the vast majority talk about how the Toner has helped them stay in shape in a way that they enjoy.

While exercise and good diet are the cornerstones for getting your abs look like a chiseled model, I believe the Slendertone Flex can help you improve the appearance of your abs.

Looking for an effortless way to get your abs toned and lean? Looking to just sit and be fit? Well, the product may not offer you weight loss or rock hard abs, but according to the reviews that I have read it will help you to get your abs toned. The Abdominal Muscle Toner is not a miracle device and will not give you six-pack abs but it can help you to easily contract those muscles.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews of the Slendertone Flex Pro Abdominal Muscle Toner.

You can buy it at a discount on Amazon. To learn more about the pros and cons of the Ab Muscle Toner read more reviews here.

Some cons are not cons

Does not promote a less active lifestyle. It is a product for guys that don't have enough time to go to gym to keep fit. Anyway, great article!

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