Slim Fast Optima Ready-To-Drink Shake Review

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If you are looking for a delicious meal replacement shake that can help you lose weight or maintain it, the Slim Fast Optima Ready To Drink Shake may work very well for you. These shakes come in twin packings of 12 each. The fat content Is 50% less than what it is in regular, creamy milk shakes by the same brand. These ones come packed with diet plans and a recommended exercise regime, to complement them.

How Is Slim Fast  Different From Regular Milk Shakes?

Most people who go on diet control or on any sort of routine to enable them to lose weight, ignore one important factor: the body still needs the nutrients. Starving it will mean that once you’re through with your plan, you’ll begin to regain all the lost weight. Slim Fast Shakes ensures that the body remains ripe and healthy, without the extra fat. The necessary carb content, however, is still there.

Nutritional Facts

These shakes keep the body nourished with lots of protein, 50% of daily calcium requirements, and 24 kinds of vitamins and minerals.

Choice of Flavors

The available options are French Vanilla, Milk Chocolate, Strawberries and Cream, Chocolate Royale and Cappuccino Delight.

How Does It Taste?

Reviewers at have generally appreciated the flavors for Slim Fast shakes, but of course, everybody has their own taste buds. If you like chocolate, then you probably relate to Ms Baker, who is a chocolate person and says in her review that she absolutely loves the Chocolate Royale flavor.

William Martin in Houston, Texas, on the other hand, doesn’t care much for Slim Fast’s chocolate offering but rates Cappuccino Delight, ‘simply the best’! An Alaskan user sums it all up pretty well: “I am not fooled into thinking I am drinking a milkshake, but they do taste pretty good.”

Best Price?

Slim Fast promises to only offer high-quality products that are affordable. Some things in life do come easy. The best place to buy Slim Fast is probably

New Formula

Optima ready-to-drink shakes is a new and scientifically improved formula, says the brand. However, a couple of regular consumers of the past aren’t too excited about the new offering. One consumer associates stomach cramps and back pain with the new formula, and another says the shakes generally make her gassy. So this isn’t an improved formula for everybody, but generally, the verdict is positive.

So Try and Substitute a Shake for a Meal

People who are in a hurry to get to office, usually grab this 30-second, ready-to-drink shake from the fridge, and get on with it. Others, like Penny, use it to fuel an early morning work-out. Slim Fast claims that one shake can substitute an entire meal. It can keep you full and well-nourished for at least 4 hours, on as little as 190 calories.

Most reviewers on Amazon, however, think that one shake lasts them 2 hours, rather than 4 hours. Again, our friend Penny, on Amazon, suggests grabbing 2 shakes - at least for people who weigh more than 150 pounds.

Packaging and Delivery

As mentioned earlier, Slim Fast Optima Ready-to-Drink Shakes are available with They can be bought at the online store, without having to burn gas to get something that will probably cost less than the gas itself, unless, as Brandon, who lives in the suburbs suggests, you plan to buy in bulk. Barry, who lives in Boston, still prefers getting the packs home-delivered through Amazon, since apart from the convenience, they almost always ensure that the cans aren’t dented.


Slim Fast shakes come highly recommended. Since they are made up of natural ingredients, you can have them for as long as you want, without fearing any side-effects. Add to that the fact that you have several flavors to choose from. In addition to working as meal-replacements for inducing weight-loss, and helping people remain satiated, Slim Fast shakes are also consumed by people who wish to maintain their healthy weight. Affordability and door-step delivery are precious conveniences.

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You can create an awesome

You can create an awesome milkshake in the blender if you add a banana and spoon full of peanut butter to a chocolate slimfast and ice. Or frozen blueberies to the vanilla. Yum Yum!!!!!

Calorie Counter

I found a calorie counter at that is free and very easy to use. I think counting calories as a way to diet is an excellent idea. I have lost ten pounds in two weeks.

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