SlimZil Review - Acai, Hoodia and Green Tea Fat Burner Weight Loss Formula

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Every day people around the world struggle with weight loss. Each individual is unique and has their own problems and pit falls to overcome. For some, exercise works beautifully. Others need a little help. That little help usually shows itself in the form of a diet pill.

Diet pills have gained huge popularity. They all take a different approach to helping burn calories. And some are just fraudulent. So how do I know which one to take? One of the slim pills I researched lately is SlimZil.

How Does SlimZil Work?

SlimZil is a time-released capsule designed to increase your metabolism, burn calories and fat. How does it help you burn calories? The idea behind SlimZil is to combine the anorectic properties of Hoodia with the thermogenic effect of Green Tea. This two-fold mechanism can help you lose weight by making you eat less food and burn more calories. Well, let’s take a look at the ingredients it contains:

SlimZil Ingredients

Green Tea

Many peer-reviewed scientific studies have shown that people who drink green tea daily have increased basic metabolic rate. That means, green tea makes your body burn more calories even when you sleep.


The appetite suppressing properties of the famous African cactus-like plant are still being studied. While recent studies on the efficacy and safety of Hoodia are neither promising nor conclusive, anecdotal evidence suggests that the plant extract does decrease appetite leading to weight loss.

What is for sure disputable is whether the hoodia that circulates in the US market is genuine or not. Dr Avula’s study found that 9 out of 35 Hoodia formulations in the market today do not contain the appetite suppressing potent Hoodia that comes from the Hoodia gordonii species. Other reports show that up to 70% of Hoodia marketed as authentic is actually fake, which explains why Hoodia is the most fraudulent product in the weight loss market today. This makes one wonder it the Hoodia contained in SlimZil is the real deal or not.


The popular Acai berry has nothing to do with weight loss. Is it packed with antioxidants and vitamins? Heck, yes!

Caffeine increases your metabolism and boosts your energy both of which help you burn more calories.

Directions for using SlimZil are easy to follow and understand. Simply take two pills once a day. Once ingested the capsule slowly dissolves and releases its content into the body, providing a slow and gentle effect throughout the day.

What Are Others Saying About SlimZil?

There are many reports that say SlimZil works. Countless users, like Peter, have reported weight loss without any side effects. In fact, Beth who lost 1 lb the first week, 4lb the second and 3lb the third, claims that while taking SlimZil her mood substantially improved which favored her social interactions. Many users experienced improved energy levels through out the day with smaller and controlled appetite.

How Much Weight Will I Lose With SlimZil?

Slimzil advertises itself as a slow, gradual, and healthy weight loss pill. The company states that its product will only help if weight is currently under control, meaning if I am still putting weight on and it’s not staying steady, this product won’t help.

I have found many users that report success with this product. Tsuji lost 14 pounds in 2 months. Mr. Kutz says that he lost 16 and his wife lost 21 pounds within a month.

Side Effects

SlimZil doesn’t report any side effects with its product. I did not find any side effects reported from various users either. One person did state that they felt jittery, but also stated that they have abnormal reactions to higher dosages of caffeine.

Problems And Complaints

SlimZil has very few complaints. While researching this product I read many comments from users and what they had to say. I also corresponded with a few. It appears most people that take this product lose weight, which explains why 76 of the 84 reviews I read speak in favor of the product.

Some users gained a small amount of weight while they used this SlimZil. These users attributed the slight weight gain to either holiday foods or eating more snacks during that particular week.

The users who saw sub par results expected better performance from a product with this cost.

Do I Recommend SlimZil?

Results do not lie. SlimZil’s users are mostly satisfied and have lost weight. Reported results do vary though. And this product only costs about as much as normal vitamins making it very affordable. With proven results, I can rest easy recommending this product.

Where Can You Purchase it?

You can get a SlimZil deal on Amazon. It ships free at the moment of this writing. Read 87+ more reviews.

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