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Snapfish is the largest online store that offers photo printing, online photo storage and sharing as well as several personalized photo gifts. A division of HP, Snapfish has over 90 million users from 4 continents who have uploaded around 2 billion unique photos.

To create your customized digital print or gift you need to upload your favorite photos either from your computer or from your mobile device.

Thanks to Snapfish not only can you upload, edit, archive and print your photos enjoying professional quality for as low as 9 cents each, you can also share your favorite albums with anyone in the world.

Those who are not satisfied with just viewing digital photos of important life events (wedding, graduation, birth) on their computer but want to keep them in a special book and share them with others will find that Snapfish was made for them.

Snapfish products include

  • Photo books
  • Calendars
  • Mugs
  • Blankets and throws
  • Canvas prints
  • Photo cards

The site is very easy to use. You can search for products by category, theme, gift recipient or cost. They have photo gifts that are perfect for a variety of occasions, and the online tools make it easy to design the gift and get a very good idea about what it will look like before ordering.

In addition to standard photo gifts, they also offer a selection of gifts featuring popular characters such as Pixar’s Cars, Disney Princesses, Winnie the Pooh and more.

Snapfish offers a few unique items such as the photo jigsaw puzzles that have given the website a competitive edge over its competitors.

Customers are invited to check out some of the special introductory offers or promotion codes offered by the store and enjoy some of the best deals at the lowest prices.

The tips and ideas section of the website offers guidelines to users to upload and edit photos and make the most out of Snapfish tools and features.

Is Snapfish Worth It? – Key Features and Benefits

Here is what differentiates Snapfish from other similar sites.

  • They have a very large selection of photo book covers and design options. Creating a photo book, like the following, is really easy with all the tools and the clean, user friendly designer that is provided.

  • Being able to search for gifts in so many different ways makes it easy to find just what I need.
  • You can design and order the prints or gifts online and then pick up the items at a store near you. Some of the stores that participate are Walgreens, WalMart and Meijer. Of course, you also have the option of having the prints shipped to your home.
  • The prints I order from Snapfish have always come out great.
  • The prices for their photo printing are quite low. Also, there are often specials where you can get free prints or other great deals.
  • They offer prepaid packages of photo prints that allow you to save even more on the cost of the prints. You buy the package and then use the prints whenever you want.
  • Satisfaction with prints and photo gifts is guaranteed. If you have a return, Snapfish will pay for the shipping costs to return the items.

As mentioned above, the site is easy to use. If I have trouble, however, the customer service representatives are able and willing to help.

Snapfish Cons – Disadvantages

There are a few things about Snapfish that I did not like.

  • While the cost of prints is good, the prices for some of the photo gifts are a bit high.
  • The shipping costs also seem a bit high, especially when compared to some other photo sites that offer free shipping if you pick the prints up in a store.
  • There is no window of time to cancel an order once it has been placed.
  • When you create a photo book, you may face difficulties trying to fit your photographs in the image slots of the designer. If you want your photo to occupy the whole page, you will have to accept the fact that part of your photo may be excluded. This is because the dimensions (ratio) of the book and your photo do not match. Of course, this problem may be solved if you choose a different size photo book.
  • As the Snapfish reviewer in the video below explains, while you are allowed to have a full page photo in the front cover of the photo book, you are allowed to place only a small size photo in the back cover. Some  people would rather have a full page photo in the back cover, too.

What Stores Might be Better than Snapfish

Key competitors include:

How Does Snapfish Compare to Similar Photo Sharing and Printing Sites?

I looked at some competitor sites for comparison. There are several sites that offer online photo printing as well as some that also offer photo gifts.

The first site that I looked at was York Photo. They have full service photo printing and several of the same photo gifts offered by Snapfish. Their site is not as easy to search and they do not have as many gift options as Snapfish. The prices for both the prints and gifts are similar to the prices at Snapfish.

I also looked at Ritz Pix. This site has a huge selection of gifts, and some of the prices are great. For example, they have photo books starting at just $7.99. I also like that they offer upgraded overnight shipping for the same cost as standard shipping. Ritz Pix is a strong competitor based on price as well as the number of gift items that they offer.

What is the Cost?

Below are some examples of the prices that I found at Snapfish.

  • Prints, 4x6: .09
  • Prints, 5x7: .59-.79
  • Prints, 8x10: $2.99
  • Prints, wallets (4): .99
  • Photo books: $24.99
  • Calendars: $9.99 and up
  • Mugs: $9.99
  • Blankets: $54.99 to $89.99
  • Canvas print, 12x12: $44.99
  • Poster print framed, 16x20: $54.99
  • Photo cards, 20: $1.25 each

You can add pages to your photo books for $1.99 per 2 pages. There is a rather complicated shipping cost schedule that is available on the Snapfish site. The cost of shipping depends on the items that you order as well as the location to which the items are being shipped.

What are Others Saying?

The reviews for Snapfish are largely positive, but there were some exception. Customers mention the good customer service, low prices and quality items. One man said that he had used Snapfish for years when he decided to order a photo calendar as a Christmas gift. Because it was so close to Christmas, he paid extra for overnight shipping. The next day he got an email that said he would not receive his calendar until after Christmas. He called customer service, and they sent the item out the same day, so he had it in plenty of time for Christmas.

Another woman didn’t have such good luck when dealing with customer service. She said that she received another customers photo cards in the mail. She spent a lot of time on the phone with customer service. She asked if they could send her order to a local store minus the shipping fee, or offer her some sort of other compensation. They would not. They told her that her only option was to resubmit the order and, if time was of the essence, pay for overnight shipping.

There were other complaints about shipping times, but most customers were happy with the items once they arrived.

Any Promotional Coupons for Snapfish? How to Buy at a Discount

As affiliates of Snapfish, we regularly check for coupon codes and promotional deals that work so that you will get the best prices. If there are any Snapfish coupon codes or discounts available today you will find them at the top of this page.

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