Solo Slim Side Effects: Weighing The Benefits And The Risks

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It’s every dieter’s dream: To lose weight while still enjoying favorite foods instead of bland, tasteless meals. That’s exactly what many users of these natural diet pills have been able to do. While little is known about Solo Slim side effects, consumers who use it report that losing weight is easier and quicker. They also prefer it because they take just one pill a day, and it has no ephedra or caffeine.

This weight loss supplement contains several herbs and nutrients that help to suppress appetite, boost energy, and reduce cravings. But having natural ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean it’s harmless. As an herbal supplement it isn’t classified as a drug and the FDA doesn’t evaluate it. This can make it tricky for consumers to figure out the side effects of Solo Slim.

Most users report only mild reactions in the first few days, such as dry mouth, problems sleeping and headaches. But in August 2008, The Hong Kong Department of Health issued a warning about some of Solo Slim’s ingredients because they may increase blood pressure, and cause chest pains and seizures. Here’s some general info on the ingredients and the problems they may pose.

Solo Slim Ingredients: Risks And Side Effects

Fucoxanthin: Although no adverse reactions have been reported, fucoxanthin comes from seaweed, which is rich in iodine. According to Dr. Ray Sahelian, a natural health author and nutritionist, fucoxanthin could interfere with thyroid gland function. Also, some people are allergic to iodine.

Konjac Glucomannan: May hinder the absorption of some nutrients. reports that it can cause bloating, diarrhea or flatulence if you’re not used to a high-fiber diet.

Hawthorn: reports that this herb can cause rashes, dizziness, nausea, sleeping problems, stomach problems, fatigue or drowsiness, irregular heart beat, mood changes and sweating.

L-carnitine: May cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, seizures and nausea and vomiting.

Sibutramine:  According to, this chemical may cause dry mouth, constipation, sleeping problems, drowsiness, headaches, dizziness, and possibly irregular heart beat and mood changes. It is debated, however, whether Solo Slim contains sibutramine or not.

Synephrine: Known also as  "bitter orange", has been associated with irregular heart beat and even cardiac arrest.

Finally, as a general precaution, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or under 18, you shouldn’t take weight loss supplements, natural or otherwise.

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Bladder Problems

Took solo slim in 2007 for about 5 months, lost a bunch of weight! Then I started getting symptoms of UTIs but went to the dr and no infection was present. I decided to space days out (every other day) to see if that would help, it did for a while but then these symptoms came back almost within the hr of taking the pills. So I had to stop taking them:( I tried it again spring of 2010 and immediatly the symptoms came back. And now I get them all the time, never happened before I took the pills. Kind of a bummer, because I lost 20lbs when I was taking it the first time. But now I see a urologist who is in the process of diagnosing me with Interstitial Cystitis.

Other things I noticed while on Solo Slim was dry mouth, difficulty falling asleep and odd tasting burps.

Everything has got some pros

Everything has got some pros n cons thanks for sharing the Risks And Side Effects. Kratom Powder

No side effects of any kind

I have to admit that this pill being recalled is probably the worst thing that could have ever happened to me. I have always been about 15- 25 pounds over weight and this pill helped me reach my goal just 8 months before my wedding. Had solo not been on the shlef I dont know how I would have shed that last 30 pounds I needed to.

I have heard so many various reviews and of course certain pills have different effects on some people, but I never experienced anythin out of the normal dry mouth or sleeping issues in the first week. After that if worked perfectly fine, and I never felt like I was wired or anything.

I have since tried a couple of different ones and now I am on Phenphedrine, and I must say it doesn't work nearly like Solo did. There are so many risks with these pills, why pull this this great product that has worked for so many people off the shelf?... Finally, when the public does find something out there that does work, and it gets bumped and I dont get it at all.

If there is anyhope of this amazing pill scoming back I would love to know. BTW the advanced new "version" does not work at all!!!


Completely agree. I had o

Completely agree. I had o side effects and it was great!

I found a Solo Slim replacement

I found a great replacement for my Solo Slim . . . e-mail me if you get this . . .

I took Solo Slim for a period

I took Solo Slim for a period of thirty days and felt no side effects at all. The pill worked great for my appetite suppression and helped target some areas of fat. I maintained a regular exercise regime and watched what I ate. I work night shifts of 12 hours from 6 to 6 and I felt the pill worked great with the cravings I would normally get at night. As soon as I stopped taking the pilss the hungers did come back but thats expected. To those who state they gained the weight back I would like to know how much of they're exercise regime did they maintain. Its a great pill but not a miracle pill. Bottom line if you want to keep the weight off then you have to keep taking the pill or do it the old school way, cardio, weights and good nutrition. I would have still recommended the old Solo Slim as a good way to get your foot in the door to weight loss, after a period of time there is only one way to maintain it.


I have been taking Solo-Slim extra strength for 4 months. I have lost 38 lbs. Just in the last 2 weeks, Ive started feeling sooo tired and down. Until I read some of these comments, I had no idea why. I did have blood work done a week ago and it show low Vitamin D. So I am starting on meds for that. My chest feels "tired". I have also noticed, I am having to take deep breaths. I feel anxious at work and cant seem to focus for very long. I have enjoyed the weight loss but it's just not worth the risk. I pray I will return to "normal" once this is out of my system. My doctor did know that I was on these and she told me that they sometimes cause some of these side effects. (Like loss of sleep, dry mouth) She said I could go to one every other day but not to stay on them more than 3 months at a time because it is a stimulant. She said you need to give your body a break. I have noticed some hair loss. I have been taking the vitamin Biotin which has helped. Im going back to the old fashion and exercise. I am interested in knowing how long it takes to get this out of your system. Anyone know?????

Dear Depressed/Tired

I know exactly how you feel. I have been off of the diet pills for about four months now... but I started feeling better after about four weeks. However, I am still taking Vitamin D-3 every night.

hair loss - solo slim

Guess it's good they recalled this. I took for almost three months and dropped 15 lbs which I'll probably put back on now that it's not available. Had the same weight loss when ephedra was available and Solo Slim has the same side effects - -heart palpatations and pain in chest. I'm also experiencing hair loss which tells me this may be having some negative effect on my thyroid. So , yes it worked but I don't believe it's worth the side effects. Anyone tried anything else?

Ei Ta Mei slim fast

I have tried Ei Ta Mei slim fast. It worked and I have lost 21 lbs in four months.
There were no side effects like heart palpatations and pain in chest. It just reduced the sensation of hunger. If you have no high blood pressure, it will good for you too.

Things that Make you go HMMMMM

Solo Slim seems to be a great product however I have the worst cotton mouth of my life! To the point I have almost lost the ability to taste. Normally this would seem like dehydration however, I am drinking a minimum 8 glasses of water a day, whereas before I didn't really drink water at all.

Other than that I don't have any side affects.


SOLO SLIM is dangerous and contains bitter orange which is on the label as Citrus Aurantium. It has the same chemical makeup as Ephedra which the FDA banned from US. It has the same side effects, heart failure, stroke, high blood pressure, and headaches that can lead to your death. Just because it is natural does NOT mean that is it SAFE! I have been taking Solo Slim for 14 days. I have lost nine pounds but I have been more careful about what I have been eating. I have been eating more healthy, no fast food, sodas, and I eat salads everyday for lunch and I eat one package of oatmeal in the morning. The first week taking solo slim I experienced diarrhea everyday and had insomnia on two different occasions. I got ZERO hours of sleep both nights. I also had headaches everyday around noon time. On my second week, I started experiencing heart palpitations that started around 6pm and lasted ALL THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT! There is nothing scarier than having your heart beat through your chest (I could feel my heart push out and beat on the palm of my hand when placed over my heart) The skipping of my heart would last all night long, and it would on numerous occasions wake me up during the night. I honestly didn't know last night if I was going to wake up this morning. Once I did more research to see if it was the solo slim that was causing my heart palpitations, now I am certain that it is. I am healthy and 30 years old. I have NO history of any heart conditions or high blood pressure. Actually my blood pressure tends to run low. I have stopped taking this product and I regret that I let my friends talk me into it. I feel stupid, I should have known better, but I feel lucky that I wasn't on it longer and I'm thankful that I'm alive today to warn you all to not take this diet pill... IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK!

I have been taking Solo Slim

I have been taking Solo Slim for about 5 months and recently started feeling chest pains specifically on my left side. I have also been experiencing panic attacks and feel that these could be related to the drug. I did lose some weight and it has helped me to keep it off while quitting smoking. I eat relatively healthy, with a few splurges here and there, and take a multivitamin everyday. I have never had any health problems in the past, therefore I am retiring my use and hopefully my check up with my doctor will be healthy. I would suggest to just lose the weight the old fashioned way; diet and exercise.

hair loss

If you stopped taking solo slim after you noticed hair loss, did it stop falling out? Did it grow back eventually?


Has anyone had any problems with their throat. I feel like i have to swallow a million times a minute. Feels like constant mucous but there is nothing there. Right side of throat swelled a little.I been having a hard time getting air in because of the feeling something is in there. Dry mouth as well.

Solo Slim actually works without feeling like a meth head!!!

I chose this because I know of several people who took/take it and lost weight fast! I need to lose weight as I am at high risk for Type 2 Diabetes...and I have zero will power and am addicted to sweets. So I took the easy way out with the intention to use it for a while until I could see results so I would (hopefully) be motivated to change my lifestyle. Of course I am very concerned that once I stop I will go right back to chubbyville...but I had to try. I started taking every other day (would recommend to anyone..even every 2 days at first) the first week I lost 8 of 4 pills. Got a bad head cold so stopped for a week...still lost another 2 lbs. Seems like the pill continues to curb cravings for longer than 24 hrs. I have now lost nearly 15 lbs and have only taken about 20 pills total over about 35 days or so...(I do not take on weekends which I think helps my tolerance levels). I really think that the side effects that most are having are simply due to nutrition, not necessarily the pills (aside from the cotton mouth, sleeplessness, heart rate, etc..). I force myself to eat so that I don't get light headed or nausea. I also take a multi vitamin daily. I agree that it is a wonderful product for some..not all..just like any other product. I will join weight watchers once I have lost 40-50 lbs and wean myself off of these. I will leave another comment in a few months to let you all know if the weight is coming back on which is my biggest concern. Of course I would never take them as a permanent fix..but great for staring out and for seeing results almost instantly. Good luck!

wow this is a good exsplination of this drug

i have not takin it but i like your testimony and please keep me up dated i purchaes it and will take it like you do and i will let you all know!

How old do you

How old do you have to be to take this pill.. and if i take this pill will it mess up the chances of me to have a baby when im ready?

I have taken solo slim for

I have taken solo slim for about 2 weeks and I have experienced these horrible burning chest pains. I have been off of them for two days now and I am still feeling these effects. I just want to loose 5- 10 lbs. I am very healthy 30 year old and never had any health problems. Dont use this product its dangerous. Oh by the way the dry mouth is horrible too!!!

Love Solo Slim

I love solo slim. I have been taking the extra strength since day one. I started about 5 months ago and have lost over 50 lbs. I have not had any of the adverse side effects others have experienced. I did have dry mouth in the begining but if you drink enough water it soon evens out. As with any weight loss system they tell you to drink alot of water. Weight loss as we all know comes from less calories in and more calories expended. The beauty of these pills as noted in a previous post is the curbing of the appetite and cravings for sweets.
This is a great product for some people...including me!

what do you take now since

what do you take now since they recalled Solo. I am just like you and was on Solo for almost a year and loved it... so lost now without it. Sux

Solo Slim

I took solo slim about 3 years ago and I loved the way it curbed my cravings, and my appetite. Does give bad dry mouth, some little dizziness at times, and heart palpitations. I took it for about 5 months and lost 60lbs. Went off and gained most back. But a year after found out I had a heart Murmur. Never had one prior, so not sure if it was due to Solo slim or not. I do love the product because it did curb my cravings and appetite. I have been taking it again for about 2 weeks and have lost 13lbs. I do notice I rub my tongue on my lower teeth alot and it causes sores on my tongue, and dry mouth bad.

Quick Question! Has anyone

Quick Question! Has anyone gained weight back once you have quick taking it?

I need to lose about 15 pounds so I think I will only need it for a month, but if I gain the weight back or add on even more weight then I would rather forget it.

Yes my mom took it for six

Yes my mom took it for six months lost 40 lbs soon as she stopped put it all back on


I had posted a review back on 3/11/2010 and I've decided to follow up...

I'm 24, 5'10" & I have now been taking Solo Slim for 5 months now and I've lost a total of 25 lbs. I went from a size 14/15 to a 9/10, and have even bought a couple of size 8s! Tops and everything were always Large or X-Large, and they are all now Small or Medium. I've even now worn a bikini for the first time in my life! I think I could have lost even more so far if I have kept up with my exercise better, but I've slacked lately. I notice that weight loss slows a bit or stops totally when I don't exercise at all. I've noticed that the past month or so I am a little hungrier than I have been in previous months, I'm thinking I might try the extra strength at some point soon. I notice some intestinal issues here and there but thats about it. I have a heart condition already long before I started these pills so I already take medicine to regulate my heartrate so I haven't noticed any issues of racing heartbeat or chest pain. My doc said it was safe for me to take these.

I will probably take a break from Solo Slim after this next bottle and see how things go.

I STILLLL highly recommend Solo Slim, and I've had so many people start to try it now that they've seen all the weight I've lost!

My Coworkers and I

Three of us at work took solo slim at different times. The first girl who turned us onto Solo slim experienced NO side effects at all.

When I took these pills I experienced diarrhea for the first two weeks, but after that i was fine. I lose 30 pounds.

Our boss, however, lots a massive amount of weight and looked great. That is of course until she ended up in the hospital. She took solo slim for a total of five months. She was rushed to the hospital twice in 3 days, with chest pain, irregular and rapid heartbeat, and high blood pressure. Since no longer taking solo slim her blood pressure NEVER returned to normal. They don't know if it ever will. She is now on blood pressure medication and only 34 years old.

This pill is not worth the potential long term negative effects that it can have on your heart and cardiovascular system. Granted everyones experiences are different. I don't have any heart issues, and my weight loss from the pills actually lowered my blood pressure, it is still not worth the risk.

I am 20, started using this

I am 20, started using this extra strength product almost a month ago. I weighed 220 lbs and am 5'9" , and now lost 10 lbs. Haven't gained anything back yet. I've been getting horrible headaches 5 days in a row now, non stop. I thought its from irregular sleep patterns. Can't sleep as well as before, but now i think its the pill. I never had any problems with headaches until now. Always tired at work, and always feel dehydrated even though i drink a lot. I started drinking energy drinks to help feel more energized and help out with the dry mouth, but only started getting serious heart pains in return. I thought its from the energy drink, so i stopped drinking them, but my chest still hurts as if someone is poking at my heart with a sharp needle. I no longer believe it was the drink alone that caused this. Its definitely the pill. Its scary because I'm so young and should be healthy yet getting these serious pains. I get a lot of mood swings, recently have been breaking out in tiny rashes over neck, legs, and face. Also been noticing irregular bowl movements, which is strange, because never had any problems before. I believe this product works, and some side effects are bearable but others, are too much for me. Too dangerous! Sadly due to the decrease in my health I cannot afford to continue using this product. Cant imagine what will happen even further, if I do. Horrible. I hope my health will return back to normal as it was before i started using.

Thank you for confirming for me that it is the pill

Dear Guest Writer,

I too took the pill for about three months and I started feeling run down and kept a headache.

I even went to the emergency room for one of the worst migraines I have ever experienced. I ended up seeing a neurologist and they confirmed that it could be the medicine but thought it was my stressful work environment too.

I had thought that it could have been the pill but found out that I had depleted my vitamin D3 so that explained the low energy. I was told by a naturalist that you must take a multi vitamin with this pill because you are now cutting back due to the pill curving hunger.

I bought into this theory and started taking the pill yesterday and today for the first day in two weeks I have started a small but definitely there headache. One other thing that confirmed was what you wrote about the hives breaking out on your face and neck. That has happened to me several times since I started the pill in March.

It is great for a lot of people that I know that have lost weight but I agree it's not worth your health.

Thanks again,


Solo slim

Been on Extra Strength for 2 1/2 weeks and have lost 7 lbs. Have had dry mouth but also feeling a bit of anxiousness causing me to grit my teeth and rub my tounge on my gums etc making my mouth sore. I attributed this to the sense of despair I feel over the oil spill disaster and some work stress but now I am wondering if it is the Soloslim. I feel fine racing heart rate or anything...getting some sleep..Anyone else experienced this?

soloslim side effects

dry mouth and constipation has been my side effect but I've lost inches. I haven't weighed myself yet. I been on it for two weeks. I'm waiting for the 30 days to weigh in. I'm still happy so far even with the side effects at this point. My goal weight loss is 20pds.... ;-)

I have been taking Solo Slim

I have been taking Solo Slim Extra Strength for 3months now, and granted i've lost a lot of weight, I've also gained a lot of new problems.... Every once in a while I feel sharp chest pains which is then followed by tremendous amount of pressure and dizziness. I have constant hot flashes which is not normal at the age of 25, and my energy is completely down the drain. I can't stay awake which causes me to be very moody, and my body seems to want to shut down all the time. The weight loss is great, but my health feels horrible. I've never felt this bad.

hair loss

I've been taking solo slim for about a year and have lost my extra weight about 18 pounds. After the first 3 months of taking it I was loosing weight though I didn't feel like myself so I went to the doctor and found out I had hypo thyroid. Almost a month into taking my thyroid medication I started loosing my hair, I figured it was my thyroid medication... I do not have bald spots, yet. But I've lost about 50 percent of it. Now I'm thinking it's the solo slim. Also at one point I was having dizzy spells but I started drinking lots of water, protein drinks, and eating more protein and they went away... Any suggestions or comments about the hair loss?????

I had taken solo slim for

I had taken solo slim for about 1 month and lost about 14 lbs. I had begun to experience hair loss a a rapid rate. I thought initially it was stress, it appeared to worsen after I began the pills. I also experienced sleeplessness, as well as rapid heart beat and chest pains. I am no longer taken this supplemet, am looking for something else.

Could be either pill...

Your comment caught my eye because I too, have been using the solo slim pill for a longer period of time compared to most of the other comments on here. Over the past few months, I have been shedding a lot more hair and now see my part thinning out. I'm only 24 years old so that shouldn't suddenly happen yet! I thought maybe it could be the pills...but why didn't it happen sooner then? Also, it began soon after I started a few job and my stress level has increased a lot. Thats a hair loss factor that has been more common upon reasoning. Also, my mom has a thyroid problem too (I forget if its over active or under active), and ever since she started taking the medication for it...she has been losing her hair slowly ever since. It has been almost 10 years now. Have you asked your doctor if it's your medicine? My mom has previously told me her doctor said thats why she has the rapid hair loss.

There is a shampoo that helps

There is a shampoo that helps with hairloss - Called Nioxin. You have to find a salon that retails it.

So far so good :)

I have been using Solo Slim for about 2 weeks now and the only side effect I have is dry mouth which causes me to drink lots of water. But drinking water is a good thing when trying to lose the weight. I have lost 5 pounds without any exercise, so all I can say is so far so good.


I have been taking solo slim for about two months. I take a half a pill a day. I'm only 19 years old and my sex drive went from a 10 to a 0! I only wanted to lose about 10 -15 pounds and it worked! I want to keep taking it but not if I dont want to have sex. Is there anyway to improve my sex drive?

thanks god someone mentioned

thanks god someone mentioned sex up here. I have been taking solo slim and it works great but the only side effect I have is there is no way possible I can have sex. the pill has really done something that i hope corrects it's self. the bottle is gong the trash.


I started taking the extra strength solo slim for the first time. Lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, I became constipated and had to start using laxatives, stool softners and eating fiber. It took me almost 2 weeks to have a "normal" bowel movement again. I drank lots of water but also urinated quite often. I loved the product so much that I will start taking again every other day and make sure I increase the amount of fiber and vitamins daily. The only other mild side effects I had were dry mouth, sweating and sleep deprivation.

Solo Slim - Side Effects

I had taken extra strength Solo Slim for four months and lost 40 lbs. It was the greatest thing I had ever tried. After about 6 weeks I got and cold and had one of the worse sore thoats I had ever had in my life. Un beknowing at the time that it was a rash that was coming from solo slim. Doctor gave me some mouth wash solution that I use for two weeks and it go better but not well. Then I started to itching in different places on my body then started breaking out in a rash on my complete back. I kept trying to treat it with medicated cream and gold bond but it would never get completely well. The I notice that the rash in my mouth was getting worse and even burn in my stomach. Then I notice that I had a rash at the mouth of vigina and I was bruising everywhere. I then stop taking the solo slim and kept treating the rash with cream. gold bond, and benidryl, but nothing got rid of it. Then went to the doctor and gave me cortizone tablets to knock it out. I am still maintaining the weight loss but it is a scary cost.

Solo Slim Love

I'm now on my 7th month of taking Solo Slim (Reg. Strength). I lost about 17-20 lbs after 2 mos. of being on the pill but have since stayed the same.

Since first starting the pill, I've been on different diets (while staying on Solo Slim); high fiber, low carb, low fat etc but the one I lost the most weight on, in conjunction w/ Solo Slim, has been the low carb diet (even with some cheating here and there). I actually GAINED a few pounds on the high fiber diet while on Solo Slim.

I'm 27 and 5'8 1/2. I weighed 150-155 when I started and now weigh 133. I've never experienced ANY of the side effects listed; no dry mouth, no hair loss, no insomnia, no sweats, no numbness, no constipation or cramps or diarrhea - nothing... Just decrease in appetite which is awesome bc this girl can EAT! I also drink just as much coffee as always - about 2 cups a day.

What I've noticed is a decrease in my chocolate and sweets cravings which were hardcore. And also a decrease in my overall appetite. I eat a light breakfast (2 hard boiled eggs) w/ coffee, coldcuts for a mid morning snack, a heavier protein-rich lunch of veggies and meat, and a very light dinner like salad or prociutto w/ some hard cheese.

I want to switch to Extra Strength after I'm done w/ this bottle bc my goal is to get to 120-125 by September which is pretty thin, I know.

I love this pill so far and have no complaints.

Solo Slim

I will NOT take these anymore!!! I have been taking the extra strength pills for about a week now and at this moment am scared to death, hopefully not literally, that I damaged my heart. It is beating so irregularly. I am 37 years old and my BMI is in a healthy range, just wanted to lose about ten pounds for summer. I have chest pressure and feel tired, but I am too afraid to go to sleep for fear that I may not wake up. I have been praying to God to get my heart beating at a normal rate again. This is a scary pill. I would definitely rather have some extra weight than take these again. Please get the word out!!

Thats because you are taking

Thats because you are taking extra strength genius... Stick with the normal if you are only wanting to lose 10 lbs. The extra strength is for people who need to lose more weight!


Same experience for me. I am almost 40, healthy but wanted to lose about 10 pounds. My heart beat is m scareing me to death. It feels like it is beating so irratically. I have the medicine head effect and feel tired too. I stopped taking them a few days ago and still am having weird heart beats. I keep hoping that these side effects will go away soon. Does anybody have any comments on how long it takes to feel normal again after stopping? I am terrified!

Have you heard?

I was thinking about purchasing Solo Slim for my husband. He has a big appetite and is having a really hard time losing weight. I feel that he will lose weight with Solo Slim. However, I'm reluctant to purchase this product due to the side effects. One of my coworkers informed me this product can cause cancer. I'm not sure if this is true, but it has prevented me form purchasing the product thus far. Does anyone have information on soloslim causing cancer??

Solo Slim Side Effects

The only side effect that has been worrisome is an increase in my blood pressure. I am on medicine now for that. I only need to lose 7 more pounds so it is worth it to me to keep using the product. I love it. It gives me more energy and I lost 12 pounds effortlessly. I am just not hungry. I love it!

I took solo slim for about a

I took solo slim for about a month and had very annoying side affects.. The one that really bothered me the most was not sleeping and feeling very anxious the next day at work. I also had dry mouth, constipation, dizzy spells and dull headaches in the afternoon. I did lose 10 pounds but gained it back within a couple months after stopping solo slim.
The side affects are not worth it. Take it at your own risk.

Vitamin Deficiency

I have read all of the comments posted, and I am wondering if many of the side effects could be due to a lack of daily vitamin intake. If the SoloSlim minimizes your appetite, then naturally you are going to be taking in fewer essetial vitamins.
I had everyone of the side effects mentioned (except for the chest tightening and heart palpataions), and everyone was due to vitamin deficiencies. My physician placed me on the necessary doasages to bring my vitamin levels up and all symptoms went away.
Is everyone taking the appropriate vitamins in conjunction with this product?
FYI.... I have never taken this product, but do plan on using trying it. I will keep you posted on side effects.


How are you having these symptoms from this product when you are not even taking the product?

Per your post:FYI.... I have never taken this product, but do plan on using trying it. I will keep you posted on side effects.

I should have researched..

I have been hearing all the rave about these wonderful weight loss pills, now I am hearing all these bad side effects. I just ordered a bottle. I have been struggling with weiught loss for years and the sound of these pills were enticing, I guess i will go ahead and give them a try and if they work great if not so be it. I will just have to get Gastric Bypass surgery. The other thing that is scary is after taking the pills and losing the weight keeping it off, I have always thought about a Vegaterian Diet. So maybe that will help keep the weight off with regular exercise. As you can see i'm weighing all the pro's and cons. Don't know how it will work until i try it. Wish me luck. PS: I do think i will take it every other day like some writers suggested.

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