Solo Slim Side Effects: Weighing The Benefits And The Risks

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It’s every dieter’s dream: To lose weight while still enjoying favorite foods instead of bland, tasteless meals. That’s exactly what many users of these natural diet pills have been able to do. While little is known about Solo Slim side effects, consumers who use it report that losing weight is easier and quicker. They also prefer it because they take just one pill a day, and it has no ephedra or caffeine.

This weight loss supplement contains several herbs and nutrients that help to suppress appetite, boost energy, and reduce cravings. But having natural ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean it’s harmless. As an herbal supplement it isn’t classified as a drug and the FDA doesn’t evaluate it. This can make it tricky for consumers to figure out the side effects of Solo Slim.

Most users report only mild reactions in the first few days, such as dry mouth, problems sleeping and headaches. But in August 2008, The Hong Kong Department of Health issued a warning about some of Solo Slim’s ingredients because they may increase blood pressure, and cause chest pains and seizures. Here’s some general info on the ingredients and the problems they may pose.

Solo Slim Ingredients: Risks And Side Effects

Fucoxanthin: Although no adverse reactions have been reported, fucoxanthin comes from seaweed, which is rich in iodine. According to Dr. Ray Sahelian, a natural health author and nutritionist, fucoxanthin could interfere with thyroid gland function. Also, some people are allergic to iodine.

Konjac Glucomannan: May hinder the absorption of some nutrients. reports that it can cause bloating, diarrhea or flatulence if you’re not used to a high-fiber diet.

Hawthorn: reports that this herb can cause rashes, dizziness, nausea, sleeping problems, stomach problems, fatigue or drowsiness, irregular heart beat, mood changes and sweating.

L-carnitine: May cause diarrhea, stomach cramps, seizures and nausea and vomiting.

Sibutramine:  According to, this chemical may cause dry mouth, constipation, sleeping problems, drowsiness, headaches, dizziness, and possibly irregular heart beat and mood changes. It is debated, however, whether Solo Slim contains sibutramine or not.

Synephrine: Known also as  "bitter orange", has been associated with irregular heart beat and even cardiac arrest.

Finally, as a general precaution, if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or under 18, you shouldn’t take weight loss supplements, natural or otherwise.

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I've been taking solo slim

I've been taking solo slim for 6 weeks now. I did notice my blood pressure being elevated and I do get a flip flop feeling in my chest a lot more frequently than I used to. The biggest problem for me is pain in my thyroid gland. Might be iodine overload.

However, I've read about solo slim side effects from different sources, and those pounds we are so effectively shedding might not be worthy the health cost we are paying.

Be careful

My dad was on Solo Slim for six weeks and had a heart attack. It gave him an irregular heartbeat and dry mouth, but he stuck with it because he was losing weight. He was moderately overweight but active prior to this. Now he has 50% of his heart function and will likely spend the rest of his life with congestive heart failure. His doctor made it clear that nobody should be taking these pills. Now I'm just hoping he makes it long enough to see his grandchildren graduate from kindergarten.

I have taken solo slim and

I have taken solo slim and now I have a irregular heart beat that is giving me chest pain.

Solo slim

I am taking solo slim. It is helping me loose wieght but it does make me sweat. Also today I am having reactions to a piece of pizza. I have gas and cramping. I also have diarriah.

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