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Pilates are a great way to strengthen not only the bond between the mind and body, but also the muscles. When you embark on Pilates training, you will be looking to increase your flexibility and coordination as well as your strength.

In order to make the practice even easier, the Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD will enable you to get the maximum effect from your exercise program. The Magic Circle is padded with foam to assure your comfort while using it and it is challenging enough for nearly any user.
This is a great device to take along with you if you are travelling, and can help you to keep up with your workouts wherever you are.

What Is The "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" with Workout DVD All About?

In the video below you can watch an expert describing and demonstrating at the same time the way that the "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" works. This expert performs a number of different exercises that aim at toning your body and improving your muscle strength throughout your body.

While Pilates can be done without any equipment whatsoever, there is no doubt that using the "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" can make your exercise regimen even more rewarding. The Magic Circle will help you to use the exercises in the workout DVD all the more effectively, and achieve the results you want more quickly.

The Magic Circle is made of soft rubber and has molded grips that make it easy to use nearly anywhere on your body. It is great for strengthening and toning the thighs, chest, arms, and abdomen. The included DVD will allow you to get the Pilates workout you are looking for.

What Are Others Saying – Does The "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" Really Deliver?

Having to exercise at odd hours because of his work schedule, Jeffrey J. Brown appreciates that the "Magic Circle" lets him get in his workout whenever it’s convenient to him. He has found that the circle has enough resistance to get a burn going and this reviewer says that, “I have definitely seen an improvement in regards to form and exercise function with the circle.” Jeffrey is so pleased with the results he has achieved so far that he is recommending the "Magic Circle" to friends.

It would be hard to find anyone more pleased with the "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" than online shopper, as this user has finally found a piece of exercise equipment that works. After only three weeks of use, a big difference was seen by this reviewer she can report “And within 3 months my body was fully toned.” Not only does online shopper use the exercises on the DVD, but she also adds exercises of her own to spot tone.

As Niki Barber can testify – chronic pain is no fun, especially when months go by and you’re still suffering. This reviewer’s physical therapist recommended the Stamina Pilates Magic Circle, and now this user says, “It is amazing to me that I can work my entire body with only the use of this simple Magic Circle!” Niki’s strength has been returning and she feels good about exercising with the circle.

B. Mcmenemie practices at home and  she finds that the exercises are performed well with great timing. She finds it easy to augment her training at home with the "Magic Circle". This user underlines that, “This was the reason I purchased this item, because I needed a good circle to work with. Comparing other circles to this that cost a lot more this was by far the best product.” She has also found that it has noticeably increased her bodily strength.

"Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" legs exercises demonstration

In the video below you can watch an expert performing a number of legs exercises.

Will The "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" with Workout DVD Help Me Get Into Shape?

The "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" can definitely contribute to building strength and toning muscles. Most of the people who used this device were very pleased with the results they achieved, and jillsy found the Magic Circle to be great for strengthening her legs and thighs.

Reviewer D. Thompson found that the device really helped to augment her Pilates exercises, and she also uses it to burn off some of her excess energy. Even exercise devotees, who had been working out for years, reported that the "Magic Circle" challenged them sufficiently.

Pros and Cons


  • The "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" gives you a challenging exercise to help you with your Pilates regimen.
  • The "Magic Circle" can be used with any exercise program, or even by itself.
  • The included DVD helps you to use the "Magic Circle" effectively.
  • The "Magic Circle" is sturdy, and foam padding and handles make it easy and comfortable to use.


  • May not provide enough resistance for very strong users.

Problems and Complaints

Most of the complaints centered on the DVD included in the set. While a good many reviewers enjoyed using the exercise video, some thought that it was either out of date or too simplistic. As far as the "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" itself, only a very few users believed that it did not offer sufficient resistance for their exercises.

Is The "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" with Workout DVD Better Than The Gaiam Pilates Toning Ring Kit?

While the "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" was credited by those who used it as being of very high quality, the same cannot be said of the Gaiam Toning Ring. Although the price of the two devices is about the same, the quality of the Gaiam ring was definitely viewed as being substandard.

The Gaiam ring broke with a first use by one reviewer, and others complained about the generally cheap quality of the ring. The Gaiam ring was also found wanting as far as resistance goes, and was looked upon as being suitable only for weak people or beginners.

How Does The "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" Rate Overall?

The reviewers were generally very pleased with this product and gave it a solid 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The Magic Circle was felt to be a high quality device that assisted in Pilates workouts.
Most of the users were also happy with the included Pilates exercise DVD, and considered that the workout made using the "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" more effective.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For The "Stamina Pilates Magic Circle" with Workout DVD?

This DVD is in stock in right now. You can purchase this product at a 29% discounted price. Not only is this item available for Super Saver Shipping, but it is in stock for fast delivery. There is no better place than Amazon if you want to take more information about this DVD.  You can read more reviews here.

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