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The Benefits of Introducing Swimming Into Any Workout

Heading to the pool may not be the first place on the list for anyone looking to shed a few extra pounds but maybe it should be. There isn't another total body workout that can firm muscles without putting undue stress on the body better than swimming. Swimming is an effective way to boost the metabolism and burn calories for swimmers of any age and fitness level.

Anyone can understand the fitness benefits that swimming offers just by observing recent Olympic competitors such as Michael Phelps or Natalie Coughlin, who at nearly 30 has just won her 12th Olympic medal. Science backs up these observations, as studies conducted by Indiana University have proven that swimmers in all age groups have more lean muscle and better physiques than non-swimmers.

Fitness Benefits

Swimming provides an effective, low-impact workout that burns plenty of calories and shapes muscles. Swimmers engaging in an easy swim generally burn approximately 500 calories an hour, while an intensive workout can burn about 700 calories an hour, all without damaging joints as is possible with activities such as jogging. No other exercise can boast such benefits while exercising the entire body and being possible for even elderly participants.

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