Strax Rejuvenation is Offering Lap Band Surgery in South Florida

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One third of the US population is now clinically obese, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Obesity is not simply a problem of being overweight or of looking unattractive; it’s also the precursor to many severe health problems and early death for the majority of sufferers.

While weight loss plans and programs abound in the US, not one has been successful in curbing the increasing incidence of overweight and obesity, and associated diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis. These medical problems aren’t just a concern for the sufferer; they also cost the health system millions of dollars a year.

Is Lap-Band Surgery A Good Option?

Knowing the risks of long-term obesity, more and more doctors are recommending that their obese patients undergo surgical procedures for weight loss. One such procedure, which has been proven to be extremely effective for a certain class of obese people, is Lap-Banding, which is now offered by Strax Rejuvenation in South Florida. Lap-Band surgery has been shown to reduce a person’s excess weight by between 50 and 60%, and people who have undergone the procedure are able to keep the weight off, unlike the majority of people who lose weight with traditional diets.

Strax Rejuvenation is currently the premier provider of plastic surgery in South Florida, and is now able to offer Lap-Band procedures for extremely competitive prices, paving the way for more and more people in the region to conquer their weight problems for good.

Lap-Banding is one of the safest bariatric surgery procedures offered because it doesn’t involve major or irreversible operation, as many traditional surgical procedures (such as a gastric bypass) do. The procedure is both reversible and adjustable, making it a realistic alternative for most obese patients. The surgery can be performed as an out-patient procedure, and thus has minimal healing time, enabling people to return to work and their daily lives very quickly.

How Much Does Lap Band At Strax Cost?

I recently called  the surgery facility of Strax in South Florida 1-954-749-3040 and asked "How much does lap band surgery cost?". They told me that the price of lap band at Strax is around $12,000.

How Does the Lap-Band System Work?

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While many doctors and health professionals encourage people to follow traditional weight loss programs involving diet and exercise, the number of people who successfully lose weight and, more importantly, keep the weight off for the long term, are few. The vast majority either fail to lose significant quantities of weight, or if they do lose weight, tend to put it back on within just a couple of years (often ending up more overweight than they started).

The Lap-Band procedure involves gastric banding, which helps patients control their eating portions by reducing the available volume in the stomach. This way the patient who has undergone the procedure will feel full after eating only a small quantity of food. Weight loss following the procedure is consistent and regular. It becomes easy to eat small portions since the stomach can hold less food. Over the long term, patients find that their weight stabilizes easily and they adjust well to the changes they have undergone. While some may miss the enjoyment of tucking into a big meal, after awhile the benefits they experience losing weight outweigh the negatives.

The worldwide popularity of lap-band surgery has come about because it is minimally invasive and very simple, involving only small incisions with minimal scarring. As a result, the patient experiences very little post-surgical pain and is can return to their daily lives quickly, unlike those who undergo traditional bariatric weight loss procedures including gastric bypass operations, which involve a complex and painful operation that forever changes the digestive tract.

While there is a cost involved in undergoing the procedure, in time it pays for itself, as patients become healthier, reducing the necessity for medications and for future surgeries, which may have been necessary, had they remained obese. And because post-operative patients consume less food, there is an immediate reduction in expenditure, which allows the procedure to pay for itself in just a few months.

Lap-Banding surgery is a cost-effective method of providing obese patients with long term weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. It is a very safe procedure with few side effects, and at the Strax Rejuvenation clinic it’s performed by highly qualified surgeons who are able to discuss the procedure in detail with potential patients.

Lap-band surgery @ Strax rejuvination

I had lap-band surgery Feb 2, 2010. I am very happy with my choice to go to Strax Rejuvination. Dr Choi and his staff were kind and very professional. I lost 88 lbs and have never had any problems. I recommend Strax for Lap-band surgery. As far as any other surgeries, I have not had any yet. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

I am very interested in Lap

I am very interested in Lap banding surgery but my major concern is, as an obese person, I eat a lot of food and my stomach is used to expanding as much as I have expanded it. What I am thinking is, what would happen if my stomach would just stretch because I'm afraid I might still eat the same amount of food I intake everyday. People like me do not listen to their bodies when the body says, its full, we really don't care. I usually eat and not mind anything else. The only time I would know I ate too much is at the end of my every meal when I try to get up and feel my innards kind of struggling to move.

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Qood Question Pristine

This is a good question Pristine. Well, the band makes you feel full sooner and after you eat just a small fraction of the amount of food you are used to. This is because it restricts the size of the stomach. So, if your stomach is used to expanding as much as you have expanded it, the band will make you feel like you have reached this point far sooner, with much less food.

Of course, if you go beyond this point, if you continue to eat after you have reached the point of fullness, the stomach will expand little by little, and the band will not prevent you from gaining weight. So, it is necessary to learn to eat right in the first place. The band is only a tool.

Interested in LAP BAND

Interested in LAP BAND SURGERY and In formation on financing.

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