Strength training workouts for women

Lifting weights is a ‘jock’ thing… It is for guys who want to add bulky muscles… Is that really what you think? Is that why you would rather stick to doing only cardio exercises? Well, contrary to popular belief, if you are a woman and if you want to lose weight, including strength training in your exercise routine is the most effective way to get a lean, toned look.

Unfortunately, most women opt out of weight training because they feel that lifting weights will give them bulky muscles and make them look fatter or masculine. But that’s not true. Strength training helps you to lose the body fat by burning calories more efficiently. Besides helping in fat loss, weight training adds lean muscle mass to your frame, giving you a toned look. Let’s quickly see how strength training workouts for women work.

How Strength Training For Women Works

To start with, most women with a high body fat percentage accumulate fat tissue on their arms, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. A lot of this fat is stored inside the muscles in these body parts. This is what gives you a bulky appearance. But when you lift weights, you start working these muscles and burning the intramuscular body fat. The result is that your arms and legs actually shrink despite the lean muscle mass that you add. Remember, lifting weights impacts men and women differently. So while a man, doing the same strength workout as you, will get bigger and heavier, you will find it difficult to bulk up as the fat content in your muscles decreases.

The second myth about strength training is that it burns fewer calories than cardio routines. Fact is, if you cycle for a minute, you will lose 10-12 calories per minute as compared to the 8-10 calories per minute during a strength training workout. In addition, during aerobic exercises, you will burn calories only while you are working out. With strength training, you will continue to burn calories for many hours after your work out! This is because strength training has a greater impact on increasing your metabolism than cardio.

What’s more, regular strength training workouts offer you a host of benefits such as increasing your bone density and a reduced risk of osteoporosis. You will also find that your stamina has improved. And, best of all, as you gain muscle, your body is able to burn more calories. This in turn helps you to manage, control and maintain your weight loss more efficiently.

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