Stretching Exercises for Shoulders, Arms, Chest, and Legs

Flexibility training: 5 tips to stretch effectively and improve your blood circulation

Flexibility training is an activity which activates the various body parts and results in improving the blood circulation. Further, this activity helps in improving your ability to soak in and eliminate the metabolic and toxic wastes from the body system. The training process leads to physical strengthening, enhanced concentration and in energizing the body metabolism to work faster. The flexibility training is the key to achieve and to maintain the state of optimal health and wellness.

1. Shoulder & Chest

You can stretch your shoulders and chest by either kneeling down or in standing positions. Begin by clasping your hands behind your back and straighten them. Now raise your hands as high as possible and slowly move forward from the waist and hold this position for 10-30 seconds.

The following video shows an even more effective way of shoulder and chest stretching.

2. Shoulder

Arms across chest. Start by placing one arm straight across chest; put your hand on your elbow. Next, pull your arm towards your chest and hold this position for 10-30 seconds. Repeat the same with the other arm.

3. Triceps Stretch

One of the most wonderful exercises among the upper body stretches is the triceps stretch. First, you need to begin by placing one hand behind your back with your elbow in air. Next, place your other hand on the elbow and gently pull it towards your head. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds and the repeat with your other arm.

4. Glute Stretch

Begin by sitting on the floor with your right leg slightly bent and place your right foot over your left leg. Next, place your left arm over your right leg and with your elbow push your right knee. Hold this position and repeat for the other side.

A more effective variation of this exercise is shown below:

5. Adductor stretch

Stand on your feet as wide as you are comfortable and shift your weight to one side to bend your knee. Now, reach towards the extended foot and hold this position for 10-30 seconds. Repeat the same for the other side.

6. Quadriceps Stretch

Stand on one leg and grab the bottom of the other leg just above the ankle. Next, pull your heel into your buttock and push the hips out. Remember to make a perpendicular to the ground and hold this position. Repeat the same with the other leg.

shown below:


When you train your muscles in flexibility exercise, this increases the mobility and also helps the muscles to grow stronger. A ten minutes or less flexibility exercise can warm your body and this in turn increases the circulation of blood. This also ensures that your muscles are getting more flexible. When your muscles receive high-oxygenated blood, the time required to stretch and receive flexibility is considerably decreased.

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