Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Plan: Eat Great and Lose Weight

Are you already groaning at the thought of another diet regime? Well, don’t. Because with the Suzanne Somers weight loss plan, you can eat great and still lose weight.

Suzanne Somers, a television celebrity, has put in years of painstaking research to come up with a food plan that includes hundreds of lip-smacking recipes to indulge your taste buds and food cravings. With a range of healthy soups, desserts, side dishes and breads, she ensures a wide variety of foods in your meals. You are even allowed dark chocolates and red wine!

The diet regime is divided into two phases, the first where you follow the prescribed food plan to lose weight, and the second where you maintain your weight loss. The food plan for the second phase is more relaxed. Predictably that is where the dark chocolate will come in! But even during the first phase, Somers’ recipes ensure that your meals are bursting with flavor.

The only restriction that ‘somersizing’ places on her dieters is that certain foods such as sugar, white flour, honey, nuts, whole milk, sweet potatoes, bananas, avocados, etc. must be avoided. Also, caffeine and alcohol are a strict no-no during the first phase of the diet. (You can get a complete list of the foods from any of Somers’ books.)

The diet plan divides food into four groups—proteins and fats, carbohydrates, vegetables, and fruits. These foods should be consumed in specific combinations. For example, while you can combine fats and proteins with vegetables, you may not combine them with carbohydrates, or that fruits are always eaten alone.

Somers also advises dieters to have at least three meals every day, but prefers smaller, more frequent meals. However, it is recommended that you wait three hours between each meal and ensure that each meal gives you a different food combination.

The second phase of the diet during which you will aim to maintain your weight loss, is more moderate. For example, eating chocolates is allowed; as are slight deviations from the prescribed food combinations.

All through the regime, what stands out is that Somers does not get fanatic in her approach to fitness. She believes that the key to a fit body is through emotional wellness. And extreme control over the food we eat can do exactly the opposite.

So, no more starvation diets to get that ‘Hollywood’ figure you have always wanted. Go ahead and indulge your taste buds… and still lose weight!

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