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Losing weight in the abdominal area can be difficult; sometimes no matter how much you diet or exercise, those ungainly rolls simply will not disappear. Adam Ford now provides a way to get rid of those rolls and gain core strength with his "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD".

Using a balance ball to exercise is a great way to get into shape that will not only slim and tone you, but will also improve your coordination. The three twenty minute exercises lead you through a beginner’s set of exercises right through to a strength and core-building workout that will really produce the results you want.

What Is "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD"  All About?

In this short preview video of the "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" you can watch the way that this DVD works as a tool for ultimate strength and stability. This video shows the kind of programs that it contains and the effectiveness and benefits they bring to anyone that practiCes them.

This DVD is designed to help you get into shape as quickly and easily as possible. Adam has produced a program that involves not only your abdominal muscles but also your back muscles and core.

Using a Swiss Ball or balance ball is only going to be as effective as the exercises you use it with, and "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD"is one exercise DVD that will let you know you have worked out and give you great results in a short period of time.

These exercises have been developed to be both simple and safe to do, and will help to invigorate you as well as helping to remove the fat from your stomach.

What Are Others Saying – Does "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" Really Deliver?

No one wants to run through a set of exercises in a few days, but this is no problem with "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" as Rocannon MacGregor “zenfire” can report. This fitness instructor loves this exercise DVD and uses it in her classes and can state, “This is an excellent training DVD if you want to maximize your fitness conditioning and increase your functional strength, suppleness, agility and coordination.”

This reviewer has found that each set of exercises will take several weeks to do properly, so this is definitely a program that will stick with you as you lose weight and develop your body.

Rusty Hudson “russ” has been very pleased at the results achieved with Swiss Ball Abs and Core and says, “This dvd had enabled me to get "cut abs" at 45!

This user has found the best way to go about using this exercise regimen is to take it slow and stick with it. Rusty recommends stopping the video periodically to go over routines that might seem difficult.

Increasing flexibility as well as strength was an added benefit to Long M. Tran and he is now able to wash his dog without any back pain. This reviewer has found that using Swiss Ball Abs and Core now lets him do other exercises that previously were beyond him.

Long can tell us that, “I've been using this video for 8 months now and the results are astonishing. No my abs aren't as cut up as Adam's but my stomach is flat.” Even though using the ball was difficult at first, this reviewer has improved his balance and has no trouble at all with the exercises now.

Will S"Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" Help Me To Get Into Shape?

There can be little doubt that the "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" can definitely help nearly anyone achieve a slimmer, better looking silhouette. This DVD will be useful not only to men who are trying for a ‘six-pack’, but also for women – especially when trying to lose the fat that accumulates in the abdominal region during pregnancy.

When mom of many “ceoofmyhome” found that it was nearly impossible to lose the rolls of fat on her stomach, she tried the "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" with great results, and this reviewer says, “I got this dvd and within 2 weeks, the rolls had flattened.” This woman has used Adam’s DVD after the birth of her children to remove that unlovely fat fast.

Abecedarian has been using the first level of this DVD for six weeks and now notices a change for the better in his core and abdominal strength. As it had been some time since this reviewer had exercised, he is taking it slowly, but is very pleased that he is seeing good results.

Pros and Cons


  • "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" can help just about anyone work out effectively to build up their strength and improve their balance.
  • People of nearly any age are able to use this DVD without problem.
  • Women who are looking to lose fat after having a baby will find that "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" will melt that ‘baby fat’ away.
  • Most people enjoyed the pace of the exercises and thought that Adam’s instructions were easy to follow.


  • One or two reviewers were unable to do the exercises and considered them too difficult.
  • The pace of the exercises was too fast for some to follow comfortably.

Problems and Complaints

The relatively few complaints about "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" centered around the difficulty some of the users had when attempting to do the exercises. Most of those who enjoyed and benefitted from this DVD did find it challenging to begin with, but that is the entire point of the program; to build you up gradually over time.

Is "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" Better Than Dance Fitness For Beginners With MaDonna Grimes?

"Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" definitely seems to be a superior exercise DVD to Dance Fitness For Beginners. A number of those who purchased Dance Fitness complained that there was no instruction given as to the dance moves necessary for the program.

MaDonna Grimes also seemed to have issues with her backup dancers and sniped at them verbally. Also, oddly, a number of people who ordered the Dance Fitness DVD received a belly dancing DVD instead!

How Does this DVD Rate Overall?

The Swiss Ball Abs and Core has received a very good rating on Amazon – 4.1 out of 5 stars. This DVD proved to be very useful for most of those who purchased it and they found that it did deliver what was promised.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews?

There is no better place to purchase "Swiss Ball Abs and Core DVD" than on Amazon where you can buy the DVD at a great price. There are very attractive price reductions in effect currently and it is in stock, ready for shipment. You can also read more reviews for this exercise video, take more information and share it with people that you think will make use of this great exercise DVD.

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