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Getting an effective abdominal workout is always easier with a good piece of equipment. However, many exercise devices are very expensive, and some are so large as to be impractical in a small apartment or home.

Fortunately, for those looking to get into shape economically, "The Bean Abdominal Exerciser" may prove to be exactly what you need for your workout program. The bubble padding on the top of the exerciser means that your workout will be easy on your back and comfortable for your entire body.

How Does "The Bean Ultimate Exerciser" Work?

In the video below you can watch an expert describing the way that "The Bean Ultimate Abdominal Exerciser" works. This expert is going through the various benefits and functions of this exercise equipment as it can offer full-body workout. It is also a fitness device where any user can perform at least 10 different exercises.

This is an inflatable exercise device that comes with a foot pump. You will be able to inflate the "Bean Exerciser" in about 3 minutes. "The Bean" is thought to be especially helpful for people who are recovering from illness or injury, and gives them the chance to exercise that they might not otherwise have.

Although this may look like a toy, this exerciser is actually a great way to get an abdominal workout, as well as benefiting your legs and back – in fact, every part of your body will be exercised.

The ergonomic shape of "The Bean Exerciser" fits your body like a glove, and the rocking motion adds more power to your workout without causing any pain. "The Bean" comes with a DVD that will help get you started on your fitness program.

What Others Are Saying – Does "The Bean Deluxe Ultimate Abdominal Exerciser" Really Deliver?

In the video below you can watch a number of users of the "The Bean Deluxe Ultimate Abdominal Exerciser" giving their own testimony after using this fitness product. You can also watch two experts describing the benefits of this exercise equipment as it can flatten your abs, strengthen your muscles and get you fit.

A very happy reviewer is gonzoa “gonzoa”, who found that “it delivers an intense core work-out without the backache.” This reviewer has found that exercising with The Bean is comfortable, and she is able to exercise while watching her favorite movies. The Bean was able to stand up to the weight of her 250 pound husband without difficulty, too.

Child7 “free butterfly” not only finds The Bean great for exercising, but also for relaxing. She feels that “My body heals when I lie on it.” This reviewer is so pleased with the device that she has recommended The Bean Abdominal Exerciser to several other people.

Getting a decent workout without harm was important to L. Lewton, which is why she likes The Bean so much. This reviewer reports that Finally I have something that doesn't strain other parts of my body!” while working on the arms and abs.

Abdominal surgery is no fun, but K.S. Roman “Kim” found that The Bean Exerciser allowed her to begin getting back into shape fast. To exercise safely while recovering, this user filled The Bean up so that it was fairly hard, and she says, “The Bean Deluxe has made my recovery a little easier.” She finds that just sitting on it while watching television provides a gentle exercise for her abdomen.

Will The Bean Help Me To Get Into Shape And Lose Weight?

The Bean will definitely help almost anyone get into shape easily and quickly. This device is a great substitute for a fitness ball and incline board, at a fraction of the cost. It is also good to use when recovering from injury or illness.

The DVD will help you through exercises that will gently challenge every part of your body. Although this is not specifically a weight loss device, one reviewer did note that “I've lost weight…about 6 pounds.”

Pros and Cons


  • The "Bean Abdominal Exerciser" uses an ergonomic design to give you a quality workout for your entire body, not just your abdomen.
  • This device is comfortable enough for those recovering from surgery to use.
  • It can be combined with other exercise equipment for an even more intense workout.
  • A reasonable cost makes The Bean accessible to nearly everyone.
  • Repair patches are included in case of an air leak.


  • Some who purchased The Bean thought it did nothing for them.

Problems and Complaints

The biggest complaints about "The Bean Abdominal Exerciser" concerned air leakage. Several reviewers said that they could not maintain air pressure in the unit and complained that the place where The Bean developed a leak was unable to be patched. Air pressure in the top part of the device seemed to be hardest to keep at maximum.

Is "The Bean Abdominal Exerciser" Better Than The TKO Anti Burst Fitness Ball?

Although the premise behind both of these exercise devices is basically the same, there seemed to be more problems involved in the use of the TKO than with "The Bean".

There were quite a few complaints about the TKO coming in the wrong size, being unable to hold air, having the wrong shape, or simply bursting. So although there were favorable reviews, a certain percentage of the people who bought this exercise ball were unsatisfied.

I felt that the ergonomic shape of "The Bean" also provided a better potential for core building exercises. Also The Bean comes with a DVD, while the TKO simply has a wall chart.

How Does "The Bean" Rate Overall?

Basically, The Bean rates quite well on Amazon, with a 4.2 out of 5 star rating. Most users of this exercise device were happy with it, and credited it with providing them with a good abdominal and core workout.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For "The Bean"?

You can purchase this exerciser at a great price on Amazon right now. "The Bean" is in stock, and ready to be shipped. While it is available for free Super Saver Shipping, its relatively light weight will cut down on shipping charges, too. There is no better place than Amazon to find information about this product. You can read more reviews here.

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